7 Free Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Are you looking for the best dropshipping product research tools to help find hot-selling products?

Look no further.

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce model that allows entrepreneurs to run their businesses without the burden of inventory.

With its low upfront costs, operational ease, and wide range of product options, this business model is a compelling choice for many. 

Choosing the products to sell is a challenge for many. This is where product research tools help discover trending and on-demand products.

Product research tools empower you to analyze market trends and obtain vital information, giving you the confidence to decide what to sell. 

The product research process is straightforward, and this guide will equip you with the necessary information to make informed decisions. We’ll also delve into different tools for product research and analyze their features, differences, and specifications.

What’s a product research tool?

Product research tools are like your personal detectives in the world of e-commerce. They gather data on what’s hot and what’s not, helping you make informed decisions about what to sell in your store. 

These tools are your secret weapon to stay ahead of the competition.

  •  Instead of just browsing unthinkingly, these tools offer helpful details like:
  • The selling rate: How fast is a product selling?
  • Competition: How is the market? Is it crowded?
  • Profit margins: How much money can you make?

With this information, you can choose products people want to buy and avoid getting stuck with things nobody cares about.

What’s a winning product?

A winning product is like a superstar in the e-commerce world. It’s about its value, necessity, and ability to generate substantial revenue. A winning product is the key to your success in the dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Since you don’t need to stock up in dropshipping, selecting the product to sell differs from brick-and-mortar. Pay attention to the product’s past performance and marketability in this case.

What to look for when researching dropshipping products.

When looking for dropshipping products, consider the following:


You must first consider the price you pay the suppliers for the product. Note that it’s not just about finding the cheapest option. Keep in mind things like product quality and minimum order quantities.

Another thing that you need to consider is your selling price. You have to determine the price your customers will be comfortable with. 

The price should be competitive. However, you must ensure you make a healthy profit after factoring in supplier costs, shipping fees, and other expenses.

The profits you make are the difference between the buying and selling prices. Aim for a profit that allows you to run a sustainable business and reinvest in marketing and growth.

 Market Demand

Look keenly at the market demand and confirm if the product is raising amusement or has a long-lasting appeal. 

Research the current trends and use product research tools to see if there’s an increase in demand for the item.

It would help if you also analyzed the competition. How many other stores are selling the same product? 

While a bit of competition is healthy, too much can make it hard to stand out. Look for products with a niche audience or a unique selling proposition.

Also, consider if people are actively searching for this product online. Here, keyword research tools can help you gauge potential customer interest.

Shipping Costs

A shipping cost is the amount the supplier charges to ship the product to your customer. These costs should be reasonable and factored into your overall pricing strategy. 

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Analyze the available customer shipping options to determine if you’ll ship for free or charge a flat rate. In this case, your target audience has a say in what shipping options they might expect. 

It is good to understand that high shipping costs can restrain customers from completing their purchases.

This is an essential thing to consider when finding dropshipping products. Find out if there are any legal restrictions on importing or selling the product in your target market—research local regulations and customs laws to avoid any surprises.

In addition, make sure you have the right to sell the product. Avoid, at all costs, copyrighted and trademarked materials and designs that could cause legal trouble.

Safety should always be a priority. Ensure the product complies with safety regulations and that you can source it from a reliable supplier who guarantees quality.

Dropshipping Research Tools

By using an excellent dropshipping research tool, you can save a lot of time and money. Let’s look at the best dropshipping tools for your online business.

Niche Scraper

This software will assist you in identifying winning products and trends. It gives you information about product development, social media engagement, and the potential for the whole market.

This tool offers three plans, including free, monthly, and annual.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Signing up for the monthly and yearly plans gives you access to “scrapes” without limits. Additionally, you’ll be able to access helpful TikTok and Facebook market research tools. You’ll also be able to “scrape” other shops’ top-selling items by uncovering their projected earnings.

Main Features:

  • Everyday item recommendations
  • Analysis of the social media interaction
  • Successful product recognition.
  • Store automation


  • An easy-to-use dashboard
  • Updated product recommendations
  • A detailed analysis of the production process


  • A low-level system has limited features.
  • Some users find the monthly subscription expensive.


  • Free plan
  • Monthly -$49.95
  • Annual: $199.00

Sell the Trend.

This comprehensive software consists of a powerful AI that knows which products are best to sell and which aren’t. It has millions of products from which you can choose.

It provides trend insights, market analysis, and profitability. You don’t need to hire a designer when creating a website. Sell the Trend has a website builder that you can use to build a fully functional online store.


  • Trends analysis
  • Facebook ad analysis
  • The analysis of the product and operations


  • Comprehensive process analysis
  • Allow you to analyze Facebook ads.
  • Friendly user interface
  • Profitability indicators


  • It can be expensive for beginners.
  • No free plan


  • Free 7-day trial
  • Monthly $39.97
  • Annual 32.97

This is one of the most widely used product research tools. Like following the latest celebrity gossip, Google Trends will help you know what people try to find online.

Search for products or their categories in Google Trends and see how often people search for them for a certain period. This allows you to understand the product’s popularity and seasonality.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools

You can also use Google Trends to explore niche markets. For instance, if your niche is rock climbing, you can search for specific climbing gear or accessories. If the search trend shows steady interest but low competition, you might have stumbled upon a niche market with potential.

You’ll also be able to compare searches for different types of items. For example, if you’re considering selling phone cases, you can compare search interests for various cases, like leather vs. silicone. This can help you see what features or styles resonate more with potential customers.


  • Provide product ideas based on search popularity and trends.
  • Find new, popular items.
  • It avoids items that are declining in popularity.


  • Free to use
  • Relies on Google for search data
  • A quick way to validate product search trends and demand.


  • Manual research process
  • No granular competition data

Jungle Scout

The most flexible product research tool is designed for Amazon sellers and works perfectly for drop shippers. It was founded in 2015 by an engineer, Greg Mercer, who changed careers to e-commerce. You can use this tool to launch a product on Amazon, research products, and get more reviews.


  • Evaluate product trends
  • Tracks competitor
  • It has calculators for profitability.


  • It is an established product research tool.
  • Evaluate products and marketplaces comprehensively.
  • Simple user interface
  • Offer consistent assistance.


  • Costly subscriptions
  • It favors Amazon sellers more.


  • Basic: $29
  • Suite: $49
  • Professional: $84

Dropship Spy

Do you want to access the fastest-growing collection of winning products? Dropship Spy is the tool for you. This tool provides information on the best-selling products, Facebook ad insights, and competitors’ strategies.

Key Features:

  • Competitive price
  • Wide product database
  • Plenty of real-time data


  • Expansive dropshipping ads to help you find winning products
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Offers real-time data


  • Expensive premium plan
  • The free plan has limited features.


  • Free
  • Monthly: $29.90

Ecom hunt

This product recovery tool offers drop shippers insights about product performance, records for Facebook ads, and the market’s capability. The free version may have limited features, but subscribe to the higher tiers to enjoy unique features. Ecomhunt offers three product tracker sessions, a product database, and ten live trending items in the free tier.


  • Assesses marketability
  • Facebook ad analytics
  • A straightforward user interface.


  • It provides product pointers that are regularly updated.
  • Provides insights about Facebook ads.
  • Pricing is affordable.


  • Some users find product pricing costly.
  • The lower-tier plan has limited functions.


  • Free edition
  • Basic: $23
  • Monthly: $39
  • Pro- $49

If you want to shop with Shopify, Simply Trends is your product research tool. It helps you track accurate sales, identify competitors, and research the winning products.


  • Accurate sales for any Shopify store
  • Shows real-time sales for any Shopify store
  • Find and reveal competitors’ secrets.
  • Find popular dropshipping supplier platforms.
  • Research millions of Shopify products to find the winning.


  • Easy-to-use, free version
  • Made specifically for Shopify product research


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Must subscribe to higher tiers to export full results

Facebook ad library

This tool is best used alongside other product research methods. The Facebook Ads Library doesn’t tell you how well a product sells but gives you valuable insights into what people are seeing and interested in.


  • You can view specific products advertised by competitors.
  • Uncover potential ideas that others are pushing.
  • Can assess the copy, imagery, and videos used by competitors.


  • 100% free
  • Shows specific products that competitors actively promote.


  • No sales and performance data
  • Ad processing is done manually.


  • Free of charge

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In conclusion

The dropshipping world is very competitive. Therefore, you need to plan strategically to stay ahead of your competition. To succeed in dropshipping, it would help if you looked into the future. The above-discussed tools can help you find hundreds of products to sell at your online store.

Some tools are free, while others require a subscription fee that varies depending on the platform. It’s essential to take your time when choosing which platform to use.

Are you tired of scrolling through millions of products on Shopify and AliExpress?

Our guide today recommends the Niche Scraper, which tops today’s list. The product “scraper” analyzes thousands of products daily to show you the ones that promise high dropshipping potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I research a dropshipping product?

    You have only two options for finding a dropshipping product: use a free product research tool or subscribe to enjoy more advanced features. 

    Start by conducting market research. Identify the gaps, unseen niches, and trending topics. Paid tools can help you filter and determine which trending items to focus on.

    What is the best dropshipping product research tool?

      The best tool to use for product research depends on the needs of your business. However, we recommend the Niche Scraper, which has free and paid versions. You can try the free version; if your needs aren’t met, update to the paid version and find winning products easily.

      What dropshipping product is most successful?

      A successful dropshipping product depends on various factors, including your store, niche, sales and marketing efforts, seasonality, price range, competition, and the desired profit margins.

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