Engati Alternative: Why Ecommercebot Tops The List

With the recent boom in the e-commerce sector and rising competition, investing in a quality chatbot is essential. 

A chatbot is vital for your ecommerce store because it helps you improve your customer experience. It automates communication activities, giving your customers instant replies.  Are you looking for the best Engati Alternative? Well, read on.

The market is saturated with chatbots, some offering quality services while others are scams. But choosing the right one can be challenging. Engati and Ecommercebot are examples of the most popular bots in the market today.

Engati supports different features like feedback management, live chat, and NLP.

Engati, on the other hand, has several limitations. It has expensive pricing plans, needs more custom templates, offers poor customer support, and doesn’t support e-commerce integration, making it less suitable for ecommerce businesses.

These limitations underscore the need for a more comprehensive and efficient alternative like an Ecommerce Bot. 

These drawbacks make Engati unsuitable for running an ecommerce store, especially if your store is built on Shopify

Considering the many available chatbots, Ecommercebot is the perfect choice for your e-commerce business. Its unique features and capabilities, such as [insert unique feature], make it stand out from Engati. 

Choosing Ecommercebot means more than just acquiring a chatbot. It means gaining a 24/7 partner that optimizes your ads, manages your social media, and provides a live chat agent. With Ecommercebot, you’re never alone in your e-commerce journey, instilling a sense of support and reliability.

In this article, we will walk you through the two bots. Understand why you need an Engati alternative and see why Ecommercebot is the best alternative. 

What is Ecommercebot?

An E-Commercebot is a chatbot that offers e-commerce businesses all the solutions needed to run an e-commerce store. The bot automates every activity, making starting and running a successful e-commerce store easy. 

For ecommerce business owners looking for a reliable chatbot, you must try Ecommercebot. 

The chatbot automates various activities, such as social media management.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

For example, it comments on posts, interacts with customers’ DMs, and upsells them. Additionally, it can design graphics, schedule posts, and write captions.

This comprehensive automation allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. 

With Ecommercebot, whether you’re a new player or an expert in the ecommerce sector, this bot can help you operate a successful business.

For instance, [insert example of a company that saw a significant increase in customer engagement and sales after implementing Ecommercebot]. 

Transitioning to Ecommercebot is a seamless process, even for those who need to be tech-savvy. Its effortless integration with Shopify, Facebook, or Instagram means you can automate your e-commerce activities without coding or technical experience, providing ease and reassurance. 

What is Engati?

Engati is a live chatbot that helps ecommerce businesses offer customers a smooth customer experience. It answers both easy and complicated customer queries through live chat. 

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Engati helps drive and retain customers, improve satisfaction, and increase business sales. You can automate customer engagement 24/7, making it easy to take advantage of opportunities. 

Engati’s main aim is to help resolve practical instances of functionalities and help brands implement them. In addition, Engati can help track your business performance and find the best solutions. 

Reasons for Switching to an Engati Alternative

Engati is a valuable tool for running an e-commerce store. The bot is also suitable for running a small business since most of its features can align with its needs. 

However, you should find a better alternative, like Ecommercebot, to run a big or scaling business due to Engati’s limitations. 

The main drawbacks of Engati include: it doesn’t support ecommerce integration, poor customer support, no custom templates, and expensive pricing plans. Let’s discuss these drawbacks in depth; 

Doesn’t Support Ecommerce Integration

One main reason business owners invest in chatbots is to get a helping hand running e-commerce stores like Shopify and WooCommerce.

These are e-commerce sites where entrepreneurs can start and run businesses online to make a profit. When integrated into these platforms, a chatbot becomes easy to run as it automates all the shopping journey activities. 

With Engati, your ecommerce store needs an opportunity to integrate and automate the activities, thus forcing you to do them manually. 

For example, you must help your customers place an order and share the shipping details yourself. Imagine if you have multiple at once; all these activities will exhaust you, forcing you to leave some unattended. 

To avoid all this, you need a bot that integrates seamlessly with ecommerce, such as WooCommerce and Shopify.

The bot will enhance customers’ shopping experiences by helping and suggesting products, sharing shipping details, tracking parcels, and even offering support whenever a customer needs it.

No Custom Templates

Engati chatbot offers users different templates from which to design their bots. However, the bot can’t accept custom templates, limiting your ability to use unique templates when creating your bot. 

This will limit your business’s use of unique templates representing your brand’s voice. As a brand, everything in your company should represent your brand, even the chatbot. With the ability to use custom templates, your chatbot may fully reflect your brand’s personality and values. 

It would help to have a customized chatbot with your brand’s logo, colors, and other branding elements. 

Ecommercebot is a good chatbot that accepts custom templates. The bot allows users to use templates of their own choice and offers easy customization.

Your e-commerce business can benefit from this as it will represent your brand’s voice, build solid customer relationships, and create trust. For example, [insert benefit of using custom templates and its impact on the business]. 

Expensive Pricing Plans

Engati offers pricing plans that may be considered expensive for some e-commerce stores. For instance, [insert specific pricing details and compare them with industry standards]. 

With the current Engati pricing plans, only a few business owners can afford this bot for their business. And the bot only offers a 7-day free trial. 

Even with the expensive plans, Engati only guarantees the availability of some of the features. Most chatbot features lack Engati, essential for running a successful e-commerce business. 

Even with the expensive plan, one major drawback is the need for better customer support. A bot must offer fast and quality support, ensuring customers get instant support. With Engati plans, you need a cheaper alternative that offers excellent customer support. 

Poor Customer Support

One feature you need to consider before investing in a chatbot is the availability of customer support. Not just any customer support, but reliable customer support that can assist you 24/7, even during off-business working hours. 

Regarding Engati, the bot needs better customer support, making it unsuitable for your business. 

Sometimes, your bot might experience technical issues that must be handled quickly before affecting your customer experience. Engati customer support could be faster and better, so if such an issue occurs, it might take time before you get assistance, resulting in a poor customer experience for your business. This can lead to [insert consequence of poor customer support on the company.

A good chatbot should help you improve your customer support experience but not worsen it. It is advisable to opt for an alternative that offers fast and quality customer support since Engati’s poor customer support will affect your customers’ overall shopping journey. 

Why is Ecommercebot the Best Engati Alternative?

Ecommercebot is a chatbot that is taking over the e-commerce sector. Its enticing features make it a perfect alternative for any bot like Engati. It offers seamless Shopify integration, social media management, live chat agents, Facebook and Instagram integration, and AI Ads automation. 

By investing in Ecommercebot, your business will benefit from the above features, making it easy to offer a great customer experience and improving your communication with customers. 

Let’s dive deeper to see how your business can benefit from having Ecommercebot as an Engati alternative;

Easy Social Media Management

Gone are the days when managing your social media account was a hassle. With the advancement in technology, managing these platforms has become stress-free. 

The introduction of the chatbot has played a crucial role in the ecommerce sector. 

Ecommercebot helps ecommerce businesses automate different communication and marketing tasks. 

For example, posting ads on your social media shouldn’t stress you. You only need to schedule the perfect time for the post to go live, and the bot will automatically post for you even when you are away. 

Every customer needs instant replies, and neither you nor your agent will have time to attend to customers every time. Therefore, by integrating Ecommercebot with your social media, your customers will always get instant replies and solutions to their queries. 

You will have ample time to focus on complex issues by automating your tasks. You can also automate tasks like generating hashtags and creating ad campaigns with AI. One advantage of using Ecommercebot’s social media management feature is that the bot will track the performance of the ads and replace any ad that isn’t performing well. 

AI Ads Automation

Creating advertising campaigns has never been easier than it is with Ecommercebot. The bot helps you create and design ad campaigns with AI until they align with your brand’s voice and goals.

Imagine a life where you don’t have to move from Canva to Adobe to create a single ad. The process is tiring and requires expertise to produce quality ads. 

But with Ecommercebot, you don’t have to worry about all these, as the bot will generate several ads, then you select the best and let the bot schedule it to post at the perfect time. 

When creating this ad, you can upload your brand’s images, videos, or even posts and let the bot generate the best ad based on the given information and brand data. Additionally, you can do A & B to see which ad will perform better for your business. 

Affordable Pricing Plans

When looking for an Engati alternative, one key feature you need to consider is the bot’s affordability. Some businesses might be expensive to commit to, especially if your business is a start-up or on a tight budget.

Ecommercebot offers affordable pricing plans to its customers, making it convenient for any ecommerce business. We all know that investing in a chatbot subscription is a financial commitment for your business, primarily the monthly subscription. Therefore, an affordable chatbot is critical.

Before committing to any paid plan with Ecommercebot, you will be given a 30-day free trial. It allows you to do a road test and see if it meets your business goals. The trial is available on all pricing plans, allowing you to enjoy every feature for free. 

Easy Shopify Integration

Integrating your Shopify stores helps you run the business without committing too much, but let a chatbot handle most tasks. Unlike Engati, Ecommercebot integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store. 

The bot helps you automate the customer shopping journey, making it easy for customers to get assistance always on time. 

Ecommercebot allows you and your customer to track a parcel, giving real-time data, thus staying up-to-date and in control. It gives you your Shopify performance and analytics reports, making it easy to identify problems in your business and find solutions to fix them. 

Additionally, since Ecommercebot connects with channels like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, it helps market your store on these channels, increasing your brand visibility, leads, and sales. 

Finals Thoughts

After considering all the reasons for switching to an Engati alternative, it is clear that Engati isn’t suitable for running your e-commerce business.

 One major con about Engati is its need to integrate with e-commerce. You can’t connect the bot with Shopify or WooCommerce. Then why should we invest in this bot?

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

Ecommercebot is a perfect alternative for Engati. The bot offers users irresistible features like affordable pricing plans, Shopify integrations, AI Ads automation, and social media management. 

For any ecommerce store, all these features make it easy to operate an ecommerce business, and most can be automated. Don’t let Engati limit your e-commerce store; try Ecommercebot and watch it make the process smooth. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Engati’s competitors?

Some of Engati’s main competitors in the chatbot sector include Ecommercebot, Tidio, ChatBot.com, Interakt, ManyChat, and Chatfuel. 

Is there any alternative for Engati?

Yes, Ecommercebot is the best Engati alternative in the chatbot sector today. 

Why is Ecommercebot the best Engati alternative?

Ecommercebot is the best alternative for Engati because of its enticing features. These include Shopify integration, AI Ads automation, social media management, and a Live chat agent. 

How does Engati work?

Engati is an AI-powered chatbot that uses machine learning algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand customer queries and offer personalized answers. Its interface is easy to use, making it suitable for building chatbots across different channels.  

Is Ecommercebot worth it?

Yes, Ecommercebot is worth it because the bot has all the necessary features, making it worth investing in. 

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