20 Trending Products Today To Sell Online

Choosing the wrong products is a remedy for business failure. However, growing your business becomes easy if you get it right in product selection.

It’s not the only factor determining a business’s success, but it undoubtedly plays a significant role. 

One way to select the best products to sell is by looking for trending products. That way, you are sure that people need these products. All you need to do then is figure out how to do it better than your competitors. 

Choosing between the numerous product offerings in the market can also take time and effort. That’s why we’ve curated this list for you. 

It contains 20 trending products today and things to sell online that you can pick this year. And they are not just random picks. They are the best-selling products on the most prominent platforms, such as Shopify, Alibaba, and Amazon. 

Are you looking for products to sell in your online business? Here are the top 20 trending options:

Vitamins and Supplements

The global market for vitamins and supplements was around $48.51 billion in 2022, and it is expected to hit $51.90 billion by 2023

Also, in 2023, these products were primarily bought in US Shopify shops. This shows that starting a business selling these products is an excellent idea. 

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Vitamins and supplements include a wide range of products. Essential immune boosters such as zinc capsules, vitamins C and D, and all pre-workout formulas fall under this category. 

Besides the high demand for these products, they are also readily accessible to merchants.

Some small businesses produce such supplements at home using herbs, but they can also source the products from big manufacturers like BPI Sports. 

So, if you can sell this, there is undoubtedly a big market.

Skin Care Products

Another area you can go right is the skin care industry. Demand for such products has significantly grown as everyone wants to look good and maintain healthy skin. 

The skincare market is expected to grow steadily at a 6.7% CARG between 2022 and 2031, hitting around $273.3B by 2031. 

Trending Products Today

This indicates that a business in this sector has enormous growth potential. 

Skin care products include everything from cleansers to serums, moisturizers, masks, etc. 

To make the market even more interesting, these products are bought and used by almost every age group, making marketing activities easy.

However, high-quality, ethical, and sustainable practices play a significant role in this market. More people are searching for products that adhere to ethical and sustainable practices to produce quality products. For instance, searches for “vegan skin care,” “hyaluronic acid serum,” and “retinol” have seen significant increases. 

Makeup Products

Beauty products have always been in demand. As the new age removes gender boundaries in this industry, the market will only increase. 

The best thing about the makeup market is that it includes many products. 

This means there are enough products to specialize in one or two products or sell a broad spectrum of items.  

Recent studies show that the global market size for makeup products will reach $101B in 2027. If you want to make money as a new business, venturing into this lucrative industry is an excellent idea.

Some popular products you can include in your product list include eyelashes, lip gloss, mascara, brushes, foundation, powder, and beauty blenders. Combining this with the right marketing strategies is a sure way to have a successful business. 

Hair Products

Like all the other products mentioned above, hair products have proven to have a surging demand over the years. 

The market includes various hair care products, including shampoos, creams, wigs, and hair attachments. 

With their market size projected to reach $104.60 by 2027, you can make some money. Also, since these are fast-moving items, you can expect high ROI.

The best picks include shampoos, hair foods, blow dryers, hair sprays, volumizers, and blow dryers. Your choice will mainly depend on your preferences and the customers you want to serve. For example, what exactly does your target audience want?

Coats and Jackets

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is massive and ever-evolving. This makes it one of the best industries for new entrepreneurs to enter.

However, focusing on one or two products here might be the best, considering the industry’s scope. Coats and Jackets are some of the trendiest fashion products you can sell this year.

Demand for these products is usually affected by seasons, new fashion trends, and the increased love for outdoor activities. The global revenue for this market is estimated to be around $51.79 billion this year. 

The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.77% between now and 2028. 

And the best thing about jackets and coats is that they sell worldwide. 

This means unlimited opportunities, whether you want to dropship, open an e-commerce shop, or sell locally. 


Everyone craves good health. So, when a product promises health benefits and delivers, the demand can be huge.

Matcha tea is one product that offers just that. It is a green tea that benefits your heart, weight, and more. This is because it has some antioxidant qualities.

Matcha is usually consumed as tea but can also be used as an additive in other beverages or pastries. The market size is projected to surpass $3,000 million by 2027. 

Arts and Crafts Items

Arts and crafts activities significantly increased during the 2019 pandemic as people sought simple activities from home. However, even after the pandemic, the demand hasn’t slowed. It means you can make good money selling arts and crafts items. 

The good thing about this industry is that most people indulge in it as a hobby. Others have found ways to turn their hobbies into income-generating activities. As such, there is always a high demand for items that enable these activities. 

For example, the search for “crochet kits” and “pottery clay” increased significantly last year. All you need to do is identify what customers need and provide it in the best way possible. 


I know bicycles are unlikely among the trendiest products to sell, but statistics don’t lie. 

The emergence of e-bikes has revolutionized this industry and changed the way people buy bicycles. Currently, more and more people appreciate the efficiency of e-bikes, which has seen their demand skyrocket. 

Ebike sales are projected to grow 10% yearly until 2030, with over 77 million bikes hitting our roads by 2030. 

While they might seem bulky for specific business types like dropshipping, they still do well.

Your bike business can succeed if you identify the right target audience. 


The drinkware market has grown significantly over the past few years and is expected to continue growing. In 2022, the global drinkware market reached $28 billion. 

These numbers are estimated to rise as the market grows at a 6% CAGR between 2023 and 2030.

Online searches and e-commerce sales in 2023 show that drinkware was among the trendiest items. 

This is mainly due to the increased production of eco-friendly or sustainable drinkware.

Some popular drinkware you can sell this year includes insulated bottles and shot glasses. 

To help improve your product’s visibility on search engines, you can leverage long-term keywords like “tequila shot glasses” or “cool shot glasses.”

Watch Accessories

Watches have remained some of the most sought-after fashion accessories for years. This is because they not only complement people’s outfits but are also used to show time. 

Technological advancements have also seen numerous new features added to these revered accessories in recent years. 

For instance, modern watches include features like fitness trackers, social media integrations, and smartphone integrations, which have seen demand for watches grow steadily. 

With almost everyone owning a watch, demand for accessories has also skyrocketed in the past few years. For example, if you are considering starting an e-commerce business in watch accessories, items like straps, chargers, screen protectors, cases, and watch boxes can do well. 

Perfume and Cologne 

Perfume and cologne are other categories of products that fit our trending products and things to sell online. 2023 the global fragrance and perfume market was estimated at $50 billion. This is expected to reach around $70 billion before 2036, signifying immense opportunity for businesses in this industry. 

Usually, consumers in this market look for brand names as they signify quality. However, even homemade fragrances are gaining popularity.

Therefore, if you are skilled in this area, you can easily create unique perfumes and carve your niche. You could even produce fragrances to serve the B2B market.

The main growth drivers of this market include increased celebrity endorsements, increased millennials and Gen Z populations, and the rise of aromatherapy practices.  


Wine is also one of the most bought products, making it among the best-trending products to sell this year. 

In 2022, the market size for wine products was $346.8. And although the market slightly dropped in 2023, it is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of more than 8% until 2027. 

Wine selling is no longer all about famous vineyards and vintage reds. The new breed of consumers focuses more on accessible wines, including natural, organic, and wine from undiscovered regions. 

Additionally, consumers are now more innovative in finding ways to get their favorite wine from producers. 

All this opens doors for entrepreneurs to venture and benefit from the massive wine market. 

Cargo Pants 

Military designs usually inspire cargo pants. They are rugged, have loose fitting, and come with large pockets. These features make them attractive to both men and women. This has made them quite popular over the years, becoming some of the most trending products to sell online. 

The popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years, with their current Google search volume hitting over 900,000 monthly. With such numbers, you can be sure to make significant sales if you can optimize your store well for search engine visibility. 


Even the most seemingly simple items can be a great source of income for e-commerce businesses. Take socks, for instance! They might seem simple, but their global market tells a different story. 

Generally, socks are everyday products that almost everyone wears. Their variations offer consumers average and quality pieces that flaunt their favorite brands. As such, the socks market will always exist.  

You only need to identify the right clientele and market your products well. Look for sock types with unique selling points, such as those made from sustainable materials or that offer health and comfort benefits.

You can also try selling them as product bundles or include them in subscription boxes. All these strategies help differentiate your offering from the competition. 

Pet Supplies

The increased adoption of pets and the call to treat animals better has seen more growth in the pet supplies industry. Families now treat pets as part of the family, giving them privileges almost like their human kids. 

This way, people buy more pet toys, collars, litter boxes, automated feeders, etc. It is a good idea if you are a pet lover or can venture into such a business.  

And if you want to know this is true, the global market for pet care was around $295 billion in 2022. These figures are expected to hit $400 billion by 2028. That’s a larger market than any other product mentioned above. 

Suppose you haven’t considered it, you better! This year, it is among the top trending products and things to sell online. 

Posters and Artwork

Creatives can now sell their work globally through online shops. All they need to do is produce quality work, create a website, post their work, and market it. 

Even better, the print-on-demand services have revolutionized the industry. With these services, an artist doesn’t need to keep stock of their artwork. Their online shops only contain designs of their work, which they use to advertise or market their talent to potential customers.

When a customer likes a particular design or artwork and makes an order, the print-on-demand company prints the design and sends it to the customer. 

Designs are printed on hoodies, t-shirts, caps, handbags, totes, mugs, drinking bottles, and more.

The ease of this business has made it pretty successful, making it one of the best online businesses to start. The artwork market was estimated at $53.05 billion in 2022 and is projected to increase at a steady CAGR of 5.4% through 2030. 

Mobile Phone Accessories

Currently, almost every adult and teenager owns a phone. Even the little ones use smartphones and tablets to watch their favorite cartoons. This explains the over 6.84 billion smartphones present in the market. 

With so many phones in use, the market for phone accessories is also growing. While it was around $83 billion in 2023, it’s expected to grow steadily to over $150 billion by 2031.

As the world continues to see technological advancements, new devices are invented, thus causing continued market growth.

The most common mobile phone accessories include screen protectors, earphones, Apple AirTags, portable chargers, Apple AirPods, USBs, and portable Bluetooth speakers. 

Nail Care

The nail care market is also growing, making it a great industry. If you want trending products and things to sell online, nail care products undoubtedly fit the bill. The 5% CAGR is a clear indicator of this potential. 

This market benefits from the increased demand for products promoting appearance and nail health. In the past several years, searches for terms like “cuticle oil” and “nail strengthener” have increased, showing a shift in how people shop for nail care products. 


Cookware has also seen increased demand over the past years. Being a must-have item category in every household, this explains the high demand. 

However, the type of cookware people are looking for has changed. Shoppers are searching for quality, durable cookware like “cast iron pans.” Also, the increased need for information in this sector creates an excellent opportunity for anyone to make money through YouTube videos and blogs. 

As more people look for quality products and more restaurants open right, left, and center, the demand is expected to grow. If your passion lies here, it’s a good time to start your e-commerce in cookware. 


Underwear is almost a global product, meaning that demand is high. This and relatively high-profit margins make it an incredible product category to sell online. They are also small in size and weight, which makes their shipping easy. 

Therefore, if you still need to determine the product to sell in your e-commerce shop, underwear can be it. Your most enormous task here will be identifying that underserved market and delivering a tailored shopping experience. To differentiate your offering, offer quality products, efficient service, and reliable customer support. 

This way, you can enjoy the sweet $17.32 billion market cake. 


The above list of trending products and things to sell online shows that there is so much that you can sell in your online shop. And most of the products here are easy to source and ship. 

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