How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business On Etsy

In 2022, Etsy generated over $2.5 billion in revenue, a 10.8% increase from 2021. With this, it is clear that the company keeps increasing revenue, making it an excellent place to start your business.

Etsy supports a wide range of customized products, including print-on-demand. Print-on-demand Business on Etsy is low risk because there is no holding inventory; thus, it needs low capital to start.

But is this business worth starting in 2024? How can I start Printing on demand on Etsy? 

What are the dos and don’ts for a successful Etsy print-on-demand business? 

What are the top Etsy Print-on-demand products?

Don’t worry; this guide will cover every detail you need to know before embarking on print-on-demand on Etsy.


What is Print-On-Demand Etsy?

Before diving deeper into print-on-demand on Etsy, it is essential to understand what It is.

Print-on-demand Etsy is a business model that allows you, as a seller, to sell custom products without needing inventory.

Once a customer makes an order, these products are printed.

But how does print-on-demand work with Etsy?

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business On Etsy

When you list your custom products on Etsy and customer orders, print-on-demand providers print the product and ship it directly to the customer. 

In simple terms, print-on-demand is just like dropshipping on Etsy. 

How to Start a Print-on-Demand on Etsy: Step-By-Step Guide

If you are ready to start your print-on-demand business on Etsy, we are here to help. 

However, starting and running a print-on-demand business can be challenging if you lack proper knowledge of the company. 

This guide will guide you step-by-step through starting and managing your Print-on-demand business on Etsy.

Step 1: Find Your Product Niche to Sell on Etsy

The first crucial step before starting your print-on-demand business is finding the perfect niche. 

Etsy has a high competition of sellers; thus, with the ideal niche, it can be easier to succeed. 

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business On Etsy

Finding a niche helps reduce competition and increases the chances of success. 

Here is a tip: look for a small niche that has zero quality sellers and focus on that

The Etsy search bar can help you find a niche when you use it to check your product ideas. 

Step 2: Search for Print on Demand Companies

Once you find our product niche, you need to look for a print-on-demand provider who will turn your dream into reality. When looking for a provider, bear in mind the following.

  • Product Quality
  • Production and reliability
  • Pricing structure
  • The minimum and maximum order
  • Customer support
  • Shipping policies
  • Customer reviews and testimonials

You can test different print-on-demand providers before making the final decision. 

Order different samples to assess the quality, material, artistry, and printing to ensure the product meets your standards. This will help you create promotional ads for your products. 

The most used print-on-demand app is the Print Printify app, which prints and handles your shipping and returns every time you receive an order from your store.

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business On Etsy

Printify offers a variety of product catalogs to choose from based on different product costs, materials, and size printer locations closer to the customer.

Ecommercebot is a perfect AI tool for creating and running ads on social media platforms for your print-on-demand business on Etsy.

You can drive AI automation ads to your landing pages on the Etsy platform by running Facebook ads with AI or Google ads. 

Step 3: Open an Etsy Shop

After researching and settling on the products you want to sell, you must open an Etsy shop. To do this, visit the Etsy website and click “Get Started.

” Follow the sign-up process and provide your details. Log in now and head to the seller’s dashboard. 

Click the “Open Your Etsy Shop” button and create your shop. 

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business On Etsy

You must select your shop preferences, such as the shop language, currency, and country. 

Lastly, you have to name your shop.

Choose a unique, easy-to-remember name that also reflects your brand. 

The shop name should include the following;

  • The range between 4-20 characters long
  • Avoid names that are already on Etsy
  • Have no particular character or space
  • It should not violate any trademark infringements

After entering your shop name, Etsy will check it automatically to see if it’s available. They will suggest which to select if the name has already been taken. 

Another easy method is to start a print-on-demand business on Shopify, which offers $1 monthly for three months of free trials.

run print on demand business on etsy

Etsy offers two subscription options: Etsy Standard or Etsy Plus. The standard option is complimentary, while the plus option costs $10 monthly. 

Depending on our budget, you will select one subscription option that suits you. 

The Etsy Plus subscription has some enticing features like advanced shop customization and discounts on some features. 

Step 4: List Your Products on Etsy

Listing your products for buyers is crucial in starting a successful print-on-demand business with Etsy. 

Etsy allows sellers to list digital and physical products, but the listing process differs for each type. 

You have to follow this procedure when listing your products on Etsy.

Add photos and videos: For each item you list, you need to use at least five images and a maximum of 10 images taken from different angles. 

The size of the image should be 1,000 pixels square.

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Select your thumbnail image: when you upload the first image, it should be your product thumbnail by default. 

But you can change the photo by dragging another image to the first slot. 

The purpose of the thumbnail photo is to represent your product in the search results. 

Add listing details: This is crucial for your products because it entails all the product information, including title, description, categories, and listing. 

Describe your listing: This is the last step, and you must include product tags and detailed descriptions. These help you determine whether your products are digital or physical. 

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You have been keen when listing your products because it determines how your shop will be visible to Etsy users and how it will be ranked. Ensure you master Etsy SEO when listing titles and descriptions. 

Step 5: Connect Your Partners with Your Etsy Shop

Now that you have a list of providers you want to work with, it’s time to connect these partners with your Etsy shop. 

Under your listing page, you will find a “Production Partners” button to fill in your Etsy print fulfillment. 

You must fill in some information to integrate Print on Demand with Etsy. Here are some of the requirements. 

  • Production partner
  • The location of the service provider
  • Information about your partnership
  • About production partner

Once done, click the “Save Partner” button.

Step 6: Complete Etsy Shop Setup and Start Selling 

Your account is almost ready. Now, just a few steps before you start smiling to the bank. The last step now is to set up your Etsy seller account. 

It would help if you chose whether your account is individual or business for Etsy payments. It would help if you were also taxed before filling in your bank details.

Subscription billing options: If you are outside the United States, you must provide your credit card information for authorization and identity validation. You must also have a card to bill the Etsy fee, automatically deducted from US citizens’ credit cards. 

How To Start A Print-On-Demand Business On Etsy

Customize your shop by designing features for your front end, such as the About section, featured products, banner, and more.

Once you complete these steps, your Etsy shop is ready to publish and sell.

To make your Etsy business successful, consider paying for promotions. It includes advertising your products on social media platforms. 

Creating ads is lengthy and time-consuming, so you can use AI tools like e-commerce bots to make the process easy. 

The Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Etsy Print on Demand

There are dos and don’ts to being successful in every business. Printing on demand on Etsy is just a business; thus, you must know the dos and don’ts to ensure success.

The Dos for a Successful Etsy Print-on-Demand

1. Find your niche

Finding a niche is essential for a successful print-on-demand business on Etsy. 

It will allow you to become a supplier of small but high-demand products.

For example, regarding the pets’ niche, you can narrow down and focus on things like dog treats and even narrow down further. Niching down reduces the competition. Choose a niche that lacks quality products and focus on offering your buyers quality. 

2. Partner with trusted partners

Partnering with trusted partners is the first step in running a successful print-on-demand on Etsy. Look partners with a wide selection of quality goods and easy-to-navigate platforms. It ensures your customers are satisfied and avoids quality or delivery issues. 

Treat your Etsy shop as a print-on-demand shop.

Follow every rule and regulation on Etsy for print-on-demand. Please check Etsy’s rules occasionally because they keep tweaking the laws and regulations. 

On Etsy, you can sell print-on-demand products, but remember that all your designs must be yours and don’t have copyright issues. 

If you are not a designer, you can work with experts to create the designs for you, but ensure they give you commercial licensing. It will ensure they don’t raise copyright claims for your Etsy shop, resulting in its closure.

Don’ts for a successful Etsy Print on Demand

1. Assume Print on Demand is Easy

One major mistake that can kill your Etsy business even without witnessing any success is to assume that a print-on-demand business is accessible. 

You will find tons of videos on YouTube explaining how eCommerce is easy; it’s all about setting up your account, then relaxing and watching the magic happen. By following this advice, you will only bank a few bucks, and then Etsy closes your shop after weeks. 

Let’s clarify: running a business requires time, attention, and much work. 

Your Etsy shop will succeed if you develop a good marketing strategy. It can include running ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. 

You can utilize the power of AI to create and run these ads. An excellent example of an AI tool for running ads on this platform is ecommercebot.

2. Selling T-shirts only

Some years ago, Etsy was known for dealing with a small range of products like t-shirts for a print-on-demand business. But today, things have changed; the platform has 100 commodities you can sell on your Print on demand on Etsy. They include books, mugs, dog clothing, underwear, hoodies, and jewelry. These are some of the commodities that you can sell on Etsy for your print-on-demand shop.  

3. Forget to inspect your goods.

When selling products, it is advisable to sell products that you have already assessed. Sometimes, your supplier might send low-quality goods or ton clothing. It is good to inspect your products thoroughly before selling them.

Top Etsy Print-on-Demand Products

Choosing suitable commodities can be challenging when starting your print-on-demand business on Etsy. Etsy focuses on selling unique products, so if you want to sell custom products, It’s your place. 

Etsy has top categories from which you can select the product you want to sell.


  • Bags
  • Phone cases
  • Bags
  • Bandanas
  • Laptop sleeves
  • AirPods cases

Customized clothing

  • Socks
  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts 
  • Baby Clothing
  • Pajamas
  • Hats

Home and living

  • Water bottle
  • Mugs
  • Notebooks
  • Stickers
  • Canvas
  • Coasters

Other products you can sell on Etsy for your print-and-demand business include pet products. You can customize accessories like pet beds and pet tags for pet lovers. 

Conclusion on Print-on-demand Business On Etsy

Print on demand on Etsy allows entrepreneurs to start a business without the risk of holding inventory. With a good strategy, you can maximize customization, reduce risk, and scale your business.

The Print-on-demand business requires creativity to produce quality and unique products. You can hire an expert to help design products if you need to improve your creativity. 

You must also develop marketing strategies to ensure your business runs smoothly. This includes running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

With eCommercebot, you can create, optimize, and run ads with the power of AI with our social media AI manager.

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The tool performs tasks like crafting AI posts and videos, responding to direct messages automatically, commenting on engagement, and generating descriptions and hashtags.

Try our free trial and watch your sales double.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Etsy Print on demand?

Etsy print-on-demand is a type of business that allows sellers to sell products without stocking. Like dropshipping, products are shipped directly to the customer from the business partner. 

Is Print on demand profitable?

Yes, a print-on-demand business is profitable. It allows you to sell a wide range of customized products without holding inventory and involves less risk and cost. 

What sells the most on Etsy?

The top-selling products include clothing, home and living, pet products, and accessories, among others.

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