10 Proven Techniques To Increase Customer Retention

For business owners in the e-commerce sector, customer retention is not just a dream but a crucial necessity. The question often arises: How can I effectively increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchases? 

The easy way to increase customer retention is to decrease the churn rate and understand what customers want. 

Regarding business, it’s often more fruitful to focus on retaining your existing customers than constantly seeking new ones. Consider this: 60% to 70% of companies sell to existing customers, while the chances of selling to a new customer are significantly lower, ranging from 5% to 20%. 

Thus, working on retaining your existing customers will help save your business resources and time.

Today, we’re diving into customer retention, sharing nine proven techniques that can significantly boost your business.

These strategies are not just theoretical concepts, but actionable steps that you can implement right away to increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.

Let’s get started! 

Offer Omnichannel support 

When it comes to customer retention, you must consider every possible way, even investing in tools. Omnichannel support is one of the most significant ways to retain customers. It allows business owners to access information about their customers from different channels and use it to offer personalized experiences. 

 Increase Customer Retention

Additionally, Omnichannel support also offers a great customer experience for your clients. If your business provides Omnichannel support, customers can choose who to talk to and the platform they want and get faster resolutions. 

Respond to Customer Questions Instantly

Everyone values instant replies, whether talking to a colleague or inquiring about specific services or products online. Therefore, responding to customers’ queries is a good strategy for keeping them. Fast support is the key to a good customer experience. 

Responding to your customers immediately is essential, even if they don’t buy. However, it still pays to offer them instant responses. 

A great way to provide instant support is to send a simple message informing your customers that you have received their questions. This signifies that you are working on a solution for them. 

Gather Customer feedback

Gathering customer feedback is not just a good strategy for reducing churn and increasing customer retention, it’s a way to show your customers that their opinions matter. You need to get this information directly from your customers to know what works and what does not, and to make them feel valued and integral to your business. 

Conduct surveys on your customers to understand how they relate to your business. Ask them questions that can help you improve the customer experience. You can also give the survey to your service team members since they have interacted with your customers more. Your team members can help you identify some of your customers’ complaints. 

Offer Fast Shipping 

One factor leading to a high customer retention rate is long and late shipping times. Some customers are willing to wait for long deliveries, while others want fast delivery.

According to statistics, 67.77% of customers in the USA value two-day shipping. Thus, how you deliver products to customers is a significant determinant of whether you will retain these customers and beat the competition.

You must ensure your customers receive their products within a few days or weeks. It will make customers return because they are sure they will receive their shipping faster than they could imagine. In case of late deliveries, ensure you communicate with your customers beforehand. 

Easy Return Policy

In business, mistakes are likely to happen occasionally, no matter how careful you might be. Most companies have a nearly impossible return policy. Therefore, once a customer tries to return a product for replacement and you refuse to give them a replacement or refund, this customer will likely never buy from you again.

Ensure the return policy is seamless to ensure your customers return again and again to purchase from you. Your customers must know they can count on you even after you get their money. 

Please don’t treat them like you only value their money; show them you value them more. 

Be Understanding 

Most ecommerce business owners like to assume that offering quality products in the market automatically gives them dominance. But to be honest, this is just a myth. Your competitor may provide low-quality products but sell more than you, even with high-quality products. 

One thing that leads to this is giving customers explanations and using user-friendly marketing materials. By making your business more available, you will have a higher chance of retaining customers. You need to understand your customers and give them solutions to their needs. 

Provide Unique Services

With the high number of competitors in the ecommerce sector, offering products or services that are unique compared to competitors can take time and effort. But, the benefit you gain from it is worth it.  You must develop unique ideas to help your customers solve a specific pain point. 

By doing this, retaining your customers becomes easy. Most people will always purchase anything that holds value to them, no matter the price. Therefore, you need to find different ways, like automating your services, removing any underlying issues in the workflow, and eliminating any obstacles in your customers’ way. 

Accept Mistakes

In business, mistakes are likely to happen even if you try hard to avoid them. No matter what type of mistake happens, you need to accept your mistakes. Sometimes, it can be a billing error, shipping wrong items, a data breach, or an outage. If not well handled, all these mistakes can put your business at risk.

One good way to solve business mistakes and ensure customers keep purchasing from you is to own and apologize for your mistake. 

Most customers will keep buying from you if you apologize for any mistake. 

Leverage Personalization

For your business to succeed in the high-competition e-commerce sector, you must offer your customers unique and personalized services. 

Understanding your customers helps your business offer customized services according to your needs and wants.

Encouraging your customers to create accounts is a significant way of learning and understanding more about them. Furthermore, you can use product recommendations to offer personalization based on their customer behavior. 

Final Thoughts on Increase Customer Retention

You can use many strategies to increase customer retention, but truth be told, there are no shortcuts. 

It would help if you worked hard to achieve this and retain your past customers. The above strategies, although not 100% guaranteed, have been proven to be effective in many cases. 

Your products and services, combined with these strategies, can work the magic and help you retain your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the central C’s of customer retention? 

The primary customer retention factors include community, convenience, character, choice, customization, customer connection, care, and cultivation.

What are some proven strategies I can use to increase customer retention? 

The main strategies for increasing customer retention include:

  • Offering Omnichannel support.
  • Accepting mistakes.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Leveraging personalization.
  • Providing unique services.
  • Understanding.
  • Having a seamless return policy.
  • Gathering customer feedback.
  • Responding to their queries instantly. 

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