20 Trending Products And Things To Sell Online

With endless options for products to sell online, settling for the best idea is a common challenge for many. This is why you must conduct product research before entering the e-commerce business.

 Identifying high-demand products that sell online is just the first step. Stay updated on product popularity’s ever-changing nature to stay ahead of the curve. 

This will enable you to adapt your offerings to match customer demands effectively.

In this guide, you’ll find a list of the updated 20 trending products to sell online in 2024. These are not just product ideas but potential profit generators. Keep scrolling to discover more and get inspired for your e-commerce journey!


Smartwatches have become super popular worldwide, and for good reason. Since technology keeps getting better and better, everyone wants to own one. A smartwatch has numerous features, unlike a regular watch that only shows time. 

Trending Products

The search volume for smartwatches has increased over the past five years, with notable spikes at the end of every year. This could be because smartwatches make popular holiday gifts.

While you might think of tech lovers and fitness fans when you hear “smartwatch,” they can also be an excellent option for older adults. They can help them track their health and stay connected with loved ones, and they are generally easy to wear and use.


The makeup industry keeps improving and always seems to stay popular. It’s already a huge market worth over half a trillion dollars worldwide, and it’s only expected to keep growing.

In 2022, the beauty industry will have made over $564 billion. This number is expected to keep climbing at almost 5% annually until 2026.

trending products

Online shopping is a big reason for this growth. People bought a quarter of all beauty products online in 2022. 

Even though the pandemic meant we all wore masks for a while, the beauty industry stayed strong—people adapted by shopping online and using new technologies like virtual reality to try on makeup.


Skincare products are gaining popularity every day. People discuss it everywhere you look on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. In the era of self-care, skin care isn’t just about wrinkles and aging in older people anymore.

Even younger adults born around 1981–1986 (millennials) are getting into skincare. These younger generations are curious and love researching the best routines and products.

They’re unafraid to chat with others online and share their favorite finds. Searches for high-quality, sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and serums continue to grow.

Thanks to this growing interest from all ages, skincare is now the fastest-growing part of the beauty industry. Manufacturers are taking notice and creating more innovative and exciting products to meet this ever-changing demand. The skincare market is booming, not just in size but also attracting new age groups and even men.

Perfumes and colognes

The perfume business can be a sweet-smelling success story, but there’s more to it than just lovely scents. Several things can affect how well you do it, like the quality of your perfumes, how well people recognize your brand, how you market yourself, and who you’re trying to sell to. People usually include the brand’s or product’s name when searching for perfumes online. Therefore, make SEO an essential strategy for your cologne business.

It’s also important to understand that the perfume industry is crowded, so standing out is the key. You’ll need unique and delicious fragrances, a brand people remember, and an intelligent plan to get your perfumes out there. Like any business, researching and having a clear roadmap is essential before jumping in.

Power banks

If you have ever checked your phone battery only to see it in the red zone with no outlet, you know the value of a power bank. 

It’s not just a product; it’s a solution to a common problem. A recent Google Trends search shows that many others feel the same way. 

Over the past year, interest in power banks has been steady, with a recent jump in popularity.

This trend highlights how essential power banks have become in our tech-filled world. We rely on our smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets for work, fun, and everything.

That makes a power bank a modern-day lifesaver, keeping our devices charged no matter where we are.

The recent rise in interest in power banks could be due to two reasons:

  • Travel is Back: With people hitting the road again, portable charging solutions are a must-have for any adventure.
  • Power banks are evolving. New and improved power banks are hitting the shelves. These new models might offer features like super-fast charging, hold more power than ever, or even use solar energy to keep your devices going!

As technology gets even more powerful, our devices need more juice. This means the demand for power banks is likely to keep growing. They’re not just backup batteries anymore; they’re a way to stay connected and productive wherever life takes you.

 Vitamins and supplements

People are focusing on health and wellness more than ever, and that’s good news for online stores selling vitamins and supplements

This is not just a trend; it’s a shift in lifestyle choices. Google Trends shows a rise in searches for these products, making them a trending topic. In this category, there’s something for everyone. 

Offer daily multivitamins for general health or cater to specific needs, such as Vitamin D for bone health or B-complex for energy.

Natural and organic options are popular choices for health-conscious consumers.

Remember, it’s crucial to consult with a doctor before recommending specific supplements. However, you can highlight the potential benefits and encourage customers to discuss them with their healthcare provider.

Wireless doorbells

Homeowners love the convenience of wireless doorbells. Imagine ditching the complicated wiring and quickly installing your doorbell anywhere. Plus, many models come with video and intelligent features, making you feel like you have a little piece of the future at your doorstep.

The recent interest boost could be due to new, innovative models hitting the market or homeowners simply looking for an easy way to increase their home security.

Whatever the reason, wireless doorbells are here to stay. They’re a vital part of the smart home movement, making our lives easier and more convenient.

So, consider the wireless doorbell’s power if you’re selling home technology. It’s a small addition that can make a big difference for customers who want to modernize their homes.


Hold onto your yoga pants because athleisure is taking the fashion world by storm. Athleisure is all about blurring the lines between workout clothes and everyday wear. It’s perfect for our busy lives because it lets you go from a yoga class to grabbing coffee with friends without changing.

The rise of athleisure wear might also be connected to the growing focus on health and wellness. People are more interested in taking care of themselves, and athleisure wear fits right in with that lifestyle.

Whether your audience is a fitness fanatic who needs high-performance fabrics or just people who love comfy clothes, there’s an athleisure wear option for them out there.

It’s an opportunity for you to jump on board. Show off those new athleisure designs, highlight their versatility, and convince everyone that athleisure is essential to any wardrobe.


Swimsuit sales might spike during the summer, but you can still design and sell them year-round. Think about all the vacationers jetting off to sunny destinations; they’ll need swimwear no matter the season. It makes it even better when you design your swimsuits. 

You get to create unique pieces that stand out from the crowd. Designing your swimwear allows you to use bright colors, eye-catching patterns, or even personalized text or graphics that resonate with your customers. You can design bikinis, one-pieces, trunks, and rash guards; the endless possibilities allow you to cater to all styles and preferences. 

Your online store can become a summer go-to, even during the off-season, by offering various swimwear options in all sizes for men, women, and kids. With some marketing magic, your brand can make a splash all year.

Bed sheets and blankets

Bedsheets and blankets are a must-have in every home, making them a reliable seller. The beauty of this market is its variety. You can target different audiences with specific needs. Offer cozy flannel sheets perfect for chilly nights, crisp cotton sheets for hot sleepers, or fun character prints for kids’ rooms.

If you wish, consider expanding into throw blankets. These versatile blankets are perfect for snuggling on the couch or adding color to a living room. With many options and a customer base always looking for a good night’s sleep or a comfy relaxing spot, bedsheets and blankets can be a great addition to your online store.

 Coats and jackets

Regarding trending products, outerwear like coats and jackets are a perennial favorite. Google Trends shows consistent interest in these items throughout the year, with spikes during colder seasons. This predictability makes them a reliable choice for online sellers.

They cater to various styles and needs. You can offer classic trench coats for a timeless look, trendy puffers for a sporty vibe, or cozy parkas for maximum warmth.

There’s something for everyone, from adventurers seeking weatherproof protection to fashionistas looking for the latest trends.

Consider targeting your offerings by location. 

Colder climates favor heavy winter coats, while warmer areas may see a higher demand for lightweight rain jackets. 

Remember, comfort is essential. Offer features like water resistance, insulation, and adjustable fits to ensure your customers stay happy and warm no matter the weather. With a little variety and a focus on functionality, coats, and jackets can be a top seller in your online store.

Shoes and slides

Shoes are a broad category offering endless possibilities. As an online seller, you can target sneakerheads with trendy styles, cater to professionals with sleek dress shoes, or provide comfort-seekers with supportive walking shoes.

Slides, on the other hand, are primarily open-toe sandals. They’re perfect for lounging at home, running errands, or adding a casual touch to an outfit. Slides come in various colors, materials, and platform styles to suit all tastes.

People are prioritizing comfort and versatility in their footwear choices. Shoes and slides offer both, making them perfect for our busy lifestyles. You must offer a curated selection of shoes and slides that satisfy different styles and needs and attract a broader audience to your online store.

Wall art

Google Trends shows a reasonably stable interest in searches for wall art, making it a hot commodity for online sellers. Wall art is good because it caters to all tastes.

From calming nature prints to inspiring quotes, there’s a piece of art to match any personality or decor style. Consider offering various options, including canvas prints, framed posters, or tapestries.

Digital downloads are becoming increasingly popular. They allow customers to easily print their favorite art pieces at home, adding a personal touch to their space without the hassle of shipping. With its versatility, broad audience appeal, and easy online delivery options, wall art can be a fantastic addition to your store.

Dog Toys

Dog toys are no longer just bare chew bones anymore. Now, you can find puzzle toys that challenge your dog’s brain, interactive toys that strengthen the bond between you and your pup, and even high-tech toys for the most tech-savvy pet parents.

This is a great time to spread the word about the benefits of different dog toys. Highlight those innovative products that cater to all kinds of dogs, from playful pups to brainy breeds. After all, a happy dog with a great toy makes for a happy pet owner, too.


Move over the boring old cups. Drinkware is having a moment, and Google Trends shows searches climbing. This makes it a perfect product for your online store. 

Target fitness enthusiasts with insulated water bottles that keep drinks icy cold or offer tea lovers beautiful mugs in calming colors.

For the environmentally conscious customer, stock up on reusable tumblers and straws. The key is to cater to different styles and needs. Funny quotes, inspirational messages, or trendy patterns can add personality to any drinkware piece.

Drinkware is also a fantastic gift option. Think personalized mugs for teachers or stylish tumblers for bridesmaids. With its functionality, broad appeal, and customization options, drinkware can be a refreshing addition to your online store!

 Scented candles

Scented candles offer a double win; they create a relaxing atmosphere and act as beautiful home decor. Target different preferences with various scents, from calming lavender to refreshing citrus. Seasonal fragrances like pumpkin spice for fall or fresh pine for winter can also be a hit.

Think beyond jar candles. Wax melts, diffusers, and even candle subscriptions can cater to a broader audience. Soy candles are a popular choice for those seeking eco-friendly options.

Vegetable chopper

Vegetable choppers are booming right now! More and more people are cooking at home, and these handy tools are flying off the shelves.

Portable vegetable choppers are affordable so you can resell them for a good profit. Plus, with the popularity of home cooking only growing, the demand for these choppers is likely to keep climbing. This makes them an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking for hot-selling products.

Motor vehicle spare parts

Gearheads and everyday drivers alike need reliable sources for car parts, and that’s where you can come in. Selling motor vehicle spare parts online is a trend worth considering.

Cars are on the road for a long time, and parts inevitably wear down. People constantly search for replacements, making spare parts a product with consistent demand.

You can target specific parts, like brake pads or air filters, or offer a broader range catering to different car models. Online stores can shine by providing competitive prices, easy-to-navigate platforms, and clear part descriptions.

Mobile phone accessories

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and guess what? They need accessories to go with them. Mobile phone accessories are a hot trend for online sellers who can cater to tech lovers with wireless chargers or portable power banks.

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Protect precious screens with tempered glass protectors and stylish cases. For fitness fanatics, offer armband phone holders or noise-canceling headphones.

Also, consider offering customization options like phone case designs or engraved wireless chargers. With so many options and a customer base that constantly upgrades or loses their accessories, mobile phone accessories can be the perfect way to boost your online sales.

Gaming products

Gamers constantly upgrade their setups, looking for the latest controllers, headsets, and high-performance accessories to enhance their experience.

If you want to sell gaming products, you can cater to hardcore PC gamers with advanced graphics cards or attract console enthusiasts with wireless controllers and virtual reality headsets. Gaming chairs, ergonomic keyboards, and even blue light-blocking glasses are all popular choices.

Wrapping Up

Running a successful online store is about having the right products in stock. After all, if nobody wants what you’re selling, it will be a tough climb.

The secret is to stay on top of the trend! There are tons of resources to help you discover what’s selling right now. Check out online marketplaces, social media, and even trend-spotting websites.

Once you’ve found a trending product with potential, the next step is to find a reliable supplier who can provide high-quality items.

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Finally, craft a marketing strategy highlighting the product’s best features and targeting the right audience.

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