52+ Best Shopify Stores To Inspire Your Own

According to Statista, the global e-commerce revenue was expected to hit $3,178 billion by 2024 and over $4,997 billion by 2029. This can only signify massive competition and vast potential for making money online. 

The over 26 million e-commerce sites currently operational indicate the level of competition that any new e-commerce store faces.

In this light, starting an online store becomes a project that involves more than finding the right products and suppliers. It also consists of finding the best ways to differentiate your online store from the millions of stores presented to potential customers online.

Lucky for you, this piece endeavors to make differentiating your e-commerce store easier. How? 

We have curated a list of 52+ Shopify stores to inspire your own. Whether opening a new store or upgrading your current one to meet the high competition, these Shopify stores will give you enough inspiration. 

If you want to learn how Shopify works, here is a comprehensive guide.

Top Shopify Stores to Draw Inspiration 

Each of these stores is unique in its way, and that’s what makes them successful. This list consists of more than just random Shopify stores. It includes those stores that have made immense success steps in this billion-dollar industry. 

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With these stores, you can quickly learn how to be successful on Shopify.

Hiut Denim Co.

When you think of the best jeans, think of Hiut Denim. This jeans factory from Cardigan, Wales, was established in 2011 to tap into the unutilized jeans-making skills almost inherent to Cardigan residents. Until 2002, the giant jeans factory in the UK was based here. And 10% of the town’s residents were skilled jeans sewers.

Hiut Demin Co. was established to revive the jeans-making culture and share its skillfully made designs with the world. 

Best Shopify Stores

The company is dedicated to producing and delivering not just jeans but the best jeans in the world. 

In other words, the company leverages the best skills to produce the best products. Furthermore, their website is user-friendly, with quality jeans images that attract anyone who sees them.  


Women are the best customers for fashion products, especially when you can make them feel confident wearing your products. Negative is one Shopify that has perfected this art with its quality products. It ensures women feel more confident about their bodies while wearing the store’s undergarments.

best shopify stores

Whether a client is looking for bikinis, thongs, boxers, briefs, or bodysuits, Negative stores have everything. As you know, variety and quality are two aspects that work wonders in the success of an e-commerce store.  

This Shopify store has received recognition from some of the world’s big names, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue. This is due to its efforts to help bridge the gap most women face between appearance and comfort.  

You can borrow a leaf from the Negative Shopify store to succeed in your Shopify store. 


Allbirds is a footwear brand based in San Francisco, California, worth over $290 million in annual revenue. This company has identified precisely what customers want and offers that without fail. Even more, it has capitalized on a topic on everyone’s minds over the last century—sustainability. 

Its environmentally friendly practices, evident in its products and initiatives, have brought immense success to the brand. 

This is despite Allbirds’ minimal product range compared to other companies or Shopify stores. 

Generally, mentioning sustainable practices on almost every page of their beautiful store attracts customers. Nearly everyone desires to take care of the environment.

Stitch Fix

This is a clothing brand with an annual revenue surpassing $7 million. But what makes this Shopify store successful? It has mastered the art of personal style.

This Shopify store makes ordering products for customers extremely easy. 

Customers can order clothing boxes with a straightforward quiz, delivering one of the most influential personal style services. 

The website is also easy to navigate, and stunning images attract anyone to try their products. 


This France-based company has an estimated annual revenue of over $3 million. Now, that’s success in the e-commerce arena. But what makes the online store unique? It’s their mode of business. 

Asphalte has identified that customers become loyal when they feel involved. So, the company has a way of making every new product for the customer. How?

Before they start stitching, the company initiates questions on the website to seek advice from customers and the larger audience. This way, by the end of the survey, Asphalt has an idea of what their customers or the market would want to wear or find in the stores.  

The products are then released through pre-order campaigns, which minimizes waste. 

Furthermore, the website includes stunning product images that will attract any visitor. Plus, the on-site notifications feature with revenue tracking, product recommendation, and Shopify targeting properties helps spread the word about the new product. 

You can quickly adapt an e-commerce store automation platform to your store. The EcommerceBot is an excellent choice, especially if you are starting.


Tentree is another Shopify store that emphasizes environmental protection. The brand was born out of Dave and Kalen’s love of nature after spending time in Hawaii.

The idea behind starting this e-commerce site was to impact the environment positively. And what better way to reach a broad audience than through commerce on the Internet?

Currently, Tentree has made immense strides in its environmental protection goal. 

For every purchase made on the site, Tentree promises to plant ten trees—which they do. 

The ultimate goal is to have planted a billion or more trees by 2030, which will have an incredible impact on the global environment.

Even better, all their products are made from sustainable materials and processes.

Maguire Shoes

Maguire Shoes proves that anyone can succeed in e-commerce with the right strategy. You don’t need huge capital or a big brand name to create a successful e-commerce business. What do I mean?

Maguire Shoes was started by sisters Myriam and Romy Maguire with just $15,000 from Myriam’s corporate job bonus. This has brought about one of the best-selling leather shoes in Shopify stores globally. 

So, what’s the secret? Forging good relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. 

The owners attribute the shop’s success to their excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. Yes, Myriam had shoe-making experience, but more was needed. She needed those watertight relationships to ensure her clientele always got what it wanted.

HELM Boots 

HELM Boots is a shoe company headquartered in Austin, Texas. So, what differentiates this Shopify shop from the thousands of e-commerce stores selling shoes? Their approach to serving their customers. 

The website tells you everything you want to know about the brand and its products—in the simplest way. For instance, “handcrafted, fully resolvable shoes” signifies the quality and versatility of HELM Boots products.

Additionally, the images are more than eye-catching. Looking at them, you can certainly picture that quality shoe on your feet. 

The store also knows how to gain customers’ confidence. It promises to deliver quality shoes and offer risk-free shipping. 

And if the shoes are different from what you need, the return process is risk-free.


Brand uniqueness, high-quality marketing, and a user-friendly interface are some of the main aspects leading to the success of this Shopify store. The founders of the Chubbies brand target a specific niche—short shorts for men. That’s undoubtedly a unique niche. 

Its marketing strategy makes men want to be part of this unique brand.

So, how do they do it? First, they promise to deliver quality, unique products for men. Second, users can easily browse and view beautiful images through their user-friendly and intuitive website. As if that’s not enough, the product descriptions on the clear huge photos are entertaining. 

All this creates a significant customer interaction with the website. The results are more visitors and sales. 

Tylor Stitch

This Shopify store is as classic as its products. Firstly, the first look at the website brings out the feeling of a high-end vibe. Secondly, while it focuses on classic clothing for men, it does so in a modern perspective. All this makes the store unique and attractive. 

Every aspect of this Shopify store, including the photography and descriptions, brings a vintage feel. Even more attractive is the 20% off the first purchase that every new customer gets. 

Interestingly, Tylor Stitch only has some products it sells in stock. It runs a hybrid business structure that stocks essential items (around 10%) and crowdfunds the rest (around 90%). 

With this model, there is minimal wastage and reduced overheads. The more you can minimize the costs of operating your store without affecting operations, the better your returns will be.


Gymsharks’ founder, Ben Francis, started the company to sell workout clothes they sewed and printed with his friends. However, Gymshark has yet to become one of the most popular workout clothes Shopify shops on the Internet. 

But what brought about the immense success seen on Gymshark? 

The store has capitalized on influencer marketing. Right from its inception, the company invested heavily in having an effective social media presence. Its collaboration with Ross Edgley on a workout video proves how serious the company takes its influencer marketing. 

Who wouldn’t want to buy an item associated with Ross Edgley, the first person to complete the 1780-mile swim along the coast of Great Britain?

The Outrage

Opportunities are everywhere and present themselves even in the most unexpected ways. That’s the case with the Outrage brand. This brand was born when a politically motivated t-shirt design by Lee-Funk went viral. 

From here, the founder saw that opportunity and the need to create even more awareness through graphic t-shirts and other clothing items.

Outrage’s items contain slogans with social impact, which have contributed to the brand’s popularity. 

The website also leverages timely causes and campaigns. 

This way, the brand will always remain relevant in customers’ eyes. 

Adored Vintage

Most trend-conscious consumers are now looking for vintage items, especially in the fashion industry. The vintage clothing market has grown tremendously over the past few years as people look for alternatives to fast fashion. 

The Adored Vintage brand saw an opportunity and took advantage. With this approach, the store has become one of the best-selling Shopify stores. It sells vintage and modern but vintage-inspired fashion pieces. 

As a way of giving back to society, Adored Vintage donates part of its income to local schools. The founder also mentors women who want to start successful businesses, which augurs well with customers. 


This clothing Shopify store is another excellent option for drawing inspiration for your upcoming or existing store. 

The bold and beautiful store has unique photography to pique your interest and satisfy your desire. 

SIR is a Sydney-based store that sells exceptional designs and fashion worldwide. With its excellent website messages, getting customers to purchase is easy. 


Women want variety. They also wish to purchase items that make them feel good about their bodies. That’s precisely what Triangl offers in terms of swimsuits. 

When Erin Deering, a co-founder of Triangl, couldn’t find an affordable bikini she liked, she saw an opportunity. She started Triangl to offer women variety and affordability in swimsuits. And with the simple but beautiful sporty bikinis, she nailed it. 

In the store’s first year, it generated around $5 million in revenue, with the subsequent year raking in 5X more. This shows just how much potential there is in finding the right product and identifying what the consumers want. 


Another Shopify store that does exceptionally well in women’s undergarments is Naja. This e-commerce store focuses on ethical lingerie and other underwear pieces for women. 

Using eco-friendly materials for its products, Naja ensures that quality is not compromised. They also produce designs that reflect a modern woman in each piece.

The website tells it all with beautiful images and well-crafted descriptions. They’ve said it’s “sustainable underwear for a better world.” 


Milk has proven to be a reliable one-stop shop when looking for baby clothes online. The store offers baby fashion that focuses on style, comfort, and practicality to suit your young ones’ needs. 

Started in 2016, Millk offers baby clothes for everyday living, including playing or special occasions. So, no matter your buying intention, Millk has something for you.


Dixxon focuses on sustainability and customer experience. It also offers quality products that increase customer satisfaction and sales volume.  

Regarding the website, Dixxon undoubtedly has one of the best Shopify stores to inspire your own. The images are on-point, the fonts are easy to read, the descriptions are detailed, and the outlook is stunning. In other words, it’s a website that satisfies you at first glance. 


First impressions are everything in marketing. The customer will likely take a second look if you get it right. That’s what Kith Shopify store capitalizes on – a clean, simple website with everything in the right place. This way, you feel safe when looking for products on the website. 

Additionally, the site has used images and videos to market its items. Typically, the site combines the effects of a minimalist design and uniquely branded content. 


Going unique all the way pays in most instances. Gideon Bright saw a gap in keeping surfers warm up the mountains. A warm robe given to him by his mother during his youthful surfing days ignited the idea. 

Dryrobe offers hot, dry robes for cold seasons or lovers of cold-season sports. The website is also attractive and invokes the feeling of a perfect mountain retreat, especially with the stunning images. 

Good fair 

Sustainability is the key selling point at Goodfair’s Shopify store. The store’s owner started reselling clothes to reduce the amount of clothes going to landfills. 

This practice saves the environment and offers affordable clothing as the pieces are relatively cheap. 

However, the store’s website needs more listings. Instead, it lists the items in bundles known as mystery bundles. As such, the customer buys an entire bundle instead of a single item. 

How is this helpful?

It reduces operational costs for the store. In return, the savings trickle down to the customer through reduced prices. You can also check out this online store to see the design of their website to help you improve yours. 


Besides fashion, electronics and accessories also do well in the e-commerce industry. Burga deals with everything related to electronic accessories. This includes phone cases, screen protectors, watch bands, tablet cases, laptop sleeves, etc.

The store aims to give that boring phone, laptop, or eyewear a new, exciting look. It offers designs that bring life to everyday electronics. 

The shop is also quite appealing, with stunning images of the accessories and an easy-to-maneuver interface. An Instagram feed that’s social proof also streamlines customer engagement.


Quality is emphasized in most of the best Shopify stores. Ember is one such store that maintains quality. 

This store sells everything drinkware. Whether you are looking for a classic coffee mug or a unique travel mug to keep your drink hot or cold throughout, Ember is the place. 

It also offers items like bottle brushes, charging coasters, and other travel mug accessories. If you like it original, Ember offers just that,


Spigen is another company that offers incredible protection accessories for your electronics, especially phones, iPods, Macbooks, and PlayStations. The company emphasizes sturdiness and durability. This way, no matter your lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices. 

The website ensures every customer understands how sturdy and durable the products are. The images and videos do that. For instance, there are images of protective cases of stepping on or falling from higher ground. This marketing strategy builds confidence in the products. 

Lastly, Spigen advocates for sustainability through the famous slogan, “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.”

Quad Lock

Getting a unique product for that specific niche can go a long way in making your e-commerce store successful. In other words, go for something different than what everyone is selling. And if you do, do it differently. 

Quad Lock targets consumers with active lifestyles or those who love adventure. No matter the kind of adventure, Quad Lock offers mounting gadgets that allow you to mount your devices on your car, bike, motorcycle, arm, etc. It also provides cases and accessories to ensure that your devices are protected. 

Its detailed website includes appealing images and convincing videos showing the products’ functioning. This gives customers the option of doing more without worrying about their devices. 

Studio Proper

Still focusing on mounting solutions and electronic accessories, Studio Proper has made a name for itself in the industry. The Melbourne-based company specializes in various items, such as mounting gadgets for phones, Apple watches, travel accessories, and desk stands.

However, besides offering quality and functional solutions, it has also invested in creating a stunning website. Yes, the website design may be simple and minimal, but it displays everything in a way that appeals to the customer. There is no chance of getting bored because you can’t find what you want. 

Master & Dynamic 

Success in any business is mainly nurtured through quality products and efficient customer service. 

However, Master & Dynamic goes a notch higher. It promises product protection and some level of luxury. 

The store offers quality headphones and earphones for all audiophiles. 

It also sells accessories to ensure your audio file listening is not disrupted. 

Even more attractive, the store has free premium shipping, product protection, and a 14-day return cover. Such are the features that earn customers’ confidence in a brand. 

Zero Gravity 

Zero Gravity Shopify store offers accessories for all your iPhone devices from iPhone 11 Pro Max to iPhone 15 Pro Max. The accessories include Car holders, AirTag holders, and Card-Style Mirror. 

The best thing about Zero Gravity products is that they are trendy and high-quality. They also come in various designs, such as print, embroidered, fabric-woven, wallet mirror, and more. This gives the customer a wide choice in getting what they love. 

The website’s images are also appealing, catching your eyes the first time you visit. 

U-Turn Audio

If you think the new technology has rendered the old one obsolete, U-Turn Audio proves you wrong. The over $5 million revenue shows that people still buy turntables in great numbers. When we say go unique, you can sell anything online. 

Interestingly, U-Turn Audio gets all this revenue from only two products – Orbit Turntables and Speakers. They have decided to go old school, and it pays.

They succeed because they maintain good customer relationships, educate customers, and offer unique old-school products. This strategy is excellent for attracting visitors and potential customers to the site.

Studio Neat

Founded in 2010, Studio Neat aims to produce simple products that make people’s lives easier. These include retractable pens, material docks, notebooks, pocket knives, and scratch pads.

Co-founders Tom and Dan keep every product simple but effective in solving people’s problems. That’s the basis of any successful business. If you can identify a problem and provide the best solution, you’ll always have customers knocking on your shop’s door. 

Their marketing strategy is also quite expansive. They have a blog, podcast, book, magazine, and a mentorship program. 


Regarding Shopify stores focusing on art, Artisaire tops this list. The brand specializes in a unique craft known as wax sealing. 

Artisaire produces a variety of custom stationery, including wax stamps and pre-made wax seals. So, if you want to do your events the old-fashioned way, Artisaire is the store to visit. 

A good example is when planning for a wedding. Artisaire offers the best custom wedding stationeries to make your invitations the most memorable. It also creates art for holidays and for those who want custom branding. 


UPPERCASE is a magazine company based in Calgary, Alberta. It produces quarterly magazines inspired by design, craft typography, and illustration. Since 2009, the company has continually produced pieces for its loyal readership, which includes craftspeople, designers, illustrators, and creative entrepreneurs. 

The introduction of its Shopify shop saw the expansion of its publications, which now feature other publications from other creatives and designers. It publishes books on exciting topics, such as cooking, ceramics, and printmaking. 

In other words, UPPERCASE Magazine takes the top spot when you think of a magazine or publication that inspires.  


The first thing that attracts visitors to this site is the 10% discount strategically placed with a question once the page loads. Once you are in, the website design is simple but oozes incredible art. Art lovers will undoubtedly get drawn to the images and, ultimately, to what the site offers. 

Besides the lovely design, this website store boasts a user-friendly interface, fast checkout, and an exciting brand story. The photos from happy, satisfied customers also help build confidence in the brand among new visitors. Jungalow is undoubtedly one of the best Shopify stores to inspire your own. 

Terre Bleu 

Every successful business has a story behind it. The Terre Blue’s story is about one of two individuals who left the busy town life behind to start a lavender farm in the countryside. 

Co-founders Ian and Isabelle Baird then established a Shopify store that offers lavender-infused products in various categories, including beauty, household, and food. Anyone who loves lavender and the atmosphere it evokes will love this website and its products.

The homepage depicts the unfiltered beauty of purple and white lavender flowers. As you scroll further down, images of the incredible products made from this lavender are meticulously displayed. Plus, the lavender is organically produced, cruelty-free, and handcrafted. 

Lulu and Georgia

The elegance of this site is evident in the large, beautiful product images that are well-displayed on the homepage. From here, the design and content organization on the website is also a work of art. 

In other words, the website is the first visitor attraction. 

The layout gives the website a stunning look that appeals to the eyes. Also, the blog adds to the vibe with its colorful and inspiring stories on design and inspiration. The site understands how to make visitors want more.

Pop Chart Lab

The first thing you notice about this Shopify shop is the neat arrangement of its prints. That makes it easy for visitors to browse the prints to see what appeals to their taste—although much of it will. 

The trendy and classic prints and scratch-offs are the second selling point for this shop. There are so many unique options that you want to get them all. 

However, the categories try to make it easier for you. You can choose from categories like “Hip Hop,” “Kids,” or “Wine.” 

This way, you stay calm. The best thing is that despite the website’s vast array of items, it has maintained a simple display. This makes it easy to browse and pick products. 


Founded by Peart brothers Byron and Dexter, GOODEE is a home decor Shopify store that has made it big in the industry. Having gained experience and skills in the fashion industry, the brothers founded GOODEE to offer some of the best home decor pieces and ideas in the market. As a result, they have built this global brand that almost everyone knows about now.

GOODEE generally establishes working relations with independent global artists, promoting ethical practices and fair trade. 

The website usually displays stories of various artisans, showing how unique every piece is. And for your first purchase, you get a 15% discount.

Products include everything that makes your home beautiful, including kids’ furniture, pillows, baskets, vases, and gardening tools.


Art is primarily about colors and designs. That’s among the competitive attributes of the Chairish Shopify store. Its rich, colorfully designed website is the first attraction for any customer. After the attention is captured, the wide choice of items seals the deal – making a purchase decision is almost imminent. 

Customers can choose their favorite items based on a designer, product category, collection, featured tastemaker, or staff picks, making a choice much more accessible. 

The variety is astonishing whether you shop for art, furniture, decor, lighting, or jewelry. You get a $20 discount if it’s your first purchase.

Silk and Willow

Another Shopify store from which to draw inspiration is Silk and Willow. It is a wedding decor boutique that emphasizes sustainable production. Environmentally conscious customers love this, and it’s among the shop’s top traits that have contributed to its success. 

Founder Shellie Pomeroy indeed found her calling. The way she uses natural dyes to create those lovely fabrics is simply fantastic. 

The shop sells plant-dyed table linens, silk ribbons, and handmade stationery, you name it. In other words, you might need clarification about the best fabrics for your occasion from various sources. 

The website also includes a video of how the raw materials for the dyes are picked from the farm, which helps customers trust the process more and evokes a feeling of a better connection with nature.

Happiness Abscissa 

While most successful businesses are very serious about their work, a humorous or not-too-serious approach can also pay off. While you must be serious about your marketing, quality control, and customer engagement strategies, you can be playful about your website design or how you interact with your customers. 

Happiness Abscissa is one Shopify store that has done that with its website design. Start with the logo; it is a crooked-spelled “Ha.” Who does that?

Secondly, unlike most sites, the products displayed are not all geometric. Most products hang from an angle, and even the colors are mixed. 

Well, sometimes people need something different. That uniqueness is what makes them buy and come back for more.

Skinny Teatox

With our lifestyles and the foods we eat nowadays, detoxing is the best way to live healthily and lose weight. What better way to detox than with 100% natural ingredients? Skinny Teatox understands this and ensures that’s the first thing you notice on their website. 

First, the words are explicit about what they offer—a 100% natural immunity boost and detoxing tea. The images are also clear and appealing to anyone eager to lose weight and stay healthy. Lastly, that flash sale offer always gets customers to buy more. 

This Shopify shop gives you everything you want about the products from the homepage. Plus, the ultimate call to action button is on the same page. Customers can browse the products, see all the content they need to decide, and buy their favorite products from the homepage. That’s convenient!


For adventure lovers, finding the essential tools to make outdoor life easy is paramount. Life outside there can be quite challenging without the right gear. 

BioLite offers an expansive catalog of outdoor gear for cooking, lighting, and charging. Those are the most essential gadgets you need to survive the outdoors. 

Even better, this Shopify store knows how to display its products and create content that captures visitors’ attention. First, the images and videos are more than authentic. 

They are bright and clear; you can picture yourself in the wild through them. 

Also, how the products are categorized makes it easy to find what you are looking for. 

It is possible to avoid getting lost on the site or not finding your favorite gear. 

Luca and Danni

This is among the most interactive Shopify shops you’ll find online. First, it changes as someone scrolls down, giving you even more display to enjoy. What do we mean?

When scrolling, images get bigger or smaller. Also, some bracelet images or boxes open to offer more images. That movement keeps you engaged and wanting to see more. 

The best thing? The images are so clear and beautiful. It’s like you are seeing that bracelet from a physical shop. 

The 30% discount popup is also a deal sealer. How do you get such a discount on such stunning pieces? It only happens sometimes. Lastly, a clear call to action helps you make that final decision.

Harris Farm Markets

Simplicity and clarity about what you offer are crucial aspects of an e-commerce shop. Being vague or overstuffing your website with images and content can distract or discourage visitors from continuing on the site.

This family-owned company has perfected keeping it clear and straightforward despite the large, beautiful images of the products displayed. 

The calls to action are also unique. While there are still the “Buy Now” or “Shop Now” buttons, others like “Shop what’s in season” are unique. It’s no secret that Harris Farm Markets has found the perfect way to sell farm produce online. 

PipCorn Heirloom Snacks

Who can imagine a snack Shopify store being listed among the best Shopify stores to draw inspiration? Well, PipCorn Heirloom Snacks has achieved just that.

Pipsnacks is not only one of the Shark Tank’s success stories, but it has also succeeded in capturing the hearts of its customers. It sells healthy snacks, which it displays in stunning images and unique content. 

Everyone loves snacks. However, when you know they are healthy snacks, the experience gets even better. That’s what Pipcorn Snacks does. According to its neatly arranged website, it offers a variety of delicious and nutritious snacks for everyone, anytime. 

Beneath your Mask

As mentioned earlier, most successful businesses have unique stories behind them. Beneath Your Mask is another such company. This Shopify store was established in response to a need. 

Dana Jackson, the founder, had been diagnosed with one of the severe forms of lupus. As the disease took a toll on her beautiful skin and hair, she needed a pure and natural way to rejuvenate her. That’s how she came up with this beauty line. 

It focuses on offering beauty products made from nontoxic, all-natural ingredients. With so many artificial beauty products out there that are pretty toxic, the brand offers a great alternative, which has brought immense success to the brand. 

Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is another success story in the beauty niche. Jenifer Harper established this Shopify store to offer vegan, cruelty-free beauty products.

The brand is also committed to environmental protection, which makes it work hard to become waste-free. As such, it packages its lipsticks on biodegradable paper. In addition, its lipstick tubes are 85% less plastic. 

The store also supports and mentors women and girls who want to start businesses in Jennifer’s community.

Cheekbone Beauty’s website is simple and easy to navigate, just like any successful Shopify store. The display is also well thought out.

Package Free 

Package Free Shopify store offers the “most sustainable products you use daily.” At least, that’s what the website says. 

Founded by Lauren Singer, the company’s mission is to offer package-free products to make a less trashy world. Package—free deals generally involve beauty products and household items. 

In light of sustainable living gaining even more momentum, everyone wants to be associated with products that make a difference in the environment. So, as she has put it, it’s a Shop for the Earth. 

Fresh Heritage

Two brothers, inspired by their trip to Africa to sell traditional grooming oils, founded a Shopify store. This idea was to make their shop one of the most successful Shopify stores in the US. 

Fresh Heritage’s mission is to provide men of color with products that nourish and strengthen their hair. That’s something they have undoubtedly succeeded in doing.

They also offer grooming kits, combs, and beard oils to this underrepresented market, which plays a significant role in their success. Finding that unique product or way of doing things can make a difference. 

Cookbook Village

While it used to sell cookbooks on eBay, Cookbook Village has made it big in Shopify. However, this was not automatic. The owners know what they are doing. 

The founders are well-versed in digital marketing. They intensively utilize the power of blogging, Google Ads, and email marketing to grow their store’s visibility and increase sales. 

If you like what they do, you can incorporate EcommerceBot into your Shopify store to streamline your marketing activities. This e-commerce AI bot gives you a competitive edge even with more marketing or customer relations background. 


Initially, Tattly was Tina Roth-Eisenburg’s side hobby. However, it has become one of the most popular temporary tattoo businesses with time. The Shopify store ships over 2.6 million temporary tattoos. Multiply this figure by an average of $5-$15 a piece to see how much revenue the shop rakes. 

But what does she do that other shops don’t? Firstly, she has a unique product and niche. Also, she keeps it simple. Ultimately, she offers stunning alternatives to permanent tattoos.

Luxy Hair  

Ladies always want to look stunning—that’s how it should always be! So, what better way to guarantee this than with beautiful hair?

Luxy Hair has found a way to keep women’s hair beautiful with clip-in extensions. Women around the globe have embraced this method, which lessens the hassle of maintaining that stunning look. The clip-in hair extensions allow women to add length or volume to their hair while experimenting with different colors and textures. 

When promoting the website, it leverages its hair blog and transformation videos that offer details about the products and the brand’s story. 

Satya Organic

The founder of the Satya brand got this idea when her daughter was diagnosed with eczema, a dry skin condition. As a result, Patrice Mousseau started researching how to create effective, nontoxic skin products. She found a way.

Satya products are made from 5 organic ingredients (certified) that offer a simple but effective alternative to the usual skin care products. The brand is also committed to taking care of the environment. 

Therefore, it doesn’t do animal testing. It also works hard to be carbon neutral and use sustainable packaging materials. 


It is possible to succeed in e-commerce. The list of Shopify stores above shows that many make millions of dollars from selling even the most straightforward products. Therefore, if you are about to start or want to improve an existing store, there are many ways. 

The above list includes some of the best Shopify stores that can inspire you. All you need to do is figure out what they are doing right and what they are avoiding.

Overall, you can improve your marketing activities, customer engagement, customer-website interaction, and order fulfillment by looking for ways to streamline them.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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How many Shopify stores can I have?

You can open 10 Shopify stores on one account. However, each account will have a different domain name, setting, products, and everything else a Shopify store entails. Also, any additional store attracts a new subscription fee. 

Does Shopify collect taxes?

No, Shopify doesn’t collect or remit taxes for your sales. You should register with your federal or local authority for such. This will depend on the country or region you are operating. 

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