15 Easy And Profitable Crafts To Make And Sell

Sometimes, most people don’t realize they have inner hidden skills until the need arises. 

So, have you ever thought of making crafts for money? Or have you already made some but need to know where to sell it?

DIY crafts can be an incredible way to earn extra cash during your free time. Better still, if you perfect the art, YouTube has proven that this can become your primary business. 

A simple YouTube search will reveal just how many tutorials there are to help you learn to make simple crafts. 

So, which crafts to make and sell fast?

No one wants to make crafts that only gather dust in the garage or basement. 

To avoid such disappointment, here is a list of some easy and profitable crafts to make and sell. Your skill level doesn’t matter—there is something for everyone.

Top Easy and Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell

We have curated this list after thoroughly researching crafts trending online, including social media platforms. We have also analyzed the best-selling DIY crafts from various online retailers to develop this detailed list. 


Printables are among the easiest crafts you can make and sell online if you are good at design or art. 

These could be beautiful drawings, artwork, or simple digital planners and calendars that help make life easier.

The best thing about printables is that they can be downloaded and printed by anyone from anywhere. 

It means you don’t have to worry about shipping or printing costs. Make the product digital, and once customers buy, they can print from anywhere in the world. 

Etsy is the best place to sell your printable. But it’s not the only place. You can also try eBay, MakerPlace, Golmagine, Gumroad, or Redbubble.


Another DIY craft that costs almost nothing to make is notecards. The best thing about them is that many people love them, so the market is enormous.

A handmade card can be made with easy-to-find materials. You need a little creativity to create eye-catching and unique designs that people will be willing to buy for their loved ones. 

Gifting someone a handmade card on a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary can make them feel appreciated. 

All you need for this craft is paper and textiles, which are easy and cheap. However, unlike printables, they must be shipped once a customer purchases them. 

Unveil your creativity by trying out calligraphy, DIY prints, and stamps to create beautiful cards for your store. 

You are not limited to how creative you can be. Be unique and simple, and see your work turn into money. 

Then, use door-to-door or online platforms to spread the word. You can also sell your cards on your Shopify platforms. You must set up the website and start marketing your products to people. 

However, you should learn how Shopify works before setting up a shop. This includes learning to add products and fulfill orders to satisfy customers.

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Custom Handmade Jewelry 

Handmade jewelry is undoubtedly sought after, whether online or in physical shops. People want what is rare. 

And if you can make such pieces, you can get some good money from your work. 

You can create your jewelry pieces to include name initials, dates of birth, special occasions, or even well-researched handwritten messages. 

Crafts To Make And Sell

The materials could include anything from sustainable beads, pearls, unique stones, or recycled plastic. It’s your creativity that makes a difference. 

Sell your pieces through your website or get a pre-made store from Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. 

If you don’t know how to make money on Shopify and want to learn, selling custom jewelry can be an excellent choice. 

Handmade Mats and Rugs 

Mats and rugs are fast-moving items as almost everyone looks for great pieces to warm their homes or for decor. If you have the skills to make mats through hooking or tufting methods, you can easily make this your source of extra cash.

Luckily, even without the know-how, you can look for free online tutorials and learn how to do it. Your designs’ uniqueness will draw more customers to your shop. Remember, these are easy crafts that anyone can do. 

You can target the general population with simple mats or try a more luxurious approach with unique high-end pieces. 

Either way, how you present your crafts determines how much you sell. 

Also, if you want to earn more or create passive income sources, you can document yourself doing what you do best. Post the videos on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok and see how people get to watch such videos. 


Candles are among the most accessible home fragrance items you can make and sell online, even with minimal experience or none. 

First, their market is vast, with the global home fragrance products market projected to hit over $11B by 2028. If you can hone your skills and understand the market, you can easily make good money here. 

So, what do you need to start making candles? Well, you can start by buying a candle-making kit. It will help you learn and try mixing melted wax with essential oils to add your desired fragrance to a candle. 

But that’s just the beginning! 

You have endless opportunities when it comes to making candles. You can quickly get your wax and be creative in the type of fragrance, shapes, colors, and even the containers used. 

Your creativity will help you get a competitive edge over the competition. This way, customers can identify with your unique brand. 

Some candle-selling brands that have made it big here include Frostbeard Candles, Yui Brooklyn, and Boy Smells. 

Resin Earrings

Earrings are a fashion item that will always attract high demand. Ladies love looking good, and earrings are among the pieces of jewelry they can’t live without. 

Furthermore, Martha Stewart magazine named resin art one of the trending crafts in 2024. This shows the market potential for this simple craft. 

Resin earrings and other resin art products are characterized by beads of natural items, like dried flowers, inside a hard, transparent substance. The clear substance could be plastic, silicon gel, etc. 

Luckily, there is a lot of information, including online tutorials on how to make resin earrings and other things.

The only thing to note here is that you might need some money with resin earrings to purchase the materials required for the project. However, the potential of scaling this side hustle is massive due to the enormous demand for such items.

White Cement Flower Vases

Another way to make money with art is to make flower vases with white cement. Flower vases are a trendy product with colossal demand online and locally. People love indoor flowers, and a beautifully made vase compliments the flowers’ appeal.

All you need here is white cement, water, plastic containers, and your creativity. Give your flower vases some personal touch by customizing them how you know best. This differentiates you from the vast number of competitors in the market.

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are easy to make. They only require a little capital and are still trendy DIY products to make and sell in 2024. 

An excellent example of paper crafts you can try is paper flowers. These can be used in events like weddings, anniversaries, holidays, or just for home decor.  

Feel free to unleash your creative side here. You can make some masterpieces that everyone wants to use for their occasion or to decorate their homes.


Perfumes are no longer products for ladies only. Nowadays, both genders want to smell and stay fresh all day long. As such, the perfume market continues to grow, with DIY ones gaining popularity over the years. 

If you have the skill to make perfumes, this could be a market you can never satisfy. 

Even better, if this is your first time doing this, you can still learn through online tutorials and create a clientele for your unique perfumes.

The main ingredients here include essential oils and flowers, which are easy to find. Experiment with the scents to create lovely perfumes that people want to wear. 

Also, note that appearance matters in marketing. Using high-quality and attractive packaging for your perfumes could make a massive difference in prices and sales. 


Magnets are thoughtful gifts that people love to give out. They are mainly used to show support for a cause or even to personalize an office or home. This means that the market is there. You only need to make beautiful, cheerful pieces, and you can sell them online. 

They are easy to make and don’t cost much. For instance, with $1 to $3, you can comfortably make a batch of 100 magnets.

But what ingredients do you need for this project? 

You’ll need items like resin, images or drawings, and magnets. You only need some free daily hours to make your crafts. 

Homemade Bath Products

Bath products are another easy and profitable craft you can make and sell in 2024. They are everyday products that every household uses, meaning that their demand is always high. 

Some everyday bath products include homemade soap, bath bombs, and gift sets. Specializing in any of these can be an excellent side hustle to help you make extra cash in your free time.

Keeping it natural, organic, and eco-friendly would be better. Most people are looking for natural, non-toxic products for their skincare.

Also, with sustainability gaining even more popularity in recent years, customers are becoming more eco-conscious and want products with the environment in mind.

Therefore, choose your niche, identify the right product, make it, and market it online. Etsy is an excellent place for such products, although you can also opt for a Shopify shop to market and sell your products. 

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic paintings are made from soluble, fast-drying resin paint. They are stunning pieces, usually used to decorate living spaces, and they give a refreshing vibe to even the dullest rooms.

The main ingredients include water, acrylic resin, pigment, dyes, and smooth surfaces like wood, metal, or canvas. These paintings are usually water resistant, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. 

Venturing into acrylic paintings is easy. First, look for online tutorials to learn how to do them. But if you already have the skills, you are good to go. 

Paintings can be sold online through platforms like Etsy and earn a lot of money. For instance, most Etsy pieces range from $50 to $400. 

Woven Art

If you enjoy weaving, why not make that hobby income-generating? People appreciate unique woven pieces of art. 

Yarn and cords can make perfect pieces of art, like handmade decor. These handmade yarn decor pieces can be used in homes, workplaces, or during special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and graduations.

Yarns are also ideal for crocheting. You can make unique everyday items like sweaters, bags, shoes, rugs, and bed covers. And selling these items is a perfect income-generating business. 

You may also record yourself making these pieces and make money with videos on websites and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

Stuffed Animals

Making stuffed animals is another great craft idea that can help you generate income. You can make stuffed animals for children and adults.

Children love playing with stuffed animals, so making them and marketing them to their parents is a perfect business idea. You can also custom-make orders for them when you learn their preferences. 

Some adults also love stuffed animals. Some use them to self-soothe and comfort themselves, while others use them as decor. 

Psychologists believe stuffed animals for adults are ideal for therapy. They help fight anxiety, loneliness, and low self-esteem. Therefore, there will always be a demand for these beautiful creatures.

Making stuffed animals is a venture that can be perfected over time and profitable. Why not give it a try?

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a stunning accessory to any look and season. Whether attending a birthday party, a wedding, or a festival, adding a flower crown to your look makes you shine. 

These timeless and ethereal pieces of art are surprisingly easy to make. You need craft wire, floral tape, hot glue, scissors, fresh flowers, and ribbon to create and sell beautiful crowns.

You have endless options and can pick from various foliage and flowers available all year round. For instance, you can make a light and bright flower crown in springtime. Show off the rich fall hues in the fall and incorporate natural elements in your designs.


Most people are now making extra cash by selling things online. Whether through their websites, social media platforms, or e-commerce platforms, there are numerous opportunities to sell to the world. 

DIY crafts are no exception when it comes to online commerce. You can create your niche with the right pieces and attract loyal customers who adore your work.

 Also, you can scale your business to earn significant money with the right marketing strategies.

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