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Earning Potential

In addition to the reward money:

Earn 30% Recurring Lifetime Commission: Benefit from a 30% commission on all referrals you sign up, continuing for the lifetime of the referred user.

How It Works

Submission: Write two compelling blog posts and submit them for approval.

Approval Process: Our team will review each post, providing feedback if necessary.

Publication: Once approved, your blogspost will be scheduled for publication on your blog 10 days from each other within the month.


Performance Evaluation

We'll assess the blog post's stats, conversions, and performance  30 days after publication. If your posts perfoms exceedingly,we will continue with more blog post offers.


Payments are processed on the 3 days after the first invoice or immediately depending on the working days and availlability directly to your bank or mode of payment you porvided.

Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply, and EcommerceBot.AI reserves the right of admission.

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