How To Start Dropshipping Digital Products

Every entrepreneur dreams of opening a business that brings good profits with less strain or capital demands. 

Suppose done right, dropshipping promises that. It doesn’t demand high startup capital, needs minimal supervision, and can generate astounding profits.

With drop shipping, entrepreneurs can sell almost any product. The crucial thing is to ensure you’ve picked a product that sells. So, it would help to research whether you want to sell jewelry, art, clothing, furniture, or home decor. 

Now, besides dropshipping physical products, there is another form of dropshipping known as digital dropshipping. In this form, your dropshipping shop focuses on selling digital products—intangible products.

But how does this work?

This article explores everything you need to know about how to start dropshipping digital products. This way, you won’t get in unthinkingly. 

But first:

What are Digital Products?

Let’s start with the basics: what are digital products? 

These products are produced, sold, and even used digitally. They are intangible. 

Some examples of digital products include music, ebooks, online courses, software, and digital art. 

Start Dropshipping Digital Products

These products are usually delivered to consumers through downloads or emails, which makes it easier for sellers to sell without holding physical inventory. 

Unlike dropshipping for physical products, digital dropshipping doesn’t require manufacturing, shipping, or inventory management. And since they are available only in digital form, they offer scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose Digital Dropshipping? 

Digital drop shipping presents numerous benefits. Some of the main reasons you should venture into digital dropshipping include:

Low Barrier to Entry and Overheads

Anyone can easily create and sell a digital product since the cost of production is minimal. Also, you don’t need to hold inventory, eliminating several fees, including inventory management, warehousing, and stock purchase costs. 

You need to produce the product once and sell it repeatedly without incurring additional costs.

Reach Customers Worldwide

Since the internet has no borders, the world is your customer base. Once your products are online, anyone can access them regardless of where they are. 

A customer can order an ebook, a course, or software from anywhere in the world. Handling your marketing campaigns well gives you a wider reach, translating to more money. 

No Shipping Hassles

With digital products, there are no shipping hassles. Since everything happens online, you don’t have to worry about storage space, delivery time, or postage. 

Customers receive their orders electronically via email or downloads. As such, you can sell to anyone worldwide without worrying about the costs or hassles associated with shipping products. 

Make Money While Sleeping

Your online store operates 24/7. Therefore, you can still earn money while asleep or chilling on the beach. Isn’t it amazing?

Not many businesses allow such flexibility. 

If you are looking for a passive income option, digital dropshipping is just that option. 

Unlimited Inventory

When it comes to digital products, you always have enough stock. You can deliver them repeatedly without the need to restock. 


Once you create the original product, customers can download and consume it. The number of products they can download is unlimited. 

This also means that your income is unlimited. The only challenge comes in after-sale services, such as when selling software or apps. You’ll need a larger support team, especially when there are too many downloads. 

Easy to Update

Updating digital products is a breeze. If you need to update software or an ebook, you simultaneously press a few buttons and send it to customers. 

Instant Delivery 

Digital dropshipping offers instant delivery. The products don’t have to undergo picking, packing, and shipping processes. You only need a few seconds or minutes to get your products when you click that print or download button. 

This convenience increases customer satisfaction, which is crucial for success. It also eliminates the shipping inconveniencies associated with physical products. 

How to Start Dropshipping Digital Products

Now, here is our approach to dropshipping digital products:

Step 1: Pick a Niche

Picking a suitable niche is crucial if you want to be successful in this business. When choosing a niche, consider product market demand, expertise, interests, and passion.

Conduct thorough research to identify digital products that are in high demand. You can use Google Trends to find a specific product’s market demand.

Start Dropshipping Digital Products

For example, if you want to do a digital product like an ebook or a course in health and fitness, you can search for key terms such as healthy recipes or workout programs for diabetics. You’ll be able to see the interest over time.

Take your time in this critical step, as it will determine whether you will make it. Consider products that are lucrative and have minimal competition. 

Product research tools like Minea can provide insights into product sales, profit margins, costs, competition, and customer engagement.

Step 2: Define your Target Audience

Your digital product should resonate well with your target audience. Consider relevance, quality, and uniqueness when creating or sourcing digital products. 

For example, if you are a baker, you can create digital baking guides, a course about how to succeed as a baker photographer or decorate a cake. Identify an audience interested in what you want to produce or sell.

Step 3: Source or Create the Digital Product

You can create a digital product from scratch or source from third parties. Your choice depends on your level of expertise and resources. 

Your digital product should offer value. People invest in value; therefore, you must provide it by addressing a pain point or solving an issue for your target audience.

For example, if your target audience is upcoming photographers, you can create an editing software preset to help them improve their photography and impress their clients.

To create a digital product, you may use online resources like Canva for graphics or Teachable for courses—research the ones that suit your needs and preferences.

Step 4: Implement the Right Pricing Strategy

To maximize profits, you must implement the right pricing strategy. Your prices should remain competitive within the market. 

So how do you do it? 

When setting the prices for your digital products, consider factors like market demand, production costs, and perceived value. 

You can set a single price for the product or consider other strategies, such as bundle deals, tiered pricing options, or limited-time discounts. A discount can incentivize purchases and help boost sales volume.

Also, to remain competitive, study how your competitors price the same product and adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Set Up an Online Store 

It would help to have an online store to showcase your digital products and attract clients. Here, you can choose to create your website or use Shopify.

Shopify is a user-friendly tool with unique themes. It lets you customize and add products seamlessly to your online store. 

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Also, Shopify integrates well with multiple dropshipping tools, which makes product management a breeze. Platforms like EcommerceBot allow you to automate marketing and promotion. 

Step 6: Market and Promote Your Digital Products

Marketing is necessary to draw clients to purchase your digital products. Therefore, invest time, effort, and money in marketing and promoting your digital products to drive sales. 

Leverage content marketing, social media, email campaigns, and paid advertising to create awareness and reach the target audience. You can also use tools like the EcommerceBot to scale your efforts. 

This AI-powered tool lets you easily set up campaigns and run social media ads. 

Best Digital Dropshipping Products

Choosing the right product is undeniably among the most crucial steps in digital dropshipping. While you must follow passion and interests, you must also learn and understand what the market needs. Here is a list of incredible dropshipping products you can consider:


Technology keeps on changing, and so does the way people do things. Currently, more people have embraced e-reading. Instead of buying physical books or reading materials, digital reading materials take shape more with time. 

Start Dropshipping Digital Products

You can access almost any book online and enjoy reading from anywhere. This convenience, plus the presence of mobile devices, makes ebooks a great digital product to dropship. 

Even better, producing them is easy: You need to make them once, don’t have to keep printing, and won’t have to worry about shipping. 

If you can write something people would love to read, this is the best way to get them to read it. 

Online Courses

Online courses are also in high demand. People want to learn new things, whether it’s a DIY  step-by-step guide, a cooking course, a trading course, or anything else. 

All you need is to be good at what you do and share this with your audience through an online course. The best thing? Online course dropshipping gives you access to a global audience. 

This means that sales are almost unlimited if you can market your products or shop well. Also, production costs are low, and people always want new information. 

Do you have any skills or experience in a particular field that you can share with the world? Make money via digital drop shipping while at it. 

Graphics and Digital Art  

People are increasingly appreciating digital art. And graphic design is also an area that pays well. This means that artists and graphic designers can create and sell their masterpieces.

The best thing is that you’ll have no limitations like those caused by physical product production or shipping. You produce and sell your work right from where you are. 

Music and Entertainment Content 

If you think about it, music and other entertainment content are also doing well in the dropshipping market. Artists and content creators can now record songs or create content and drop-ship it to the world. 

Once you have your music or content and identify your target audience, all you need to do next is to market it. Users can then download it for a price, and you can make good money. 

For example, a platform like Patreon allows content creators to receive support from their fans for exclusive content. 

Artists can also sell their work on online galleries such as Saatchi and make money.

However, it would help if you grew your following to make good money here. Remember, your fan base defines your customer base. 

Product Photography

Photographers also have an excellent opportunity to make money online through digital dropshipping. 

Product photography has seen significant growth; as a professional photographer, carving a niche here will be pretty straightforward.

All you need to do here is identify the features that users love in a product and emphasize those in your photography. This, plus using quality equipment to produce high-quality images, will earn you a reputation and certainly some earnings. 

You can use a personal website to sell your photo, an agency, or a marketplace. 

Printable Digital Products

Printable digital products offer so many possibilities for artists and designers. For instance, you can create printable items like greeting cards, wall art, and planners and sell them online. Customers can buy, download, and print these items from home.

It is among the most accessible types of digital dropshipping, as all you need to do is create your designs. You don’t incur printing or shipping costs. The customer will download the items from your website or where you’ve placed them. 

How to Maximize Profits in Digital Dropshipping 

Maximizing profits in any business requires work, planning, and making some strategic decisions. It’s not any different in digital dropshipping. 

So, what are you required to do?

First, you must find the best products and identify the right audience. 

This ensures your product is targeted to an audience that needs it and is ready to consume it. In other words, you’ve found a way to solve a particular problem. This ensures more sales and, subsequently, more money.

Additionally, it would help if you used the right tools for your dropshipping shop. For instance, automate marketing activities. This ensures that your marketing campaigns get to the right people most conveniently. 

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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A platform like EcommerceBot enables all this. It has features for ad automation, customer interactions, and support. And as you know, a satisfied customer is a happy customer. 

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