How To Get Influencers For Your Products

The influencer market is increasing daily, and the sector is expected to hit $22 billion in 2025. This data shows that influencers are crucial in marketing brands’ products. Your product might appear next on Leonel Messi’s Instagram account.

For e-commerce businesses, working with influencers is a golden opportunity to show their products to the world or create hype about their new releases. 

Influencers help build brand awareness, generate leads, create trust, and increase sales.

However, finding the perfect influencers for your product can take time, as many scammers pose as influencers. Thus, it would help if you researched well to avoid being scammed. 

A good influencer should be authentic, have community management skills, be an expert in creating unique content, be passionate, and be trustworthy.

In this article, we will discuss the definition of an influencer, the four main types of influencers, the importance of influencers, and how to find influencers for your products. Without wasting much time, let’s dive in and explore the world of influencers in marketing.

What is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone with a massive following in your industry or niche to help you reach your target audience. Influencers are experienced people with knowledge of a specific niche. With their huge following, these people help market your products and get a higher engagement.

Brands use influencers to market or endorse their products to their audience through posts or partnerships. Using influencers for your products can help you increase brand awareness, build brand trust and loyalty, and drive sales.

Types of Influencers

Before we discuss how to get influencers for your products, you need to understand the four main types of influencers to determine which category suits your products. 

These influencers are categorized according to their Number of followers.

Get Influencers For Your Products

Mega Influencers

The high-ranked category of influencers is mega influencers, also called celebrity influencers, with over one million followers. This category includes famous musicians, actors, footballers, and public figures with huge followings.

When you think of mega influencers, you think of people like Christiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Will Smith, and Selena Gomez, among others. These influencers charge a considerable sum of money for a single post. This type of influencer is perfect for brands with a large marketing budget and mass appeal.

Macro Influencers

Macro influencers are the second category after mega influencers. Their followers range between 100,000 and one million. Macro influencers specialize in a specific niche, such as travel, food, beauty, or fitness.

Macro influencers charge a hefty price for their marketing services like mega influencers. Since these influencers focus on a specific niche, partnering with them will help you reach a large audience in your niche.

For example, Huda Kattan focuses on the beauty niche. She is a perfect macro influencer for brands looking to reach demographics in this niche.


Micro-influencers are people with a social media audience of 10,000 to 100,000. Although they don’t have a substantial social media following, studies have shown that they are perfect for your business because they reach a higher engagement rate.

Their pricing is affordable compared to mega and macro influencers. An excellent example of a micro-influencer is Francesca Newman, who focuses on traveling and has 99,800 followers.

Nano Influencer

Nano influencers are the last category of the four main types of influencers. These influencers have a following of less than 10,000, which is relatively small compared to micro-influencers. 

A nano influencer greatly influences a community, like in the local neighborhood. For example, some nano influencers include your community government leaders, pastors, or local community leaders.

The main agenda of nano influencers is to get your business’s regular, everyday people, such as their family, friends, village people, or neighbors, to influence your services or products to the local community. One benefit of using nano influencers is to get higher engagement even though they reach a small target audience.

Why is it Important to Find the Right Influencers

Finding the right influencer for your products is crucial in marketing as it helps you reach the right target audience.

For example, suppose you sell designer products like Louis Vuitton bags and want to reach the right audience. In that case, you can partner with celebrities with substantial social media followings to help you get an audience interested in your products.

Not only reaching the right audience does choosing the right influencers benefit you, but there are other benefits.

Increase Brand Awareness

Influencers have a substantial following on social media, so when they create content to advertise your products on their pages, your brand awareness will increase as the posts reach greater engagement.

If your business is new, this strategy helps you grow your audience followers. Influencers help you reach new potential customers and tell the world about your brand. Influencers are essential in creating hype when launching a new product or a new collection launch.

Increase Sales

When influencers market your products, they will likely reach many potential customers. Your business increases sales from the influencers following.

They can share promotion codes or discounts, which helps boost your brand’s sales. Influencers are essential in increasing your sales from their social media followers.

Boosting Social Media Followers

Social media is a good platform for increasing brand awareness and sales. To achieve this, you need a large number of followers.

One way to increase your followers is through an influencer. When influencers discuss your products on their pages, followers like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok follow your social media handles.

Additionally, you can offer a giveaway in return for people following you back. Most people love gifts, and this works magic in increasing your followers.

Gain Credibility and Trust

Influencers are trusted by their followers, and when you partner with such influencers, they will tell their followers about your brand as trustworthy and credible.

The influencers also post content that talks positively about your brand. They can also endorse your products, thus slowly building your trust with your target audience.

How to Find Influencers for Your Products

Finding the right influencers for your products can be challenging. The sector is saturated with real and fake influencers, so you must research before settling on a certain one. With the different types of influencers, your budget and needs will determine which category is right for you.

To make the work easy for you, we have researched the 8 top ways to find influencers for your products.

Social Media

Social media is a good platform for finding influencers for your products, as these influencers spend most of their time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and WhatsApp.

One way to find them is through viral posts. Suppose you notice a viral post; search for the person who posted it to see if they have huge or active followers. Additionally, you can look through the comment section to see if any influencer is engaging with it.

You can also search for influencers on LinkedIn using relevant keywords and filtering to get the right one, such as location or posts.

For example, if you are looking for fitness influencers, type the keyword “Fitness” on the search bar and filter it with “Posts” or “Location.” Scroll down through all the given results and look for higher engagement posts.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms are tools that make it easy to manage marketing campaigns. These tools have different features, and one common feature is the search feature, which helps businesses find the right influencer for their products.

Influencer tools help brands save money and time by hunting for influencers. The tools also detect scam influencers, protecting users from being scammed. Instead of manually searching for influencers, use the tool to find the perfect influencer that aligns with your budget and brand niche.

This tool helps you with the following;

  • Number of views
  • Number of followers or subscribers
  • Price tag
  • Overall channel quality score
  • Date of last post

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors might work with influencers, but you can only contact them if you sell the same products. However, you can check their influencers’ posts and see different influencers interacting with them in the comment section.

Additionally, you can monitor who gets more replies or likes on their comments. This might be your new influencer. It is an easy and free way to find an influencer for your products.  


Social media platforms can help you find influencers using relevant hashtags related to your brand. But first, you need to master your specific niche and see which hashtags work well. You can use Ecommercebot, a social media feature that can help you generate hashtags related to your brand.

Every social media channel, such as Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, or TikTok, has a search bar. You can key in your hashtag and filter it to find influencers for your brand or even in your location. Combine your keywords, hashtags, and location to find influencers who perfectly fit your brand.

For example, if you search for #Ecommercebot on any social media handle, you will see various posts that mention Ecommercebot.

A Facebook screenshot showing the results of using hashtags.

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Industry Conferences and Events

Influencers are commonly known for using social media, but they attend conferences and events so that you can connect with them in person. You can attend events and conferences related to your products to gain tips for your marketing campaigns and discover new influencers.

If you don’t have the budget to attend conferences and events, you can look for people to speak at them. Most organizers hire influencers to speak, which is a perfect way to get real influencers and avoid scammers.

Search Engines

Search engines like Google or Binge can help you find the perfect influencers for your products. You can utilize the search bar to make finding influencers easy instead of going from one social platform to another and analyzing one influencer to another.

To find these influencers, type the word “site” in the search bar, follow with the name of the website you are searching for, like Instagram or Facebook, leave a space, and then add your search phrase.

For example, if you are looking for a food influencer in Canada, you must type the following in the search bar: “Food blogger Canada.”

A screenshot of search engine results after using the above prompt. 

Your Network

Recommendations work well in every industry, as the people being recommended are genuine, and most are from your friends’ circle. You can contact your workmates, family members, employees, industry contacts, or friends.

You can also post on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or X (formerly Twitter) to post about your influencer search. Ask your network to recommend influencers in the comment section or to share the post to reach higher engagements.


Investing in social media influencers is a powerful way of marketing your products to the world. Most marketers say the ROI they get from influencers is higher than other marketing strategies. But before investing in these influencers, you must learn how to find them. The most common ways to find influencers include social media, search engines, hashtags, industry conferences and events, competitor analysis, and influencer marketing platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find influencers for my products?

You can find influencers for your products through social media, hashtags, events and conferences, search engines, influencer marketing tools, your network, and competitor analysis.

Can anyone be an influencer? 

Anyone can become an influencer if willing to create and share content on social media platforms.

What are the four major types of influencers?

The four major types of influencers are mega, macro, micro, and nano. They are categorized according to the Number of social media followers or subscribers.

How many followers do I need to become an influencer?

The Number of followers you gain as an influencer will depend on your chosen category. For example, nano influencers have a social media following of less than 10,000.

What qualifies you to become an influencer? 

An influencer is someone with a large number of followers. To become an influencer, you need to master the latest social media trends, manage social media accounts, create content that people love, and build strong relationships with your audience.

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