Top 5 Ecommerce Chatbots For Merchants Selling Online

Automated eCommerce chatbots are estimated to cost store owners and online shopping platforms 3.35% of their annual revenue.

An estimated 35% of merchants using bots give the entire industry a whopping $235 million yearly.

The AI bot industry will be at $4.6 billion as of 2022. It is to grow to $33 billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 21.6%, according to DataHarizon’s research report on AI market size.

Bots, more so chatbots, are AI-trained to help generate more revenue and help with product or service information if promoted to the visitor on your site.

Merchants who use eCommerce chatbots in their stores or social media management have seen a 67% increase in sales, and over 70% of customers prefer chatbots as their customer service channel rather than dealing with a support agent to address their issues.

The introduction of bots and AI in the e-commerce industry has helped reduce total business expenditures by automating critical customer service and general marketing functions without human interference.

Merchants wanting to drive more sales to their Shopify stores and improve customer engagement or experience must invest in eCommerce bots designed to automate 99% of their marketing efforts.

If you are a store owner using Shopify, we have good news for you.

In this guide post, we will discuss the importance of integrating an e-commerce bot into your online business and the need for a chatbot to do the heavy lifting.

You will learn in detail:

  • What an eCommerce chatbot does and why it is a must-have in your marketing arsenal.
  • Top 5 Top E-commerce chatbots

What is an e-commerce chatbot (BOT)

An e-commerce bot (chatbot) software mimics a human assistant and behaves like a human while answering questions or interacting with customers via live chat.

A bot is integrated into Shopify stores to help merchants answer multiple customers’ questions in real time; they also help improve user eloquence and increase conversions.

Ecommerce chatbots
Ecommercebot ai

In recent years, there has been an increase in AI chatbot adoption in most start-up businesses and established online businesses. 

Customers who want to save time shopping prefer Chatboats’ product recommendations, upsell, and cross-sale options. 

Rather than initiating a chat with customer support to address their issues, they find chatbots efficient and provide instant answers.

An eCommerce bot is a computer-based program that interacts with website (store) visitors in real-time like a human chat agent. 

It is even better because it is faster, more efficient, and more accurate in generating information based on specific triggers and actions.

The E-commerce Bots Benefits

eCommerce bots can help a merchant with:

Customer care service 

Chatbots provide:

  • 24/7 efficient and reliable customer support.
  • Answering customers’ queries.
  • Creating tickets.
  • Escalating tickets.
  • Providing the needed resources and guidance without depending on human beings.

Online customers are very impatient, primarily if customer support or tickets put that on hold or log queues before their issue is addressed or they get in contact with the live chat; most find this frustrating, and it leads to over 60% of customers abandoning the cart, and leaving without initiating purchase on a store.

A good chatbot integration erases all the long queues and unattended tickets altogether. 

Chatbots handle millions of answers and attend to each customer’s needs as they automatically provide the information required by the customers.

Unlike human support, chatbots are active and work 24/7 across the clock, even outside the website’s working hours. 

This has helped improve customer retention and increased feedback scores.

Product recommendations

The chatbots suggest products based on customers’ shopping habits, browsing history, and cached data.

The bots offer personalized product recommendations, ending in the customer’s checkout. 

They help with conversions, upsell, and cross-sales assistance.

Conversion rates

According to AI Multiple, merchants who integrate their business with chatbots have experienced up to 67% increase in conversion rates.

One of the strong points of integrating with eCommerce bots is the increase in sales. These bots help customers with their online shopping experience by pushing for checkout and providing relevant product or service information to help them make the checkout decision faster.

If a customer had doubts about a specific product or service in the store, the chatbots would provide accurate data and highlight the key points; this helps reduce cart abandonment rates and speeds up the customer’s decision to purchase.

A chatbot is a sales agent that automatically presents upsells and cross-sales to active customers on the site without human input.

An e-commerce chatbot helps reduce abandoned cart rates and increase sales by offering suitable options and product recommendations as the customer browses, at check out, or in their add-to-cart session.

Chatbots’ efficiency and increased productivity will propel $112 billion in retail sales by 2023.

Customer engagement

Chatbots help with customer retention, increase engagement, and improve clickthrough rates. 

They welcome first-time customers by being interactive as much as possible as they collect their contact information for marketing purposes.

Chatbot engages visitors with pre-set qualifying questions to admit them into a subscription or collect data for future retargeting campaigns.

According to reports, 55% of Businesses with campaign objectives to lead collection experience increased sales volume and high-quality lead collections.

Customer Feedback Management

Chatbots assist in gathering customer feedback across all the platforms installed. They can collect feedback through social media, SMS, or Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or from an embedded feedback form that triggers chatbots.

In other words, chatbots help with everything humans can do but make it better and more efficient, improving operational efficiency for smooth management across all platforms.

If you want to implement upsell and cross-sell on your store, consider installing an eCommerce bot to increase conversion rates, efficiency, and productivity.

Chatbots integrate with Multiple Platforms and Social media apps.

Most conversion or marketing happens on major e-commerce platforms like Shopify or social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.        

eCommerce chatbots integrate perfectly with most e-commerce platforms and social media sites, and it depends entirely on the company behind the Bot you intend to use; some work with one platform rather than cross-devices specifically. 

Chatbots improve Marketing efforts.

The most challenging aspect of paid ads is conversions; you may have a good creative, a good product, and an excellent product landing page or store, but with poor targeting, you may save money on Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Bots help improve ad quality and increase conversions by providing detailed targeting, creative ad copy, and straightforward calls to action.

The bost can redirect customers to Messenger and WhatsApp chats to engage them further before resenting them with the undeniable offer.

Bots help with audience research, and creating killer ads, and everything is done with the help of artificial intelligence, which analyses your product goals, interests, demographics, platforms, and previous customer behaviors with similar campaigns from your competitors.

Merchants can automate their campaigns effortlessly with Ecommercebot bot. You are only required to upload your content ad creatives, and the eCommerceBot AI will do the rest, which means:

  • Ad crafting, 
  • Ad objectives, 
  • A/B testing, 
  • Ad optimization, 
  •  Scaling the ads based on ROAS.

Chatbots benefits also include the following:

  • Improving customer experience
  • reducing costs and business expenditure
  • Improves or enhances website security
  • Helps with fraud prevention
  • Better decision-making through data analytics.

Top 5 Best Ecommence Bots for Merchants 

Suppose you are looking for the best eCommerce bot for your e-commerce business. 

The above examples inspire you to install a bot on your Shopify store or social media platforms to help with management and marketing automation.

We feature some of the best eCommerce bots for merchants who want a specific function integrated into their platform or an all-in-one bot that does multiple tasks.

These chatbots will help with lead generation, customer retention, and improved customer services. They will be accessible within seconds when prompted by customers.


EcommerceBot AI  manages social media, offers live chatbot integration, and helps with ad automation on popular platforms like Facebook and Google ads.

Social media management Feature:

The social media manager options allow posting schedules on Facebook and Instagram, generated ad creatives, and product videos.

EcomemrcebotAI generates product/service descriptions for campaigns, ad creatives, and relevant campaign information.

The Bot automatically responds to customer inquiries via inbox and showcases product recommendations directly in the message chat on the preferred platform with Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

Ecommerce chatbots

The bot will further engage your customers in the comment section of your pages, encourage customers to share content, engage additionally, and make the page lively through comment and reshare automation options.

 EcommerrceBot AI, a social media manager, integrates with your content calendar to stay in tune with post-scheduling.

AI ads Automation

You can now automate ads using EcomemrceBot AI, which makes ad automation and creation simple, effective, and smooth.

It eliminates time spent in audience research and leverages the power of AI for tailor-made audience targets, which means you will never have to manually set up ads again on Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

Ecommerce chatbots

Ecomemrcebot AI allows merchants to:

  • Set up ad interest objectives
  • split test ads A/B Testing
  • Scale Performers and pause non-performers
  • The Bot creates customer profiles for retagging
  • Identify buying intent, acquisition behavior, and purchasing power.

AI-powered live ChatBot

Ecomemrcebot AI provides an advanced AI-powered lie chatbot that helps with online customer support pre and post-sales.

The BBot offers product recommendations with images, and customers can add products to a cart or purchase products directly from the chat sessions without leaving the chat box.

The BBot engages the customer by asking product-related questions to get their product taste and what they are looking for, which helps create accurate product recommendations.

Ecommerce Chatbots

The LiveChat bot from eCommerceBot AI uses the information scrapped from the store or websites to customize different personas based on customer intelligence and ad behavior. 

The Bot has other personals, automatically using the best persona for the store or websites.

The live chat features FAQ, where all previous store or product questions are stored and included in future inquiries when prompted by the customers.

The Bot allows the customer to escalate the chat to a live agent or fill in their contact details, which the agent will use to get back to them while on duty.

The Livechat Bot has various workflow templates customized according to your store needs and theme setup; the workflow is crafted based on your store data, and this assists with AI training to offer perfect information when required.


EcommerceBot AI has the Perfect Plan for

Shopify Store merchants to choose from, but they are currently running holiday offers for early bird access. 

If you sign up today for a 21-day free trial.

Ecommerce chatbots

Browse through eCommerceBot AI pricing plans to learn more about each plan’s features, price, and other information.

2. Tidio         

Tidio automates chatbots for eCommerce merchants, which helps support and provide customer services.

The Tidio interface is easy to use; Tidio bots are artificial intelligence that uses natural language to interpret messages.

Ecommerce Chatbots

It helps with lead generation, sale boast, and bot customization from scratch.

Tidio Main Features:

  • Quick setup using Plugins
  • Seamales visual builder interface
  • Numerous bot triggers
  • Integrates with most platforms

Tidio offers four-tier plans based on what you want your store to achieve.

3. Chatfuel

Chatfuel focuses only on social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

It has a drag-and-drop feature that helps build a Facebook chatbot quickly and seamlessly.


You can build a chat flow by dragging and dropping the block tweaks to the desired functionality. 

Main Features

  • Advanced Analytics Features
  • Easy merchant onboarding
  • Easy integrations with Third-party apps, e.g., Zapier


Chatfuel has four plans based on the social media platform you want to use, either WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram; their pricing range from business to enterprise. Check out their pricing plans.

4. Manychat

Manychat has rule-based chatbots with premade templates for easy installation or installation.

Merchants can market their products or reach customers through Testing or QR codes.


It automates social media replies, and customers can click on your ads inside the message box like messengers without leaving the chat.

It integrates with most Shopify and other platforms.

Main Features:

  • Seamless integration on multiple platforms
  • Advanced customer Segmentation.


They have three pricing plans plus a price customization option based on the number of contacts you intend to reach with your business. 

The customized plan will give you the exact price coalition; if your contacts are above 500, you must start the Paid Plan.

5. ADA

ADA offers solutions to merchants using their chatbot that easily integrates with major social media platforms through installation or API access.

It allows merchants to build conversational flows without the need for coding. 

ADA chatbot

Customers who need to connect to live agents can quickly escalate the issue or request human assistance.

ADA has custom plans, and they give quotes based on your needs and the data you want handled.

6. Snatchbot

It is known for creating high-quality voice recognition; it uses natural language processing machine learning, which has enhanced its chatbot output.


It has premade chatbot templates and fits into most niches, such as fitness. It equips merchants to build bots without technicality.

Main features

  • Enables sms
  • Voice assistant/text-to-speech


Snatchbot has a free plan among the eight available projects, from essential to enterprise plan, upon merchant request.

Best eCommerce chatbot examples on the market

The above companies produced the best chatbots for e-commerce businesses; here are a few to help you understand how bots work in real life; suppose this is your first attempt to work with chatbots in your store.

Here are some chatbots doing wonders in the e-commerce industry; 


H&M is one of the leading clothing brands that launched an eCommerce chatbot on KIK. 

H&M chatbots are designed to send outfits, pictures, and details and ask customers to choose the product that fits their needs.

The H&M bots can search for products, save them, and share them.

H & M Bot

The chatbots help customers with a seamless shopping experience.

2. Sephora

Sephora’s beauty brand has two primary eCommerce chatbots for Facebook’s social media.

  • Reservation Bot Assistants: Makes booking in-store makeovers easy and seamless.
  • Virtual artist: Their chatbot helps scenes mark up images, showing color matches for products (Lipsticks, eyeshadows)

The Sephora bot was launched on KIK; it helps gather product information about potential makeup brands, targets teens and collects their input through quizzes.

Installing eCommerceBot for Your E-commerce Store

Apart from listing the best e-commerce chatbot companies, you’ve had the opportunity to see some of the bot examples; now, let’s talk about how to get an e-commerce bot on your e-commerce site.

Head over to eCommeceBot ai and start the installation process on your e-commerce site.

Get started and enjoy early Bird access of 50% OFF for a lifetime by signing up for any plan, plus get a 21-day free trial if you want what EcommercebOt AI offers.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

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