Botsify Alternative: Why EcommerceBot Takes the Lead

The e-commerce sector is booming, with the market expected to hit more than $7.9 trillion. However, with the tough competition in the industry, your business needs innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. 

One way to keep up with the competition is to offer top-notch customer experiences. However, most e-commerce business owners need help to provide 24/7 customer support.

The introduction of chatbots has made it easy for businesses to keep up with the pace. They automate tasks and provide 24/7 customer support. Botsify and Ecommercebot are famous bots today, making it easy for companies to hit their targets.

Botsify was launched in 2016 and has been in the market for years. The bot automates different activities, giving store owners time to focus on complex issues. You can integrate Botsify with Slack, Google Sheets, Dashbot, and Google Search.

Ecommercebot was introduced to the market recently with one vision: to empower ecommerce businesses’ success through AI innovation. The bot is AI-powered, making it easy to handle your business activities automatically.

If you compare the two bots closely, you will realize that Botsify lacks crucial features. 

Thus, Ecommercebot has become the best alternative in the market today.

Let’s discuss why you need a Botsify alternative and see if Ecommercebot is the best alternative.

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is an AI-powered chatbot that unlocks success for your e-commerce business. The bots automate most tasks, make decisions from the collected data, and help enhance customer experience.  

With Ecommercebot, you can simplify challenging activities to operate a thriving ecommerce business. The significant features of Ecommercebot include Shopify integration, social media management, Live chat agent, 24/7 customer support, and AI Ads automation.

Botsify Alternative

The above features make it easy to operate a successful business and stay ahead of your competition. Ecommercebot can automate interaction with customers on DMs, create optimized Ads, comment on posts, and schedule posts. 

Additionally, the bot supports bot-to-human handoff, making it easy to get support even on complex issues.

What is Botsify?

Botsify is a customer support platform that requires no coding experience. It makes the chatbot creation process easy on web chat, Facebook Messenger, Amazon’s Alexa, Shopify, and Slack. The bot offers enticing features to its users that are essential in running an e-commerce business.

Building a chatbot with Botsify is seamless. The bot has a drag-and-drop feature and an easy-to-master interface, and it was designed with non-technical users in mind. 

Botsify Alternative

Botsify has different templates ready to use, and you can select according to your industry.

When you build a chatbot, Botsify provides a list for users to follow and ensure that everything is perfect. Additionally, you can always do a test drive within the interface. It makes it easy to evaluate and see if the bot functions perfectly.

Reasons for Switching to a Botsify Alternative

Like any other application, Botsify has drawbacks that make it unsuitable for running a thriving e-commerce business. Even though Botsify is compatible with different platforms like Slack, Shopify, Facebook Messenger, and web chat, you can’t integrate it with WhatsApp.

With Botsify, you can’t develop and use your custom templates on the platform. This limits your business from using unique templates representing your brand’s voice. Below are some primary reasons to switch to a better Botsify alternative.

No Custom Templates

Custom templates are essential for businesses, as they can customize them to their needs or use them when building complex bots.

These templates help improve customer communication, enhance marketing efforts, and save costs and time. Botsify limits your business from such features.

The bot only supports 24 templates, and users can’t add custom templates to Botsify. Therefore, customizing the chatbot according to your business needs.

For your business, you need a bot that can allow you to add unique custom templates and customize them to align with your business needs.

For example, Ecommercebot has multiple templates, and you can add custom templates. With the custom templates feature, you can design unique templates to meet your business needs and goals.

Lacks In-Built Chatbots Analytics

One way to improve your business’s customer experience is to understand your target audience better. Chatbot analytics is a valuable tool for this. 

The chatbot generates data that you can use to make informed business decisions.

Botsify doesn’t include chatbot analytics, thus limiting your business’s ability to track critical data, user engagements, user retention, click-through rate, and daily conversation rate, among other things.

However, you can integrate your bot with or use Botsify’s JSON API to connect with Google Analytics. 

However, all these tasks will be time-consuming and resource-consuming for your business. Thus, you need to invest in a bot with an analytics tool, which will make tracking easy without needing third-party tools.

Integration Issues

One common problem that Botsify users face is integration issues. Unlike other chatbots, which embrace AI’s power in their chatbots to make it easy for users, Botsify doesn’t use AI off and on. Therefore, to offer advanced responses, you will require an integration. It is limited to providing keyword auto-responses.

Integrate your chatbot with Botsify Dialog flow to make it knowledgeable. The integration process takes work, and you need experienced personnel, such as a programmer, to develop it. 

Also, the bot must be managed since it’s not an AI; everything must be handled manually, which is expensive and time-consuming.

Old-Fashioned Technology and Software

Botsify chatbot uses old-fashioned software and technology. Its natural language processing (NLP) is old-fashioned and often delivers incorrect responses. Additionally, the chatbot builder displays many errors because it needs the necessary abilities.

The technology used in Botsify is not modern, and it has fallen behind most chatbots in the industry, like Ecommercebot, which are embracing new technology and software. 

If you contact the support team, they will remind you about its outdated software. For example, the most recent update on the FAQ section was in November 2017.

By investing in Botsify, your business will limit some of the benefits of using the latest technology and software. You will not be able to offer customers instant and correct responses. 

Furthermore, the bot will not understand your customers’ queries humanly; thus, it will not offer personalized responses but only generic ones to every customer.

Why Ecommercebot is the Best Botsify Alternative?

Since its launch, Ecommercebot has embraced AI and the latest technology to help ecommerce businesses have an outstanding customer experience. The bot automates customer support activities, giving customers instant responses to their queries.

Furthermore, Ecommercebot uses the latest NLP to ensure it understands customers’ queries from a human perspective, thus offering personalized responses to each question. 

Ecommercebot has many more features from which your business can benefit. Let’s discuss some of its significant features and see how they can help your e-commerce business.

Seamless Shopify Integration

Your chatbot’s integration with any software or platform needs to be easy. Only some people using chatbots have programming, coding, or technical experience, so making the integration process seamless is an added advantage for business owners.

Most chatbots make the integration process challenging, forcing users to opt for an alternative. However, Ecommercebot understands the importance of accessible and smooth integration, thus making integration with platforms like Shopify seamless.

With the seamless integration, you can stay on top of your business operations as the bot keeps track of inventory and orders in real time. The analytics collected will also enhance your ad performance, making it easy to understand your customer behavior.

Easy Social Media Management

Gone are the days when managing your social media accounts was challenging. Nowadays, the introduction of AI in chatbots has made it easy to manage all your social media accounts without employing the whole village to handle the tasks.

Ecommercebot has helped many businesses manage social media accounts without much hassle. The bot automates all activities for your accounts, making it easy to get to everyone on time. 

For example, moving from one channel to another to comment on posts is tiring. Therefore, Ecommercebot automates this task and lets the chatbot comment on all your posts.

With Ecommercebot, interacting with customers on DMs has become easy. The bot enhances customer interaction by offering instant AI automated responses.

Furthermore, the bot can provide product recommendations and showcase products in the DMs.

Take your time creating descriptions and hashtags for your posts. The Ecommercebot social media management feature generates descriptions and hashtags for you. You will only need to select the ones that suit your post.

AI Ads Automation

Staying ahead on all digital marketing platforms is an added advantage, as this keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Creating quality and optimized Ads is a significant way to enhance your marketing campaigns. However, manually creating, optimizing, and posting these ads takes a lot of work.

Ecommercebot has made the process easy by introducing AI Ad automation features. If your business is looking for a competitive edge, invest in Ecommercebot. 

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With the bot, AI will take over your marketing campaigns on different channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, increasing ROI.

The bot tracks the performance of the Ad campaigns, removing the poorly performing ones, replacing them with new ones, and boosting the top performers. It ensures that Ecommercebot gives you value for your money by maximizing high-impact campaigns.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is a critical feature undermined by many business owners. Communication plays a vital role in offering a great customer experience. 

Ecommercebot understands the importance of customer support in running an ecommerce store. Therefore, it ensures users get instant support 24/7, during or off business hours.

Sometimes, chatbots experience technical issues that can affect the overall customer experience if not solved in time.

Contact the support team for assistance if your team cannot solve the problem. Furthermore, the team can connect you to technical personnel who can help you solve the issue.

For complex issues, Ecommercebot connects you to a human live agent with experience in your issue, providing personalized responses. 

Ecommercebot enhances the overall customer experience by removing the need for users to wait hours before getting assistance.


In conclusion, Botsify is not a suitable and reliable tool for running your ecommerce business. One drawback that can limit your business is the need for in-built chatbot analytics. 

This makes tracking your business analytics impossible, thus identifying areas for improvement. Furthermore, old-fashioned technology and software make bots respond incorrectly to customers.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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Your business gains a competitive edge by choosing Ecommercebot over Botsify as an alternative. The bot empowers your business by automating tasks, offering personalized interactions, and driving leads and sales.

To uncover the true potential of your e-commerce business and chatbots, invest in Ecommercebot and watch it skyrocket your engagements, conversions, leads, and sales. Try our 30-day free trial and see the difference in your e-commerce business performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best AI chatbot?

The best AI chatbot in the ecommerce sector today is Ecommercebot. This bot offers features like Shopify integration, AI Ads automation, social media management, and Omnichannel.

How does Botsify work?

Botsify is a customer support chatbot that needs no coding expertise and allows you to build conversational dialog for web chat, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Amazon’s Axela, and Slack.

Is Botsify free?

No, Botsify doesn’t offer a free plan. However, Botsify gives a 14-day trial.

Is Botsify a good chatbot for your ecommerce business?

Your business needs and goals will determine whether Botsify is a good chatbot for your e-commerce business. The bot needs to catch up in some features, like a lack of built-in chatbot analytics, outdated software and technology, integration issues, and no custom templates, leading businesses to look for a better alternative.

Why is Ecommercebot the best alternative for Botsify?

Ecommercebot is the best Botsify alternative because it offers enticing features for running a thriving e-commerce business. 

Some significant benefits of investing in Ecommercebot include AI Ad automation, Omnichannel, social media management, and Shopify integration.  

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