Shopify Integration (AI-Powered)

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Dashboard Overviews

Show the integration dashboard with inventory, orders, and analytics

Performance Score Breakdown

A graphical representation of the store performance score and its components

Marketplace Interface

Preview the marketplace and highlight key apps like Social Snowball.

Optimization Suggestions in Action

Display examples of optimization tips provided by E-commerce bot.

Shopify integration

Seamless Perfomance Tracking

Shopify Integration allows tracking of inventory, tracking of orders for live chat, store & order Analytics for ads, and optimization of store suggestions + a store performance score to optimized based on all around company, Social presents, traffic, ads, website set up, additionally apps needed for optimization, etc. 

Access Third-Party Apps

Access our app store, which features third-party apps that can integrate into your Shopify store success. Adding any app that enhances your store performance and sales will be possible.