60+ Small Business Ideas To Start For Residual Income

Everybody dreams of starting a business, but many need help to develop a feasible idea. 

Only a few people make it happen. Own a large business enterprise or generate some extra income. 

Whatever the goal, this list of 60+ small business ideas will give you great insights. Read on to discover unique ideas you can launch with just a few bucks.

Table of Contents

Tech and Online Services

Social Media Management Service

Businesses of all sizes recognize social media’s power, but managing it can be time-consuming. As a social media management service provider, you’d help companies create engaging content, manage their online presence, and grow their audience.

Web Design and Development Agency

A well-designed website is crucial for any business in today’s digital age. Your web design and development agency could help companies create user-friendly websites that look great and function flawlessly.

  App Development Company

Today’s world runs on apps. If you have the technical expertise, starting an app development company allows you to help businesses create innovative mobile applications that solve problems or enhance customer experiences. Just look at [successful app development company], which started small and is now a leading player in the industry.

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant

Getting noticed online can be tricky, and many entrepreneurs need help. As an SEO consultant, you’d help businesses improve their search engine ranking, making it easier for potential customers to find them online.

Virtual Assistant Service

Busy entrepreneurs and professionals often need a helping hand. Virtual assistants can provide remote administrative, technical, or creative support, freeing up their clients’ valuable time.

Online Tutoring Service

Education is going digital. As an online tutoring service, you can connect students with qualified tutors for personalized instruction in various subjects, regardless of location.

E-commerce store selling

E-commerce stores are booming, and you can choose to sell anything from handmade crafts to expertly crafted vintage finds. The key is to identify a niche market with a dedicated customer base. This strategic approach can significantly increase your chances of success.

Fashion and beauty

Personal Stylist Service

Only some people have a natural knack for putting together great outfits. As a personal stylist, you’d act as a personal shopper, helping clients discover their style, build a wardrobe they adore, and feel confident in their skin. This is not just a business; it’s a way to positively impact people’s lives and boost their self-esteem.

Eco-friendly Clothing Line

Sustainability is a significant trend, and people are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their clothing choices. You could launch an eco-friendly clothing line using organic materials, recycled fabrics, and ethical practices.

Upcycled or Vintage Clothing Store

Vintage and pre-owned clothing are back in style. An upcycled or vintage clothing store allows you to breathe new life into old garments, offering unique and sustainable fashion options for eco-conscious customers.

Handmade Jewelry

There’s a growing appreciation for handcrafted items. Showcase your creativity by designing and selling unique jewelry or accessories made with high-quality materials. You can personalize your pieces to meet different tastes, styles, and preferences.

Organic Beauty Product Line

People are increasingly looking for natural and organic alternatives in their beauty routines. Develop an organic beauty product line using plant-based ingredients and gentle formulas that are kind to the skin and the environment.

Barber Shop or Hair Salon

Looking good and presentable starts with the head. Opening a barber shop or hair salon allows you to offer haircuts, styling services, and hair treatments in a welcoming and professional environment. Consider specializing in a particular style or catering to a specific clientele.

Makeup Artistry Service

The power of makeup is undeniable! As a makeup artist, you’d help your customers achieve their desired look for special occasions, photo shoots, or everyday wear. You could offer mobile services or set up a dedicated makeup studio.

Home and Gardening

Custom Furniture Builder

Only some people can find the perfect furniture that matches their style and needs. As a custom furniture builder, you’d use your woodworking skills to create unique pieces that align with your customers’ specifications. These could be anything from elegant dining tables to functional built-in shelves.

Plant Shop Specializing in Rare or Exotic Plants

Houseplants are a huge trend, and people increasingly seek unusual and eye-catching varieties. Your plant shop could specialize in rare or exotic plants, offering a selection for passionate plant enthusiasts. Provide expert care advice and create a welcoming atmosphere for plant lovers.

Sustainable Home Goods Store

Many people prioritize sustainability. A sustainable home goods store could offer eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items, such as bamboo cutlery, recycled paper towels, or energy-efficient light bulbs. Pay attention to your products’ environmental advantages while meeting the growing sustainability needs.

Outdoor Gear Rental Service

Many people enjoy outdoor activities, but only some want to invest in expensive gear they might use only occasionally. An outdoor gear rental service allows people to rent camping equipment, hiking backpacks, or even bicycles for their next adventure. This favors budget-conscious outdoor enthusiasts and reduces storage needs for your customers.

Landscaping Service

A beautiful landscape can significantly enhance the value and appeal of a property. Your landscaping service could offer various services, from lawn care and garden maintenance to hardscaping and irrigation. 

You can offer your service to residential and commercial clients and highlight your expertise in creating stunning outdoor spaces.

Pet Sitting Service

Pet owners are often busy, and their furry companions need love and attention, too. A pet sitting or dog walking service provides peace of mind for pet owners by offering in-home pet care, walks, and playtime.

 This is a perfect business for animal lovers who enjoy creating a positive experience for pets. You must check with local laws to determine the licensing and insurance you need for this job.

House Cleaning Service

Everyone wants a clean home, but only some have the time or energy to do it themselves. A house cleaning service provides a valuable service by offering regular or deep cleaning for homes and apartments. Reliability, trustworthiness, and a commitment to thorough cleaning are crucial to success in this field.

Handyman Service

Many people need more DIY skills or tools to tackle those odd jobs around the house. As a handyperson service, you’d offer various repair and maintenance services, from fixing leaky faucets to assembling furniture. Your ability to solve problems and complete tasks efficiently will be highly sought after by busy homeowners.

Food and Beverage

Home Bakery

Do you have a knack for baking irresistible treats? A home bakery or dessert shop allows you to share your passion with others. Offer a variety of delicious baked goods, from classic cookies and cakes to trendy pastries and custom desserts. You could also specialize in dietary needs like gluten-free or vegan treats.

Coffee Roasting Company

Many people love coffee, and craft coffee is gaining popularity. A coffee roasting company allows you to source high-quality beans, roast them to perfection, and offer unique blends or single-origin coffees. You can cater to coffee lovers by highlighting the unique flavor profiles of your roasted beans.

 Food truck specializing in a specific cuisine

Food trucks offer a delicious and mobile alternative to traditional restaurants. You can specialize in a particular cuisine, like gourmet tacos, savory crepes, or authentic Thai curries. This allows you to experiment with flavors and menus, attracting customers who crave unique and flavorful dishes.

Personal Chef Service

People love a delicious home-cooked meal, but some may need more time or skill to prepare one. By offering a personal chef service, you’ll be helping busy individuals and families by creating customized menus, shopping for ingredients, and preparing gourmet meals in their homes.

Online Meal Prep Service

Healthy and convenient meals are in high demand. An online meal prep service allows you to prepare pre-portioned meals for customers, saving time and promoting healthy eating habits. Offer various dietary options and cater to different preferences, such as low-carb, vegetarian, or family-sized portions.

Catering Service

Delicious food always makes events and gatherings better. A catering service provides a convenient solution for hosts by offering customized menus for parties, weddings, corporate events, or any special occasion. Focus on high-quality ingredients, beautiful presentations, and reliable service to impress your clients.

Craft Brewery or Winery

Do you have a passion for brewing beer or crafting wine? A craft brewery or winery allows you to create unique and flavorful beverages using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. Develop a distinct brand identity, offer tours and tastings, and build a loyal following of customers who appreciate your dedication to the craft.

Other business ideas

Consulting (business, finance, marketing, etc.)

Are you a business genius or a marketing guru? People crave expert advice, and that’s where you come in. As a consultant, you can offer specialized guidance in various areas, like business strategy, financial planning, marketing, and branding.

Focus on a specific niche where your expertise shines. 

Target small businesses in a particular industry or offer services related to a specific challenge, like social media marketing or crisis communication.

Freelance Writing

Do you have a way with words and a passion for storytelling? Freelance writing allows you to put your writing skills to work on various projects, from website content creation to technical writing to copywriting. Freelancing offers flexibility and the freedom to choose projects that interest you. Build a solid online portfolio, showcase your writing samples, and network with potential clients to establish yourself as a reliable writer.

Event Planning Service

Proper planning makes any event successful, from weddings and galas to corporate events and birthday parties. Your event planning service can help clients create unforgettable experiences by brainstorming creative themes, activities, and overall event aesthetics.

You can also help them secure venues, catering, entertainment, and vendor services. Stay within budget and maximize the value of each expense.

Being organized, detail-oriented, and resourceful is crucial. Build strong relationships with vendors and venues, showcase your past event successes to attract clients, and establish yourself as a go-to planner.


The power of a captivating image is undeniable. Photography can be a rewarding small business venture if you have an eye for composition and a passion for capturing special moments. You can specialize in various areas, like portrait photography, where you capture families, individuals, or couples in stunning portraits. You can also do event photography and document weddings, graduations, conferences, or other special occasions. Product photography can also be a profitable area in this niche. Here, you’ll showcase products for e-commerce websites or marketing materials.

Invest in quality equipment, develop your editing skills, and create a captivating online portfolio showcasing your work. To stand out, network with potential clients, target a specific niche and offer competitive rates.

Music Lessons

Do you have a passion for music and the ability to share your knowledge? Offering music lessons allows you to share your expertise and inspire a love of music in others.

You can teach a variety of instruments, such as piano, guitar, drums, etc. You can also do vocal coaching and help aspiring singers develop their vocal techniques and stage presence.

If you specialize in wind or string instruments, offer lessons on instruments like the flute, violin, or saxophone. Being patient, encouraging, and passionate about music is vital. Market yourself online, offer flexible lesson schedules, and consider group lessons to attract more students and build a thriving music teaching business.

Children’s Entertainment Service (Parties, Bounce Houses, etc.)

Bringing joy and laughter to kids’ special occasions is a rewarding business. Help parents create unforgettable birthday parties with decorations, activities, and entertainment based on popular themes. Provide a fun and safe outlet for kids’ energy with various bounce house options for rent.

Offer face painting, balloon animals, magic shows, or even mascot appearances to make parties memorable.

Success hinges on creativity, reliability, and engaging children of all ages. Market yourself to parents through local directories, social media, and partnerships with party venues.

Fitness Instructor

Are you passionate about health and fitness and love motivating others? Becoming a certified fitness instructor allows you to help people reach their fitness goals in a fun and supportive environment.

You could offer high-energy classes like Zumba, HIIT, or boot camp workouts to large groups. You can also provide individualized exercise programs and motivation to clients one-on-one. You could reach a wider audience by offering virtual fitness classes or personalized coaching plans.

You would need strong communication skills, a contagious enthusiasm for fitness, and relevant certifications to attract clients. Promote your services through gyms, community centers, and online platforms.

Yoga Studio

Yoga is a powerful practice that promotes physical and mental well-being. Opening a yoga studio allows you to share your passion and guide others on their yoga journey—classes like Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, or restorative yoga support different levels and interests. You could also host special workshops on specific yoga techniques, meditation, or mindfulness practices.

You may also become a certified yoga teacher trainer and empower others to share their love of yoga. To succeed in this business, create a serene and welcoming space, understand different yoga styles well, and acquire the relevant certification. Market your studio through local listings, social media, and partnerships with wellness centers.

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Art Studio

If you have a creative spirit and love nurturing artistic expression, an art studio can be a fulfilling business venture.

Provide instruction in various mediums for all skill levels, like painting, drawing, sculpture, or pottery. Offer dedicated studio space and resources for artists to work on their projects in a collaborative environment.

You can also sell high-quality art supplies and materials to cater to the needs of artists in your community. You must have a vibrant and inspiring space, a strong network with local artists, and a diverse range of classes to succeed in this field. Promote your studio through local arts organizations, community centers, and online platforms.

Language Learning Tutor

Are you fluent in another language and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Language learning is a growing demand, and you can capitalize on it by offering individualized language lessons, group language classes, and online language learning courses.

To attract students, you should be fluent in your chosen language, have strong communication skills, and use engaging teaching methods. Market your services through online language learning platforms, community centers, and schools.

Life Coach

Do you deeply understand human behavior and are passionate about helping people reach their full potential?

 Life coaching can be a great business in which you empower others to navigate life’s challenges and achieve their goals. You help clients improve their self-esteem, build confidence, and overcome limiting beliefs. You can also offer career coaching, where you guide individuals through career transitions, resume writing, and job interview preparation.

Additionally, you could be a relationship coach who helps couples or individuals navigate relationship challenges and improve communication skills. To stand out in this field, work on having strong interpersonal skills, active listening, and relevant certifications in life coaching.

Errand Service

Busy professionals often need help with errands. Your errand service can be a lifesaver, taking care of grocery shopping, dry cleaning pick-up, or waiting in line for appointments, freeing up your clients’ valuable time.

Delivery Service

Convenience is king. A delivery service can offer grocery delivery, prepared meal delivery, or even laundry pick-up and drop-off, allowing customers to save time and avoid errands.

Child Care Service

Reliable childcare is a top priority for many families. Your childcare service can offer daycare options for working parents, ensuring their children are safe, nurtured, and engaged in a stimulating environment.

Dog Daycare

Dog owners need a safe place to drop off their furry friends when they cannot watch them. It provides a safe and fun environment for dogs to socialize, play, and exercise while their owners are away.

Mobile Car Wash

Bring the car wash to your customers! They offer convenient and thorough car cleaning services, such as washing, waxing, and detailing at their location.

Power Washing

Power washing services can help people restore the beauty of their homes and exteriors. This can remove dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, leaving a fresh and vibrant look.

Pool Cleaning

Pools are a great addition to a home, but maintaining them can be time-consuming. Your pool cleaning service can ensure sparkling clean and properly functioning pools, allowing homeowners to relax and enjoy their investment.

Recycling or Waste Removal Service

Do your part for the environment by offering your community recycling or responsible waste removal services. This will help people dispose of waste properly and promote sustainable practices.


Many businesses need help with bookkeeping tasks. Your bookkeeping service can offer financial record-keeping, payroll processing, and tax preparation assistance, keeping businesses organized and compliant.

Assist with legal documents, such as wills or contracts, without the total cost of an attorney. This can be helpful for people who need essential legal guidance but don’t require full legal representation.

Translation Service

In our globalized world, the need for translation services is ever-growing. Offer translation services for businesses, individuals, or legal documents, bridging communication gaps across different languages.

 Travel Agency

Many people have a passion for traveling. A travel agency specializing in niche destinations offers your clients unique and personalized travel experiences, catering to specific interests and budgets.

Rental service for equipment, tools, or party supplies

This can be an excellent business for hand people who understand tools well. You can rent out various equipment, such as lawnmowers, power tools, and party supplies.

Printing or embroidery service for custom merchandise

If you are creative and have an eye for design, you can start a business that creates custom merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, and mugs. You can use various printing and embroidery techniques to create unique products for your customers.

Self-storage facility

Self-storage facilities are an excellent option for people who need extra storage space. You can rent out storage units to businesses and individuals.

 Vending machine business

Vending machines are a great way to sell snacks, drinks, and other convenience items. You can place vending machines in offices, schools, and other busy locations.

Car rental service

Car rental services are an excellent option for people who need a car for a short time. You can rent cars to tourists, business travelers, and people whose cars are being repaired.

Bike repair shop

You can start a bike repair shop if you are handy and passionate about bikes. You can offer services like tune-ups, repairs, and new bike sales.

Antique or vintage store

If you love vintage items, you can start an antique or vintage store and sell them, including furniture, clothing, and jewelry.

Sporting goods store

Sporting goods stores sell various equipment and apparel for sports and outdoor activities. You can cater to a specific sport or offer multiple products.

Toy store

Toy stores are a great way to bring joy to children. You can sell various toys, games, and books for children of all ages.

Music store

Music stores sell instruments, sheet music, and other music-related items. You can also offer lessons and repairs.

Art supply store

Art supply stores sell various materials for artists, such as paint, brushes, and canvas. You can also offer classes and workshops.

Pet store

Pet stores sell food, supplies, and accessories for pets. You may also offer grooming services.

Second-hand clothing store

Second-hand clothing stores sell used clothing and accessories. This is an excellent option for affordable clothing or unique vintage items.

Record store

Record stores sell vinyl records, CDs, and other music-related items. They may also host events, such as live music performances.

Comic book store

Comic bookstores sell comic books, graphic novels, and other merchandise related to comic book characters. They may also host events, such as signings and cosplay contests.

Found the Perfect idea? Now start

Don’t sweat it if you haven’t discovered your true calling yet. Finding your “passion project” doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s okay.

This list is just a springboard—a collection of ideas to spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing. Take them as building blocks; mix, match, twist, and turn them until you create something uniquely yours.

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Once you settle on an idea, create your online store on a trusted platform like Shopify. The AI automation tool ShopifyBot will help you streamline your selling process.

You’ll be at the top of your game in marketing and customer engagement. Sign up today and make a difference in your new e-commerce business.

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