How Do I Dropship Without Using AliExpress?

Every drop shipper has heard about AliExpress at some point in their e-commerce journey. Launched in 2010, AliExpress is one of the most established e-commerce platforms known for selling various products at wholesale prices. 

so, how do I Dropship without using AliExpress?

AliExpress offers drop shippers in any niche a way to do business with low or no upfront costs. Besides being the largest dropshipping website and meeting all the requirements, it has some drawbacks, too. 

Some products could be more satisfactory, and some customers find their shipping terms unreasonable. For this reason, drop shippers have started looking for alternative websites to source products.

If you are looking for worthwhile alternatives to AliExpress, this guide will help you navigate the transition and open up new possibilities for your dropshipping business. We’ve compiled a list of the best alternatives, each offering unique benefits. These websites offer quality products at much lower prices, allowing you to make better profits and improve customer satisfaction.

Why do you need options for AliExpress?

AliExpress is one of the best e-commerce platforms, but it’s only for some. That’s why you should have options to seal the gaps that AliExpress might leave. You need to find alternatives because:

Low-profit margins

Low profits are a constant battle for drop shippers. It’s a double-edged sword. Cheap products from AliExpress might seem like a steal, but they often translate to lower profit margins.

Low-quality goods don’t command high prices, leaving you with less wiggle room.

Think you can win by offering a rock-bottom price? Think again. Competitors slashing prices to attract customers can quickly erode your profit potential. Low prices often mean low margins, leaving you scrambling to sell a massive volume to break even.

Building a sustainable dropshipping business is about more than just selling the cheapest product. It’s about offering value, building trust, and ensuring you earn a fair profit on every sale. Focusing on quality and strategic pricing allows you to break free from the low-margin trap and watch your profits soar.

Uneven product quality

AliExpress is a breeding ground for competition, and that can affect product quality. You’ll find sellers that offer deals that seem too good to be true. Suppliers might sacrifice quality to offer rock-bottom prices. These products can lead to happier customers and a damaged brand reputation.

Also, beware of suppliers who overcharge for low-quality goods. The product descriptions paint a rosy picture, but the reality needs to be revised. Again, this leads to customer dissatisfaction and potential returns. The issue boils down to limited quality control, especially for unknown brands. AliExpress doesn’t need more resources to scrutinize every product on the platform. This means you, the drop shipper, are responsible for doing your due diligence.

Complicated return process

The return process for AliExpress can be lengthy and frustrating. It might take weeks, even months, to return the product to the original supplier. Then, you’re left waiting even longer for a refund, further delaying any resolution for your customer.

The situation becomes even more complex when dealing with the supplier. You’re caught in the middle, taking full responsibility for communicating with your customer while simultaneously trying to resolve the dispute with the supplier.

If the supplier refuses to offer a refund or return, your only recourse might be to complain to AliExpress. While this platform offers buyer protection, the process can be notoriously slow and inefficient, further dragging out the entire ordeal.

Restrictions on building your brand

Branding yourself is crucial for long-term success in online sales. This goes beyond simply selling products; it’s about creating a unique identity that resonates with your target audience.

One strategy for drop shippers looking to build a strong brand is private labeling. This involves purchasing generic white-label products and customizing them with your logo and brand name. This allows you to promote your brand and foster customer loyalty to your store, not just the product itself.

However, AliExpress doesn’t offer custom labeling or packaging services. This means you miss a valuable opportunity to solidify your brand identity and boost sales through branded packaging.

How do you choose the suitable AliExpress alternative?

Check whether the platform has reliable suppliers.

Before settling for an alternative, ensuring the platform has reliable suppliers is crucial. Also, confirm whether these suppliers offer quality products.

It’s also important to test the level of the suppliers’ engagement. How fast or slow a supplier responds to queries determines their accountability.

Send a message and see the time the supplier takes to respond. The quicker the response, the more reliable it can be, and vice versa, which is also true.

Professional customer support

Customer support is significant for e-commerce businesses. Before partnering with any supplier, you should understand how they offer assistance in case of any issue. Ask the supplier questions, and you’ll determine if the supplier is worth it.

A legit and reliable supplier wants to build a good working relationship with you. Therefore, they’ll keep their products and services transparent. They’ll give you honest answers and won’t hesitate to answer any questions promptly.

Shipping solutions

Dropshipping is a competitive market that calls for faster shipping solutions to stay ahead of the curve. For instance, if you place an order and the supplier takes too long, your customers might shift their interests to competitors who offer timely delivery. To determine the shipping times, place a test order to see how long it takes to reach you.

Customized labeled products

Creating and selling unique products ensures less competition and allows more room for your business’s growth. Look for alternatives that will enable you to offer full-service dropshipping. A platform that provides labeling as part of its service should also source, store, and ship on your behalf.

The top alternatives to AliExpress


While AliExpress offers undeniable advantages like affordability and access to Far Eastern products, other games are in town. Amazon offers a compelling package for drop shippers.

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Faster shipping, higher-quality products, more robust buyer protection, a massive customer base, and a trusted brand name can all contribute to the success of your dropshipping business.

Main Features:

Delivers Quality: Customers prioritize quality, and Amazon provides just that. Generally, you’ll find a more comprehensive selection of higher-quality products on Amazon than AliExpress.

Buyer protection: Amazon boasts robust buyer protection policies, giving customers peace of mind when shopping from your store. This can lead to higher trust and repeat business.

Fast Delivery: With services like Prime offering next-day delivery, you can significantly reduce waiting times for your customers compared to the typical week-long wait with AliExpress.

Massive Marketplace: Exposure is everything! Amazon boasts over 300 million active users and billions of annual visitors. This enormous reach translates to a broader potential customer base for your dropshipping store.

Brand recognition is gold. Amazon is a trusted and reliable brand. Customers are more likely to feel comfortable entering their payment information and completing purchases on a platform they recognize and respect.

Dropshipping Done Right: Amazon allows dropshipping but with specific guidelines. By following their policies and ensuring proper branding on packaging and shipping materials, you can leverage their platform while maintaining compliance.


Spocket offers a powerful alternative that addresses this critical pain point and provides several other features to help your dropshipping business thrive. The platform has thousands of global dropshipping suppliers, allowing sellers to source products from US and EU manufacturers.

Main Features:

  • Faster Delivery Times: Spocket boasts a network of suppliers primarily in the US and EU. This translates to significantly quicker delivery times, keeping your customers happy and reducing the chances of chargebacks or frustration.
  • Streamlined Operations: Spocket integrates seamlessly with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. This allows for real-time inventory tracking, automated order fulfillment, and easy product sourcing.
  • Unique Products and Quality Control: Spocket offers a well-thought-out selection of trending and profitable products, saving you time and effort in product research. Additionally, they prioritize quality by vetting all suppliers on their platform. This ensures you receive higher-quality products compared to AliExpress.
  • Build Your Brand: Spocket empowers you to establish a strong brand identity. You can include your branding on invoices and packing slips, fostering customer loyalty and trust.
  • Wide Variety of Products and Easy Sourcing: Spocket offers thousands of dropshipping suppliers worldwide across various categories like clothing, homewares, and tech accessories. You can easily find products that perfectly align with your niche and target audience.

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If you want to graduate from AliExpress’s single-item dropshipping model, Alibaba offers a compelling alternative. The platform is more than just a one-click dropshipping solution like AliExpress; it requires a more hands-on approach. But for dropshippers looking to scale their business, negotiate better deals, and tap into a broader range of products and customization options, Alibaba offers a powerful platform to elevate your dropshipping game.

Main Features:

Bulk product suppliers: Alibaba isn’t for those seeking a single phone case. It’s a platform designed for businesses to connect with bulk product suppliers. This lets you purchase larger quantities at lower prices per unit, boosting your profit margins.

Quality Connections: Alibaba boasts over 10 million sellers, including major manufacturers and distributors. This increases the chance of finding reliable partners who provide consistent quality products.

Beyond Retail: Alibaba offers various possibilities, from consumer electronics and homeware to industrial parts, raw materials, and much more.

Customization Options: Many Alibaba suppliers cater to B2B businesses, meaning they might offer additional services like custom product design, branding, and white labeling.


Are you looking to diversify your dropshipping supplier base beyond AliExpress? Banggood is a robust platform worth considering. It boasts a massive catalog of over 10 million products, ranging from electronics and apparel to toys and homeware.

Various products allow you to sell to a broader audience and discover unique products to set your store apart. Banggood is known for offering competitive prices.

They frequently hold flash sales and offer attractive discounts, making it a budget-friendly option for drop shippers looking to maximize profit margins. You might even snag a gift with your purchase!

Main Features:

  • Massive Product Variety: Bangood lets you find everything under one roof.
  • Cost-Effective Options: Competitive prices, regular discounts, and flash sales help you maximize your profit margins.
  • Faster Shipping Options: While shipping times can vary depending on location, Banggood offers a 30-day guaranteed delivery window to key markets like Russia, Australia, the US, and Europe. Additionally, they ship to almost every country globally, ensuring you can reach a broader customer base.
  • Convenient Payment Methods: Banggood caters to your convenience by accepting all popular payment methods, including Visa, PayPal, and wire transfers. In some countries, cash on delivery (COD) might be an option.


Salehoo is more than just a supplier directory. It’s a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower your online selling journey. With its focus on verified suppliers, data-driven product research, and a supportive community, Salehoo provides the resources and guidance you need to find profitable products, build strong relationships with reliable partners, and ultimately achieve success in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

Main Features:

Quality You Can Trust: Salehoo doesn’t just throw suppliers at you; they do the legwork for you. Their directory features over 8,000 vetted suppliers, ensuring you can connect with reliable partners prioritizing quality products.

Profitable Product Powerhouse: Salehoo’s secret weapon is its Product Research Lab. This powerful tool goes beyond simply finding products. It analyzes market trends and demands, helping you identify profitable product opportunities with real sales potential.

Learn from the Best: Knowledge is power, and Salehoo empowers you with a vibrant community forum. Here, you can connect with experienced sellers, gather valuable insights, and discover tips and strategies to help grow your business.

Marketing tools: The market is constantly evolving, and Salehoo equips you with the tools to stay ahead of the competition. Their Market Research Tool provides access to valuable data, allowing you to analyze competitor strategies and optimize pricing for maximum impact.

Dedicated customer support: Even the most experienced sellers encounter challenges. Salehoo understands that, and that’s why they offer dedicated customer support. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or encounter troubleshooting issues, their support team ensures your operations run smoothly.

Worldwide brands

If you’re a drop shipper looking to move beyond AliExpress and its international mix of suppliers, Worldwide Brands might be your perfect match. Established in 1999, it’s a well-respected directory with a unique focus on connecting you with reliable US-based drop shippers and wholesalers.

Main Features:

US-Centric Focus: Unlike AliExpress, Worldwide Brands prioritizes US-based suppliers. This translates to faster shipping times and more accessible communication for your dropshipping business.

Reliable sellers: They don’t list any supplier; each is thoroughly verified. This ensures you partner with reputable vendors, reducing the risk of encountering low-quality products or unreliable sellers.

Vast Product Selection: With over 16 million products across various categories, you’ll find multiple items to stock your store, from electronics and clothing to pet supplies and toys.

Lifetime Membership: Forget recurring fees! Worldwide Brands offers a one-time lifetime membership fee of $299, which grants permanent access to its directory, educational resources, and support.


DHGate, like AliExpress, is a popular online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers primarily from China and other Asian countries. This means you’ll find various manufactured products at competitive prices.

DHGate can be a valuable addition to your dropshipping toolbox, especially when you need to compare prices or find a specific product that is not readily available on AliExpress. However, its similar marketplace structure and reliance on Asian suppliers might limit its appeal for drop shippers seeking a distinct sourcing experience.

Remember, just like with AliExpress, it’s crucial to research before committing to a supplier on DHGate. Check their seller ratings and order history to ensure you partner with a reliable vendor.

Main Features:

Vast product range: DHGate boasts a wide variety of products, allowing you to sell to a larger audience.

Wholesale deals: DHGate shines with its wholesale deals and bulk purchase options for drop shippers looking to maximize profit margins. This can be ideal for businesses and retailers requiring larger product quantities.

Competitive Prices: Competitive pricing is a cornerstone of dropshipping success. DHGate delivers on this front, offering competitive prices on a wide range of products and allowing you to source inventory without breaking the bank.

Worldwide Reach: Distance doesn’t have to be a barrier. DHGate offers global shipping options, ensuring you can reach customers worldwide and expand your market reach.

Buyer protection policies: DHGate prioritizes a secure shopping experience by offering buyer protection policies. These policies give you recourse in case of disputes or issues with your orders, giving you peace of mind.


Are you looking for a dropshipping supplier with a wide range of trendy products and a global customer base? Tomtop presents a promising option for drop shippers seeking a global reach, trendy product selection, and fast shipping times. The platform has favorable reviews on Trustpilot, indicating a history of customer satisfaction, which can be a reassuring factor when choosing a dropshipping partner.

Main Features:

Trendy Product Selection: Tomtop boasts a well-thought-out collection of the latest and most popular products, giving your dropshipping store a competitive edge.

Dedicated Dropshipping Program: They offer a dedicated dropshipping program accessible through This suggests they understand the needs of dropshipping businesses and might provide additional resources or support.

Global Shipping: Tomtop delivers products to various countries, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This allows you to reach a broad customer base.

Fast Delivery Times: They boast delivery times between 5 and 15 days, depending on the location. This can be a significant advantage for drop shippers who want to offer quick turnaround times to their customers.

Flexible Payment Options: Tomtop accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, wire transfers, and even COD (cash on delivery) in some regions. This caters to the convenience of both you and your customers.


While AliExpress leads international drop shippers, Taobao (another Alibaba subsidiary) offers a tempting proposition: competitive pricing.

Taobao sells products mainly to Chinese consumers, often leading to lower product prices than AliExpress. However, many Taobao sellers might offer something other than international shipping. You’ll need to contact them directly to confirm.

Taobao is available only in Chinese. To navigate the platform and communicate with sellers, you’ll have to use Google Translate.

Unlike AliExpress’s B2B (business-to-business) model, Taobao operates on a B2C (business-to-customer) basis. This means you might encounter individual sellers with smaller inventories or limited experience with international drop shipping.

Main Features:

Price Powerhouse: Taobao is renowned for its lower prices compared to AliExpress. This translates to higher profit margins for your dropshipping business.

Product Paradise: Get ready for selection overload! Taobao boasts an even wider variety of products than AliExpress. This opens doors to unique finds that can set your store apart.

Payment Flexibility: Taobao offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers, catering to your convenience.


Geekbuying offers a niche selection of tech products with fast processing times and global shipping options. While it might not be a direct competitor to AliExpress regarding audience reach, it can be a valuable addition to your dropshipping toolbox. As the name suggests, Geekbuying caters to tech enthusiasts with a wide selection of electronics, gadgets, and computer components.

Main Features:

Worldwide shipping: Geekbuying offers worldwide shipping, ensuring you can reach customers worldwide. Plus, they boast fast processing times, getting your orders moving within 1-3 days.

Delivery Options: Choose the shipping method that best suits your needs. Standard shipping delivers in 5-8 days, while expedited options can get products to your customers in 3-5 days. There’s even an airmail option for budget-conscious buyers, though delivery times can reach 20–30 days.

Payment Flexibility: Geekbuying offers a variety of payment gateways, including trusted options like PayPal and credit cards.

Discount Deals: While discounts might not be earth-shattering (ranging from 1% to 5% based on the number of products), there’s also the possibility of negotiating prices directly with suppliers. This can be particularly beneficial for larger orders.


Gearbest was a shining star among AliExpress alternatives, particularly for tech enthusiasts. Gearbest’s past highlights its potential as a source of quality electronics and gadgets with global reach.

Main Features:

Extensive Selection: Gearbest boasts a vast product catalog exceeding 1 million items, featuring electronics, gadgets, and devices from popular brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei.

Quality in Focus: Gearbest previously prioritized quality control, implementing measures like supplier checks, production line inspections, and product testing.

Global Reach: With shipping to over 200 regions, Gearbest offered significant global reach for drop shippers, ensuring they could connect with customers worldwide. While delivery times weren’t instant (think a week or two), they were faster than the occasional months-long wait experienced with some AliExpress sellers.


Doba is among the best alternatives for AliExpress, as it links dropshipping companies with wholesalers. Millions of dropshipping products are available, and you can filter them to meet your needs. 

With Doba, you can monitor an order’s status in real-time. It integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Main Features:

Dropshipping Central: Doba acts as a middleman, connecting you with a vast directory of dropshipping suppliers.

Fulfillment: Doba goes beyond just a directory. They can handle order fulfillment on your behalf, contacting suppliers, and sending products directly to your customers. This frees you from managing inventory or dealing with complex logistics.

Speedy Deliveries: Doba boasts delivery times ranging from 1 to 12 days, depending on the chosen shipping method. This can be a significant advantage for drop shippers offering competitive shipping options.

Payment Flexibility: Doba accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, catering to your convenience.

Discount Savvy: They can send you email updates to inform you about supplier discounts, allowing you to source products at better prices and maximize your profit margins.

Seamless Product Integration: Doba simplifies adding products to your online store. You can easily import product listings from various suppliers, saving you time and effort in manual setup.

In Conclusion, How Do I Dropship without using AliExpress?

When it comes to dropshipping, you’re not limited to AliExpress. This vast e-commerce landscape offers a wealth of alternative suppliers, each with its strengths and specialties.

Our list of top global dropshipping suppliers provides a great starting point for finding the perfect partner for your online business. But remember, this is just the beginning!

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If you’re hungry for even more options, our directory of free dropshipping suppliers is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

But before diving headfirst into any partnership, take some time to research potential suppliers thoroughly.

Read reviews, compare pricing structures, and assess their track record to ensure they align with your business needs and values.

By investing this time upfront, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful dropshipping business free from AliExpress’s constraints.

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