How To Automate Customer Services For Ecommerce

When your business starts to scale, customer support needs and inquiries rise. 

With the number rising from time to time and customer demands increasing, handling this with your team without negatively impacting the customer experience is challenging and impossible. 

Therefore, that’s where customer service automation tools come in.

For instance, after implementing a chatbot, Company X saw a 30% reduction in customer wait time and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. This is a clear example of how automation can positively impact your business. 

The tools make handling the high demand easy and ensure every customer is attended to on time, relieving your customer service team from the overwhelming pressure and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. 

For ecommerce, most customers are impatient. Thus, every second they wait for support draws them closer to purchasing from your competitors. 

The rise of artificial intelligence in customer service automation tools supports your customers as soon as possible and connects them to a human agent for complex issues. 

In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to automate customer services.

Determine your Needs

The first step is to determine your customer needs and goals. You can ask yourself questions like do I need automation? What will I achieve if I automate customer services? What kind of support do I want to give my customers?

Automate Customer Services

By asking yourself and answering these questions, you will have a clearer idea of whether you need automation. 

You can also examine how your team handles customer queries. Can they hold all the customers without making them wait for long? Furthermore, analyze the overall customer experience and see if they are satisfied with the customer services or if you need to automate to enhance the experience. 

Choose the Right Tool

If you are still with us, it is clear that you need to automate customer services. The next step is to choose the right tool for your customer support services. Be careful when selecting the tool because choosing the wrong one might worsen the customer experience instead of enhancing it. 

Here are some tips that can help you out in choosing the exemplary customer service automation tools;

  • Seamless integration with other existing channels
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Offers multi-channel support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Customer support

Bonus: Ecommerce bot is a tremendous and popular customer automation tool with all the above features. It is an AI-powered chatbot that can handle customer queries, schedule social media posts, create ads, and interact with customers via comments or DMs. You can use this tool for your customer service tasks and watch it transform your business while enhancing your customer experience. 

Set up a Chatbot

You need to set up your chatbot now. By setting up your chatbot, you are starting the journey of your business success as the bot will take over some of the easy tasks, giving you time to handle the complex ones and, for example, collecting data, fielding queries, scheduling social media posts, creating Ads, commenting on posts, interacting with your customers via comments or DMs—all these tasks the bot can handle for you.

Setting up your chatbot, like Ecommercebot, is a straightforward process. The bot is designed to be easy to integrate with existing channels and customize to align with your brand voice, giving you the confidence that the transition to automation will be smooth. 

After setting and customizing, you must brainstorm questions your customers frequently ask and create a variation. 

Please answer the questions clearly and straightforwardly and ensure they are personalized. 

Create your Knowledge Base

You need to create a help center for your business. This will make it easy for customers to find frequently asked questions and their answers without contacting the team. Ensure the knowledge base is set up, and group the topics in different categories, with each question and the relevant answer. 

Implement Routing and Templates

Only some of your support team or chatbot needs to come up with answers to every question when interacting with customers. 

Create templates that they can customize and offer helpful responses to make the process easy. 

You can include these templates in email marketing and other customer communication-related fields. 

Another crucial part of your automation strategy is routing. This is directing customer queries to the most appropriate channel or agent. For example, a chatbot can help handle this and offer the correct routing of queries based on their complexity or topic. 

Connect Your Channels and Humans

Even though customer service automation is an excellent way to improve your customer experience, you should not rely solely on these bots. Allow your customers to choose between a bot and a human. 

Some chatbots allow your customers to turn on and off the bot, giving them the power to choose the level of assistance they need. For example, the e-commerce bot will always enable customers to get support from the bot. However, if the query is too complex, it connects your customers with a live agent to help them without losing the chat history. 

Train your Agents

Dealing with chatbots requires training, especially for your agents. They need to understand how to manage automated workflows and handle complex activities after you automate your business’s customer services. This includes learning about the type of automation technology you are using, how to handle a situation where the bot fails, and how to communicate effectively with customers when the bot is in use.

The technology must keep chat history before routing the question to your agents. Ecommercebot can help you in this as it maintains chat history and customer information. It also saves the customer time from repeating the same information repeatedly. 

Final Thoughts

When your business starts to scale, customer demands increase, making handling difficult. Thus, a better way to handle them is by opting for customer service automation tools. The tools help you handle your customers efficiently, saving time, improving efficiency and scalability, and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are the benefits of customer service automation?

Automating customer service will provide several benefits: scalability, time savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved efficiency. 

Why is automated customer service sound? 

Automated customer service lets you offer 24/7 customer support and give instant replies to customer queries. 

Which tool is suitable for customer service automation? 

Ecommercebot is the best customer service automation tool for your ecommerce business. 

Once you automate your business, Ecommercebot helps you with automated email responses, AI-powered chatbots, AI live chat, centralized customer service management, and social media scheduling. 

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