30 Best Discord Music Bots – To Amplify Discord Server

When it comes to online chatting, whether via text, voice, or video talks, Discord has the hearts of over 150 million users every month

These are mainly gamers and streamers who enjoy Discord’s sense of community. 

If you use Discord, you already know how customizable Discord servers can be through bots. 

These bots help enhance the functionalities of Discord servers, streamlining their management and bringing in more fun. 

Music is one thing that almost everyone loves. And it’s incredible to enjoy some good music while gaming or interacting with your Discord community. 

Discord music bots make the experience more exhilarating. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the best Discord music bots to ensure you’ve got everything you need to customize your music functions on Discord. 

But first:

What are Music Bots on Discord?

Discord music bots offer automated functionalities in Discord, including music entertainment, moderation, and support services. With these music bots, multiple server members can select songs to listen to and enjoy with everyone else simultaneously.

Most Discord music bots integrate with multiple platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and YouTube. You can select music to play in a voice channel, and then whoever joins the voice channel can listen along to the music. 

Top Discord Music Bots to Amplify Your Discord Server

Discord lets you hang out with your gaming guild, study group, or group of buddies, chat, and listen to great music tracks together. Check out these incredible music bots if you want to add rhythm to your Discord server. 


First on our list of best Discord music bots is FredBoat. It’s a simple music bot that lets you play your favorite music from various sources such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and more. 

Discord’s simplicity and reliability attract users. It also has features that make playing music blissful, such as volume controls, playlist management, and customizability.

The main benefits of installing the FredBoat music bot include:

  • Supports high-quality music(audio) from Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud
  • It enables easy setup and management due to its simple user interface.  
  • It makes playlist creation and sharing possible.
  • Allows DJ roles for better music management 
  • Enables volume and voice commands
  • Queues music based on priority for fair play
  • Informs you the next song on the queue
  • With it, you can replay your favorite audio songs.
  • It supports audio filters, optimizing the listening experience. 


  • Free plan: Get five playlists per server and 20 tracks per playlist.
  • Monthly Plan (Fredboat Patron): $2 for one server with Spotify support, minimal lag, 50 playlists per server, and 100 tracks per playlist.

Jockie Music

If you want something more than a Discord music bot, Jockie Music is a great choice. It allows you to enjoy music from multiple platforms and has incredible features. 

  • Enables real-time lyrics
  • Allows high-definition music playbacks
  • Allows creation and management of playlists
  • Has replay and volume control options
  • Allows advanced search on various music platforms
  • Dynamic queue system

All these features make it convenient for users to listen to music while chatting or gaming. One potential drawback is that to prevent abuse, it has a limit of 10,000 tracks in a single queue. Also, Spotify and Apple Music playlists load only 100 tracks simultaneously.


Jockie Music bot is free to use up to 50 collections per person, each with up to 10,000 tracks. With the premium option, the number of collections goes up to 200.


There are numerous Discord music bots. But if you are looking specifically for one that plays Spotify, Uzox is your bot. This multipurpose bot is known for allowing users to play music on Discord directly from Spotify. 

Other features that make this Discord music bot stand out include:

  • Allows direct music streams on Discord from Shopify 
  • It offers numerous features besides music 
  • Highly customizable based on your preferences
  • It helps you save your favorite songs for quick access
  • Allows song looping options
  • Let’s you know which song is currently playing 
  • Supports various permissions for user roles 
  • Offers a robust playlist management system

If you want consistent, immersive music on Discord, the Uzox Discord music bot is a great fit. 


Uzox is free, with no paywall.


Zandercraft is among the best multi-functional Discord music bots that ensure you enjoy more than just quality music streaming. And being a favorite of more than 197k users, it’s easy to see why this music bot is so popular. 

Some of Zandercraft’s most prominent features include:

  • Productivity-friendly features
  • Supports live song lyrics 
  • Allows audio effects for enhanced listening 
  • It comes with fun elements, including memes and GIFs
  • Allows you to create and manage lyrics
  • Supports song requests from various platforms, such as YouTube
  • Allows song replay and skipping actions 

It is the best Discord music bot for balancing server management and fun. And it does more than music: It also features random memes, GIFs, fancy insults, comics, and random animal facts and images.


Info not available.


This is another versatile Discord bot famous for its ability to stream some of the highest-quality music on Discord. Hydra offers other unique benefits to help customize your Discord server. 

  • Multi-language support 
  • Facilitates creation and management of playlists
  • Allows music looping for your favorite tracks 
  • Supports DJ role selection for better music control 
  • Allows direct replays from YouTube, Spotify, etc.
  • Offers an effective system for queue management and prioritization 
  • Provides detailed statistics on your favorite songs and playlists

Hydra’s multilingual feature makes it a darling for many, as it fits different regions and languages globally. 


  • Free plan – Includes welcome message, message customization, multiple templates, reaction roles configurator, and message editor.
  • Premium Plans: $5.99 monthly for three premium servers to access all features, or $59.99 if you pay yearly.


While the BMO Discord music bot offers basic music features for your Discord server, it’s undoubtedly among the best music bots. With its over 360 commands,  it provides more than just music features. It also features memes, games, image manipulation, NSFW role-play, gambling, and more.  

Installing the BMO music bot comes with the following benefits: 

  • Allows you to search for favorite songs and add them to the queue
  • It’s pretty fast in searching for songs
  • High-quality music playbacks
  • Multi-functional features 
  • High performance and minimum downtime
  • Allows you to play songs from numerous sources like Spotify and Youtube
  • Advanced playlist controls
  • Song suggestion feature for new songs 
  • Different permissions for user roles  
  • Radio Streaming 

The only drawback is that learning how the bot works could be more straightforward.


Not indicated


High-quality music and user-friendly features are some of the top attractions of this robust Discord music bot. If you want handy Discord server moderation tools, this is a winner.  

Other Vexera features include: 

  • Quality music streaming services
  • Sources songs from multiple platforms, including Spotify and YouTube
  • Playlists creation feature 
  • Support skipping of songs 
  • It has a shuffle feature 
  • Allows song queue management and prioritization 

Vexera is among the best free multi-functional Discord bots. It serves over 2 million Discord servers.


  • Free–  Few features
  • Premium Plan – $3 a month via Patreon for all premium features and $5 for all premium features and Vexera Pro.


Are you looking for a free but high-quality Discord music bot? 

Chip Music Bot allows you to stream your favorite music 24/7 on Discord. The best thing is that it offers more features than just music.

For instance, installing the Chip Discord music bot comes with:

  • High-quality audio 
  • Ultimate control for the best DJ experience
  • Zero payment restrictions
  • Offers 24/7 music streaming services so that you never miss a beat

Initiate a 24/7, non-stop playback with just a single command. 


  • Free – With limitations

Paid plans include:

  • User Premium – Costs $5 per month
  • Server Premium – Costs $12.50 monthly 
  • Custom music bot – $25 a month


Aiode music bot is a popular Discord bot that allows music streaming from multiple platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, etc. The bot will enable you to search for and play any music on Discord anytime. 

Other prominent features of this Discord music bot include:

  • Streaming for high-definition music 
  • Advanced control functions 
  • Access to numerous music streaming platforms 
  • Playlist creation and sharing features 
  • Volume controls
  • 24/7 streaming feature 
  • Allows music looping, replay, and shuffling functions 
  • Detailed statistics for songs and playlists

Even better, Aiode is entirely free! Install and customize your music experience on Discord.

Aiode Pricing

It is free.

MEE6 Discord Music Bot 

MEE6 is also an incredible Discord music bot that takes your music experience on Discord to another level. Its visual player allows you to control music on your Discord server seamlessly.

Discord Music Bots

This multi-functional bot has numerous moderation and music commands for easier management and control.

Installing the MEE6 Discord bot gives you access to these features:

  • 24/7 music playback
  • Favorite music search feature 
  • Creation and management of playlists 
  • Volume boost
  • Members’ voting feature for favorite songs 
  • Customizable controls for DJ roles 
  • Automated moderation feature for keeping off spammers
  • Leveling feature for rating users’ roles 
  • Custom command creation feature  

Now, with MEE6, you’ve got an all-in-one Discord bot. 

Mee6 Pricing 

Mee6 Discord music bot has three pricing plans besides its free features. These include:

  • Lifetime– $89.99, payable once
  • Yearly – $4.17 a month billed yearly
  • Monthly– $11.99 a month, billed monthly  


Chambot is a multipurpose Discord bot that offers more than just an incredible music experience on your Discord servers. For example, having Champbot on your Discord server provides the following essential features:

  • Weather forecasts 
  • Automated moderation 
  • Stop, shuffle, skip, loop music controls 
  • Auto role features
  • Casino command for users’ amusement 
  • Capability for creating and managing playlist 
  • Song search on various platforms
  • Audio effects and equalizers

If you want to enjoy high-quality music from multiple platforms, Champbot allows precisely that.


Premium Champbot has three pricing plans that you can try out:

  • Bronze – $6 monthly 
  • Silver – $11.50 monthly 
  • Gold – $17.50 monthly 


This Discord music bot blends amusement features with music streaming capabilities to offer an exceptional music experience. Its soothing functionalities create a peaceful environment coupled with high-quality background music for the best user experience.  

All this is made possible by the following unique features:

  • Playlist creation and management 
  • Allows song skips and looping 
  • No configuration 
  • Multi-platform music streaming capabilities 
  • Audio filters and volume controls 
  • Supports DJ roles 
  • Queue management capabilities 

ChillBot Discord music bot transforms any Discord server into a haven for music enthusiasts. 

ChillBot Discord bot Pricing 

You can join Chillbot for free or join any of these three paid memberships:

  • ChillBot Premium – €3 / month
  • ChillBot Premium X3 – €5 / month
  • ChillBot Premium X10 – €10 / month


Do you want your Discord server to look more professional? Try the ProBot Discord music bot. This versatile bot also offers the best server management capabilities, helping you create the best engagement server for your community. 

Other top ProBot features that make it stand out among peers include:

  • Song search and play capabilities 
  • Quality music streaming 
  • Queue management systems
  • Multiple-platform music streaming 
  • Allows you to create and manage playlists
  • Allows music auto-play
  • Roles assignment with just a click 
  • Leveling roles capabilities 
  • Embeds creation capabilities 

Automate essential tasks while enhancing amusement functionalities.

ProBot Premium Pricing 

  • Tier 1 – $5 monthly
  • Tier 2 – $10 monthly 


For a good reason: Lunabot is among the best Discord music bots. You can use it for free and still enjoy its numerous fast and safe music commands. And when you choose the paid version, you get access to even more potent features as follows:

  • Multi-platform music streaming from Spotify, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Vimeo, etc. 
  • Global volume control 
  • Unlimited saved playlists
  • Audio effects
  • A dedicated music request channel
  • Custom playlists 
  • Feature-rich command list 
  • Autoplay 
  • Convenient buttons

Lunabot promises a smoother music experience on Discord. 

Lunabot Premium Pricing 

You can use this Discord music bot for free or subscribe to the following plans:

  • Basic – $2.5 a month 
  • Medium three servers – $4 a month 
  • Medium five servers – $4.99 a month

And if you want to go custom, here are the prices:

  • Advance– $5 a month 
  • Higher – $7 a month 
  • Super – $9 a month


Another music-dedicated Discord bot is Greenbot. This bot ensures that music enthusiasts on Discord can enjoy their favorite playlists as they game or interact with their communities. The features that make this a reality include:

  • 24/7 music autoplay 
  • Permission system, allowing specific users to create and play playlists
  • Easy management of music playlists 
  • High sound quality 
  • High-quality playlists 
  • Songs queue management system
  • Ability to create and manage playlists
  • DJ roles 
  • Lyrics display feature 

Generally, Greenbot is a multi-faceted bot that offers excellent music features and management tools for your Discord servers. So, if you want an all-around Discord bot, you can try Greenbot. 

Greenbot Pricing 

  • Premium server X1 – $3.50 a month
  • Custom bot – $6.99 a month 
  • Premium server X3 – $6 a month

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Sleepy’s Pet

Sleepy’s Pet music also fits the bill when streaming high-quality music for your Discord communities. Besides being easy to use, this unique Discord music bot offers many other valuable features to help blend the professional and fun parts of Discord servers.

So, what are the best Sleepy’s Pet features?

  • Unparalleled quality music streaming on YouTube
  • Top-notch playlist creation features 
  • Audio effects such as bass boost 
  • Ability to download an entire YouTube music playlist
  • DJ roles that allow more playlist control

With its easy interface and high-quality music, music enthusiasts can relax and enjoy their favorite playlists while gaming or chatting with friends and communities. 


Pricing information is not available.


This comprehensive bot with incredible music features will give your Discord server a new vibe. With Pengubot, music lovers can customize or manage their Discord servers with numerous music commands to enjoy stunning playbacks.

This Discord bot gives you access to the following features: 

  • Quality music streaming 
  • It supports streaming from multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and SoundCloud.
  • Easy playlist creation and management 
  • Organized song requests through queue management 
  • Song search capabilities 

With its simple features, enjoying the music experience on Discord will always be different.

Pengubot Pricing

It’s currently free. 

24/7 Music Bot 

Playing your favorite music on Discord differs entirely from the 24/7 Discord music bot. It not only allows you to play an uninterrupted playlist of your favorite songs, but you can also import music from your favorite radio station. And just as its name goes, you won’t have to miss a song any time of the day, seven days a week. 

24/7 Discord music bot allows you to:

  • Search and play songs from radios directly
  • Get the current playing song details from most radios
  • Enjoy music from any online radio station 24/7
  • Get uninterrupted music 
  • Play any of your favorite songs as long as they are on the supported platforms. 
  • Offers queue management 
  • Allows songs shuffling 
  • Has Autoplay functions

However, the number of features you can enjoy depends on your pricing plan. 

24/7 Pricing 

You can install the bot for free or join any of these two paid plans:

  • Premium – $2.47 monthly 
  • Premium + – $7.24 monthly


DisTube has incredible features that can enhance your Discord music experience. It is an actively developed bot with easy-to-use features for your convenience.

The main features of this multipurpose discord bot include: 

  • Easy use and customization  
  • Seamless quality music streaming from YouTube or audio link
  • Add filters like bass boost
  • Plugin option to help support more sites 
  • Autoplay related songs
  • Simple creation and management of playlists 

DisTube offers a well-managed Discord server to Discord users. 


No pricing Information 


Maki is a favorite Discord music bot for gamers and streamers, with over 97 million users. And just like the other apps, Maki has numerous features such as:

  • Play, pause, and resume songs
  • Queue songs
  • Connect and disconnect
  • Skip, rewind, and forward songs
  • Shuffle music
  • Manage Volume
  • Stop, repeat, and loop songs

Maki lets you enjoy great tunes with friends from different platforms.


  • Monthly plan – $7 a month 
  • Yearly plan – $50 a year


Pancake is an easy-to-use music bot that permits smooth playback from different sources. Its commands allow you to get music on your Discord servers. 

Here is what you get from the Pancake music bot:

  • Play, pause, and resume the music playback
  • Autoplay 
  • Lyrics display
  • Search platforms like Spotify 
  • Queue management capabilities such as moving, shuffling, accepting, and removing a song from the queue.
  • It starts a vote-skip for the current song and instantly skips if the user queued it. 
  • Stop the music, clear the queue, and disconnect
  • Change the volume of the music to “Donators Only.”

Pancake Pricing 

  • Premium – $2 a month 
  • Premium Bot – $4 a month 


Teal music bot lets you play your favorite hit songs from various platforms, including SoundCloud and Spotify. With its feature-rich command list, your Discord moments can be most relaxing and fulfilling.  

Teals allows you to:

  • Join voice channels 
  • Start playing the song 
  • Skip the current song and move to the next
  • Stop or pause your music
  • Clear the song queue
  • Forceskip, where you can  forcefully skip the current song

This bot offers more features than your average Discord music bot. With it, you can customize your Discord music to suit your preference best.

Teal Pricing

No pricing info. 


Redefine how you play music on Discord with the Munix music bot. If you want to escape the mediocre music sounds and expensive subscription plans, Munix offers an excellent alternative. The bot allows you to taste the future of music with the following features:

  • 24/7 non-stop playlists 
  • Easy control with simple commands
  • Feature-rich command list with no paywall
  • High-quality audio music

Don’t just enjoy music; experience the best of it with a next-generation music bot.

Munix Pricing 

  • All you own – €10 / month
  • User – €2 / month
  • Custom Bot – €5 / month
  • Server – €3 / month


Muzox is another incredible partner for Discord music lovers. It ensures that you enjoy Discord with some of the most extensive commands. Top Muzox Discord music features include the following: 

  • Autoplay to queue related tracks for a smooth, uninterrupted, fun 
  • 24/7 Mode allows the playing of music non-stop  without a lag
  • Crisp quality of music without a lag
  • Filter the best music from a large pool of features like 8D and Base Boost

This cutting-edge music bot brings top-quality music to your server without a lag.


No pricing info.


Flavibot is a high-quality bot with a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot. The bot supports music from different platforms, including Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Tidal. It’s packed with numerous features like:

  • Fully customizable
  • Filters to search for best jams
  • 24/7 Mode to listen to music non-stop
  • Autoplay to queue songs and get a smooth music playback
  • Web Player
  • DJ Roles system
  • Supports radio
  • Song request channel

The Flavibot stands out as it supports stage channels.

Pricing Flavibot

  • User Premium – €2.49 / month
  • Silver Premium – €3.49 / month
  • Gold Premium+ Custom Bot – €5.99 / month


This is a multilingual Discord Bot that is packed with unique features. Gaana bot gives you access to high-quality music albums. Some notable features that come with Gaana include:

  • DJ Role system
  • Audio Filters
  • 24/7 music
  • Free volume
  • Autoplay
  • Bot channels

Gaana lets you create custom playlists, which is an incredible feature.

Gaana Pricing 

  • Monthly – $3.99
  • Yearly – $16.99


Betty is among Discord’s most advanced music bots, with bleeding-edge quality. You can give it a try and judge for yourself. Here are some of the features you will expect:

  • 24/7 Playtime
  • Supports multiple platforms like Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, etc.
  • Fast song request
  • Spotify integration
  • Custom playlist feature to import up to 2,500 songs 
  • Lyrics commands
  • Duplicate song prevention

With Betty Discord music bot, you can also expect automatic member cleanup.

Betty Pricing 

  • Custom Bot – €5 / month
  • Monthly – €2.55 / month
  • Yearly – €2.08 / month

Stone Music Bot

Consider the Stone Music, but if you want to enjoy music while chatting with friends. This is a powerful and user-friendly Discord music bot. It has the following features;

  • Search and play songs
  • Pause and skip songs
  • Volume control features
  • Customizable to user needs and preferences
  • Integrates with Deezer and Spotify API to play songs from those platforms
  • Customize your playlist
  • Queue songs
  • Discover new music
  • Control music playbacks

Stone music bot makes music recommendations based on the user’s history.

Stone Pricing 

  • Stone Supporter – $2 monthly 
  • Stone Enthusiast – $5 monthly 
  • Stone Maestro – $8

Trebel Music Bot

If you want to become a DJ of your Discord voice chat, consider the Trebel Music bot. Trebel Music Bot makes music jams accessible, fair, and entertaining. Here is what Trebel offers:

  • Vast music library
  • Continuous play
  • Custom playlists
  • Music Discovery
  • Skip songs
  • Download songs to listen to when offline
  • Enjoy on-demand tracks
  • Get podcasts and videos
  • Queue management

What makes Trebel stand out is its ability to help create music-related tournaments for members to participate in, which makes the moments fun and memorable. Supported languages are English and Spanish.


No pricing information is available.

Groot Broki’s Music Bot

Groot is one of Discord’s best, high-quality, secure music bots. Packed with numerous features. Here is a list of other incredible features:

  • Volume Control
  • Blocklist channels
  • Multilingual options
  • Customization features
  • Custom playlist
  • Choose songs to play, skip, and queue

This music bot is the last on our list, but not the least. Why? It is free and offers more than music. It has AI integration to generate images and art and can answer all sorts of quizzes that anyone may be having.


While it offers various free features, you can enhance your Discord music experience by subscribing to any of these plans.

  • 3 Premium Count – $4.99 monthly 
  • 1 Premium Count – $2.99 monthly 
  • 6 Premium Count – $14.99 monthly 


There is no doubt that Discord music bots offer great entertainment functionalities to create unique experiences while hanging out and chatting. 

Our list of the best Discord music bots includes excellent options with unique features. 

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

But be sure to check with the specific Discord bot website before you connect to ensure it offers what you’re seeking and to know when they change, cease service, or offer new or advanced features. 

Though this is not comprehensive, as there are numerous Discord music bots out there, hopefully, you have found a perfect match on this list. These bots can significantly spice up your server.

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