Ecommercebot vs Tidio: Which Chatbot Works Best

What’s the difference between Ecommercebot and Tidio? Do they offer the same benefits for your business?

Well, both platforms are designed to ensure the smooth running of your business. 

However, each has its unique way of doing that. 

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive comparison to help you make the best choice.

Read on to find out which AI toolset suits your business model best in this Ecommercebot vs Tidio comparison.

What Is Ecommercebot?

Yes, Ecommercebot has a live AI chatbot. However, unlike most customer response automation AI tools, Ecommercebot offers a more comprehensive version. It includes more features than just automated customer interactions. 

Ecommercebot vs Tidio 

Ecommercebot is a comprehensive AI platform that contains everything you need to make your e-commerce business successful. Whether you want to automate your customer engagement, ad campaigns, or even order fulfillment, Ecommerbot has an AI feature for every activity. The idea is to automate your entire e-commerce store from customer acquisition to order fulfillment and customer support.

What Is Tidio?

Tidio is an AI platform designed to help grow your business through automated customer service. 

Since customers are the source of your business’ success, Tidio aims to offer the best customer experience to ensure first-time and repeat sales for your business. 

However, unlike Ecommercebot, which is more comprehensive, Tidio focuses primarily on customer engagement through Live chat and integrated chatbots. 

Ecommercebot vs tidio

The platform suggests that with it, you can answer around 70% of customer questions and inquiries without human intervention. 

But to get an even more detailed picture of these two platforms, let’s explore their main features:

Ecommercebot vs. Tidio Features

The success of your e-commerce business depends significantly on the type of tools you pick. To make this choice easier, here are the main features that will make you choose Ecommercebot over Tidio or vice versa. 

Ecommercebot Features

What makes the Ecommercebot the best ecommerce AI tool among its peers?

Omnichannel Chatbot

Different customers will contact your store through various communication channels. For example, some will reach you through Facebook Messenger, while others use Instagram or WhatsApp. 

Ecommerce Omnichannel allows your business to respond to customer queries from these platforms and more in seconds. And the best thing? The chatbot works 24/7, ensuring no questions go unanswered and no delayed responses. 

Even better, when a customer wants to chat live with a human, the chatbot seamlessly passes the chat to an agent. This way, the customer can get all the answers or recommendations they seek. 

AI Ads Automation

This feature automates and simplifies the entire ad placement process. Whether you are placing ads on your social media platforms or search engines, the Ecommercebot AI ads automation knows the right way to do it.

Ecommercebot vs Tidio

It guides you from choosing your ad’s goal to identifying the ad campaign you want to conduct. With the ads automation, you can easily create or place ads that convert. It allows the creation of advertisements that target the right audience. Also, it can automatically schedule your ads to remove the burden of manual placement from your hands. 

Social Media Manager

Nowadays, most customers are on social media platforms. Therefore, managing how your store is seen is crucial. With Ecommercebot’s social media manager, you can automate every activity on these platforms.

Start with automated posts and videos, creation and posting. The AI effortlessly schedules relevant posts and videos on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Additionally, the AI responds to DMs and comments to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. It also analyzes the website’s data to create more relevant descriptions and hashtags.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is quite a popular e-commerce platform – one of the largest. This means that a good number of e-commerce businesses are on this platform. Therefore, a platform with an AI integration on Shopify is undeniably essential. And that’s precisely what Ecommercebot offers. 

Ecommercebot vs tidio

With this integration, tracking your store’s orders and inventory becomes simple. The platform offers the correct data for responding to customer queries. Additionally, it has a shop analytics feature that provides insights to enable you to improve or optimize your campaigns, leading to more conversions and sales.

Tidio Features

Tidio is an AI customer service platform that helps automate your shop’s customer engagement process. Its main features include:

Live Chat

Like most customer service AI platforms, live chat is a top-of-the-list feature. Tidio offers a simple but powerful live chat feature that allows live typing reviews, pre-chat surveys, offline messages, canned responses, and multiple languages.

Live chat lets you send attachments, including Jpeg, Pngs, PDFs, and GIFs.


With Tidio’s chatbots, you can automate customer engagements, including conversations, sales, and other processes. 

The chatbots also help answer customer queries when your support team is offline. 

They engage the clients with accurate answers and can also collect customer data to enable customized responses.


Lyro is an advanced AI automation tool that enables personalized responses to customer questions, almost like a human agent. According to their website, the tool helps your business solve around 70% of customers’ problems.

The AI offers data-backed answers and asks follow-up questions, making every conversation natural. Also, it is easy to set up and redirect customers to live agents or support departments when the question is outside its knowledge base. 

Order Management

Tidio AI uses in-build Shopify activities during conversations to understand the customers. This helps the tool to respond faster and offer accurate answers or recommendations.

The tool analyzes the customer’s cart and past purchase history to offer accurate recommendations. Also, it can search for product recommendations and send them directly to the customer from the chat window.

Ecommercebot vs Tidio

Messaging Channels

Since Tidio focuses more on customer engagement, it connects all the messaging channels, allowing you access to them all from a centralized spot. As such, you can handle all your emails, messenger, WhatsApp, live chat, and Instagram messages from one platform.

In other words, Tidio becomes the central hub for all your e-commerce business customer communications.

Ecommercebot vs Tidio – Pricing 

Which platform favors your business when it comes to pricing? Here is a comparison of pricing plans for Ecommercebot and Tidio. 

Ecommercebot Vs Tidio

Ecommercebot Pricing 

The Ecommercebot has three pricing plans, all with a 30-day free trial. The plans include:

Starter Plan

The starter plan is the first plan at $0. It comes with features like:

  • Omnichannel chatbot 
  • Shopify integration and management 
  • Social media management and scheduling 
  • 5 AI-generated images
  • 3 AI videos
  • Content course 
  • Premium support 

You can start this plan with a 30-day free trial.

The Grow Plan

If you want steady growth in your business, this is the plan for you. It costs $149 a month, with unlimited messages. The plan offers all the features in the Starter Plan plus the following:

  • 20 AI-generated images
  • 15 AI videos
  • Running five product ads at a time
  • Premium support 

There is also an extra feature for you here – a store conversion sheet. 

Ecommercebot vs Tidio

Scale Plan

At a discounted rate of $149 a month, this plan offers your business access to unlimited messages to improve your customer engagement. It is ideal for businesses that want instant growth and comes with the following features:

  • All features in the Starter Plan
  • Unlimited AI-generated images 
  • Unlimited AI videos
  • Shopify expert support 
  • Premium support 
  • Running unlimited ads at a time

The best thing about Ecommercebot pricing plans is that you have a 30-day free trial that doesn’t require your credit card. 

Tidio Pricing 

Tidio AI has four pricing plans. Here is what each plan offers to your business.

Ecommercebot vs Tidio

Free Plan

This plan might work for you if you are starting your customer support journey. It’s free forever and gives you access to the following features:

  • Live chat 
  • Social media integrations
  • Ticketing 
  • 50 handled conversations 
  • Unlimited seats
  • Basic analytics
  • Support over email
  • Supported on mobile and desktop apps

You can try the second plan if you need more features.

Starter Plan

This plan is ideal for small businesses seeking to improve customer engagement through live chat. It costs $29 a month and comes packed with the following features:

  • All features in the Free Plan 
  • Basic analytics 
  • Operating hours
  • Live visitors list 
  • 100 handled conversations
  • 24/5 live chat support 

The plan offers a 7-day free trial. 

Growth Plan 

At $59 a month, this plan is ideal for businesses or teams of all sizes that want to enhance customer support and engagement. It features all the benefits in the Starter Plan plus the following:

  • Advanced analytics 
  • Tidio power features 
  • 1000 handled conversations
  • Add-on to remove Tidio branding 
  • Permissions 
  • Live typing 
  • Automatic response 
  • Canned response 
  • Customers info

The plan also offers a 7-day free trial.

Tidio+ Plan

This is the highest plan on Tidio at $499 a month. It is ideal for businesses with more integrations, better limits, premium support, and advanced features. 

The plan includes all the features on the lower plans plus the following:

  • Custom conversation limit 
  • Dedicated success manager 
  • The custom limit for customers reached
  • The custom limit for Lyro conversations 
  • Training sessions
  • Custom branding 
  • No Tindo branding 
  • Custom email signature

You must contact the sales team to get started with this plan. 

Why Choose Ecommercebot Over Tidio? 

Why should you consider Ecommercebot for your business instead of Tidio? Well, it’s no secret that Tidio is an excellent platform for customer engagement.

ecommercebot vs Tidio

However, Ecommercebot outranks Tidio in the following areas:

  • Ecommercebot offers more than live chat and chatbots. It offers incredible features like AI ads automation, social media manager, and Shopify integration. This way, besides having the Live Chat and Omnichannel chatbot features, it helps to streamline your business’s other processes. 
  • Ecommercebot automates every aspect of your online shop, from customer targeting and ad creation to order tracking, fulfillment, and engagement. It is an all-under-one-roof AI tool set for your e-commerce store. 
  • Ecommercebot guarantees a high ROI. This is because it analyzes your shop activities, customer behaviors, and social media platforms to offer the most helpful insights. With that, you can create ads that convert, target the right audience, and serve customers in the best way to ensure repeat purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s e-commerce?

E-commerce is trading (buying and selling) goods and services online (over the internet). With e-commerce, you can buy or sell goods or services from anywhere globally. E-commerce businesses have become quite popular nowadays, as more people have become internet privy.

How many e-commerce sites are there?

There are over 26.5 e-commerce sites globally, and more new ones are emerging. The number of e-commerce sites saw a massive increase between 2019 and 2023, from 9.2 million to 26.5 million—an astounding 204% increase.

What is an e-commerce storefront?

This is the part of an online shop that people or customers interact with. It is where products are displayed and where the customers can make orders. 

How can we improve the e-commerce customer experience?

Automation is the best way to improve the customer experience of your online shop. For example, you can automate customer engagement with live chats and chatbots, order tracking and stock monitoring, and order fulfillment. 

This way, if a customer asks a question, they get an accurate answer quickly. Also, delivery time will be shorter as everything runs smoothly. An AI platform like Ecommercebot can help your business do just that.

What is omnichannel e-commerce?

It refers to a business strategy that allows a seamless shopping experience within all shopping channels. This includes shopping in physical stores, online, or via phone. 

How to boost e-commerce sales?

Boosting your e-commerce sales requires the right strategies. For instance, Ecommercebot can be used for ad automation, order tracking, customer engagement, and social media management. Automated ads and social media management ensure that you get the right message in front of your target audience, while order tracking and customer engagement ensure that your customers’ queries and concerns are appropriately handled.

What is the difference between e-commerce and dropshipping?

E-commerce involves selling products and services online. You must have an online store, hold inventory, and ship the products to the customer. 

Conversely, dropshipping is a type of e-commerce in which the store owner doesn’t own the product or hold inventory. 

When an order is made, the drop shipper buys the product from their supplier, and the supplier ships the item to the customer. 

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