Pre-Launch Challenge Terms & Conditions:

Ecommerce Bot Revenue Increase Challenge Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: Open to direct invitees only. Participants must own a Shopify store with a minimum of 10 sales in the past 3 months.
  2. Challenge Period: 60 days from the start date communicated in the welcome email.
  3. Social Media Activity: Participants must post at least three times weekly on social media, including one original content post (UGC) and two posts generated by the tool.
  4. Ad Spend Requirement: Maintain the previous month’s ad spend level, with a minimum of $250, exclusively managed through’s platform for optimal targeting and testing.
  5. Training and Usage: Dedicate a minimum of 1 hour to training with our FAQ Trainer. Address and rectify any chat errors within 48 hours. Actively use the required ShopifyBot apps from our marketplace.
  6. Documentation and Verification: If participants don’t meet the 20% revenue increase in 60 days, they must provide ad spend, sales history, and social media activity documentation. will verify this information for authenticity
  7. Include Instagram posts and ad-creatives used previous month for the system to choose the best performing
  8. Reward: If participants do not achieve a 20% revenue increase by the end of the challenge, they are eligible for a $1000 reward, subject to compliance with all terms and conditions.
  9. Non-Compliance: Failure to meet any of these terms may result in disqualification from the challenge and ineligibility for the reward.
  10. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes or discrepancies must be communicated to for resolution.
  11. Amendments and Termination: reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the challenge at any time without prior notice, in its sole discretion.
  12. Liability and Indemnification: Participants agree to release from any liability and indemnify against any losses arising from participation in the challenge.
  13. Store Verification Only Shopify Stores are allowed entering this Challenge, other platforms will be downgraded to and not get a 30 Day free trial
By participating in the challenge, you agree to these terms and conditions.