How To Run Instagram Ads With AI: Ad That Converts

Running Instagram ads for your Shopify or e-commerce store can be daunting. It takes time and effort and may not guarantee the desired results.

However, the AI tools in Instagram ads are game-changers. You can run Instagram ads with AI to help solve these issues. These tools allow you to tailor your ads to reach more people and, most importantly, the right people.

This comprehensive guide teaches you how to run Instagram Ads that convert using AI. This way, you don’t waste your time and resources running ads that never convert.

But first:

What is Instagram Automation for Ads?

This process uses third-party software or a bot connected to your Instagram account to run and optimize your campaigns. It automates ad creation and scheduling and provides precise data analytics and insights. 

How To Run Instagram Ads With AI

The bot handles repetitive tasks that you’d otherwise take much time and effort to perform manually. After providing the Instagram automation bot with brand-relevant information, you can relax as it takes over all your social media interactions. 

How Instagram Bots Work

If you want to do Instagram automation for your ecommerce store, you’d have to work with a reliable bot or AI software. The bot requires a machine and deep learning algorithms. 

How To Run Instagram Ads With AI

Machine learning algorithms let the bot recognize text patterns like captions and direct messages. 

Deep learning algorithms, a form of machine learning, let it analyze objects, videos, and images. 

This enables the bot to comment on photos and source the right images to post online.

The Pros and Cons of Instagram Ads Automation

Should you use Instagram automation? Well, this practice comes with numerous pros as well as several cons. They include:

Pros of Instagram Ads Automation 

Here are the benefits of using the Instagram Ads automation tool:

It Makes Setting Up and Running Ads Easy

Setting up and running an Instagram ad is a long and tedious process. The process is nerve-wracking, from choosing an objective and target audience to deciding the budget and creating quality ad copy.

That is where the Instagram ads bot comes in. Using AI, setting up an Instagram ad is much easier, and the process helps maximize the growth of your e-commerce store. 

With advanced A/B testing, you can test different ads and determine the ones that resonate best with your customers.

Improves Customer Interactions and Customer Service Provision

For any business, the customer is king. Providing top-notch support and making good impressions are essential to retaining customers.

Responding to and engaging potential customers is a crucial aspect of the business. The bot can send pre-written responses instantly, so customers can get answers to their questions and make a buying decision instantly.

Saves Time

Instead of spending loads of time on repetitive and tedious tasks, you or your social team can use the bot. This lets you focus on other core matters that you need to do. The bot also saves you time by enabling you to schedule weekly or monthly ads simultaneously instead of posting them daily. 

Enhances Sales

Excellent customer engagement improves sales and other stats like the number of followers. Instant engagement and question-answering build customer trust in your brand and products.

Subsequently, increased trust gives them a nudge to swipe their card and make a purchasing decision. 

With an Instagram ad tool, you can automatically engage with customers and answer their questions. Moreover, the tool offers potential customers the information they need to make decisions.

It may help them understand how to check out, the minimum order quantity, and the shipping address.

The tool can also help you create frequently asked questions(FAQ) and instant responses to essential questions. These real-time responses help enhance sales as you engage potential buyers when they are interested without waiting until you’re available – too much waiting may make them look for an alternative. This reduces cart abandonment and improves the number of sales.

Tracking and Gathering Analytics and Insights

How can you tell the number of campaign engagements and bounce rates, the best time to run Instagram ads, and the sales a campaign achieves? The answer is using an Instagram Ads bot. 

This tool can gather analytics and provide you with insights. That way, you can understand your audience, their most active times, and the type of content they prefer and engage with. With that information, you can create campaigns that produce more conversions.

Cons of Instagram Automation in Creating Ads

Instagram automation also has its fair share of downsides. Some of these include:

The AI May Not Have All of the Company’s Details

AI can respond to the frequently asked questions you create. However, it may need to answer all the questions sufficiently. 

Some questions are unique to the customer and may arise spontaneously. The AI may respond differently than the exact response the customer is seeking.

Instagram Ads AI Tool Cost

Running Instagram ads with AI is not always accessible. Depending on the tool that you pick, you’ll need to dig a bit into your wallet to use it. 

How To Run Instagram Ads With AI

Software pricing varies depending on the features and can range from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. Choosing a tool that provides the most features and is affordable is vital.

4 Steps to Run Instagram Ads

Now, how does Instagram use AI to create ads? How can you get started with Instagram AI to run campaigns? 

Running Instagram ads with AI is an automated process that includes a section under the ads. You input your prompt or idea here and let the AI generate custom Instagram ad templates. You may also opt for the pre-generated templates already on the platform to create and run ads quickly.

The process of running Instagram ads with AI involves the following four steps:

Step 1: Research the Ideal Instagram Ads AI tool

The first and most vital step is finding the ideal Instagram ad AI tool. The internet has numerous AI Instagram ad tools, most guarantee fast and efficient conversions. But how do you pick the one that interests you?

The answer is to research. Explore different tools and learn about their features and benefits. Consider their pricing, ease of use, and customization options.

Ecommercebot AI Ads automation is efficient and result-oriented; it does all the Instagram ads for you, from audience research, ad placement, creatives, targeting, and scaling your ads.

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Doing your homework will help you land the ideal Instagram ad generator to scale your game to new heights.

For example, you can pick, which has excellent templates for Instagram ads and provides customization options. It also lets you do A/B testing to determine the campaign ad that converts the most.

Step 2: Give Relevant Input to the Ad Generator

After picking the Ad generator, feeding it with the relevant prompts and data is essential. This helps ensure your ads align with your brand message, core values, and target audience. The wrong input will not generate the ads you desire or what your audience wants.

Here are some of the ideal factors to consider when providing data to the tool:

Target audience

Who is your target audience? Or who is the message being tailored for? 

You can classify your target audience by demographics, age, behaviors, and interests. This allows the AI to generate an ad that resonates with your audience’s needs. 

With the right message, the chances of the target group searching for that info or being attracted to the ad are high.

Brand Message

The message is the next factor to consider when deciding the kind of input to give your AI generator. What do you want to convey to your target audience? 

This message should target your audience’s needs and meet your marketing goals. This means the message should be precise and highlight a particular selling point. For instance, if you want to promote a service or product, ensure your AI ad generator gets the correct input. 

Branding Guidelines

You may also need to set your brand style, tone, and personality. This way, the tool will create an ad that matches your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. For example, you can set it to create an ad in a formal official tone, if that is what you want, or pick an ad that has a humorous and playful tone, like a meme. 

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Provide the tool with the desired action you want the target audience to take after seeing your ad. This can range from ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Download a Resource,’ ‘Book a Slot,’ or ‘Sign Up for the Newsletter. ‘ The ad generator needs to understand what you want your audience to do to create a compelling CTA. 

Step 3: Custom Ad Format

Instagram ads are highly visual and use images and storytelling to connect with the audience. Find the feature that lets you generate high-quality AI images that best align with your brand and objectives. 

Optimize ad visuals to ensure they are clear, relevant, and stand out in the feeds. Refine them to align with the aesthetics and user expectations.

Furthermore, test ad variations to see which best resonates with your audience. Most software provides different variations of headlines, visual elements, ad descriptions, and CTAs. This A/B testing of various combinations will help you determine the best one and give the most clicks.

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Step 4: Monitor the Ad performance and Use Insights to Improve the Copy

After setting up the ad, monitor key performance metrics. That includes checking how the ad is performing. Is it reaching the right audience and achieving the desired results?

Analyzing critical performance indicators like the number of click-through rates, conversation, and engagement rates provides insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Gathering feedback also helps you make data-driven decisions. With that, you will understand which areas need improvement in your campaigns. After this, you refine your input when creating your campaigns for the best results.

Understanding the Instagram Automation Best Practices

According to Instagram’s automation policies, it should not include illegal activities such as boosting or getting bot likes, followers, and comments. 

run instagram ads with AI

Instagram automation involves automating posting and scheduling ad campaigns for the best results with tools like This lets you create an effective ad that resonates with your brand and generates the best conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI generate ads on Instagram?

Yes! Artificial intelligence or generative AI can be used to create Instagram ads. It can create copy, optimize ad budget, and predict the performance of ad campaigns. You can use AI to scale your campaigns on Instagram to grow your brand.

What Ads Work Best on Instagram?

The ads that work best on Instagram are video ads. Videos are eye-catching and engage your audience. You can use video ads to tell your brand story, demonstrate how your products work, and showcase your product’s unique features.

How Long are Instagram Ads?

Your Instagram ad length depends on the type of video placement. Feed video ads can run up to 60 minutes, story video ads run between 5 and 15 seconds, and reels run up to 30 sections.

What is the Best Time to Run Instagram Ads?

The ideal time to run Instagram ads depends on your target audience. Weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm is preferred. For accurate timing, it’s good to analyze your specific audience insights.  

What AI app is everyone using on Instagram to do ad campaigns? is the AI app at the top of the list. This app has excellent features, including ease of use, customization options, and A/B testing, which can help create ads that convert.

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