Zendesk Alternative: Why Choose Ecommercebot

The first chatbot was introduced in 1966, and they have grown massively since then. Advancements in technology are one factor contributing to the growth. 

Recently, one sector that has been adapting to growth and advancement is the ecommerce sector. Most e-commerce business owners nowadays invest in chatbots to help run their businesses. Still looking for the best Zendesk Alternative? Stick around.

These bots are nowadays making running an ecommerce business easy. They automate easy tasks, giving business owners enough time to handle complex tasks. 

Zendesk is a chatbot that has been in the market for years. It assists in running customer and sales tasks for e-commerce businesses.

However, with the rise of many bots, this chatbot still needs to meet some of the features required to run a business.

Ecommercebot is among the latest chatbots in the e-commerce sector today. Even though the bot is new, it understands the importance of chatbot features in running an e-commerce business. 

It offers business owners features like AI Ads automation, live chat assistance, Shopify integration, and omnichannel. 

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is a no-coding chatbot that offers quick and quality customer and marketing services. 

One major thing that Ecommercebot prides itself on is its ability to combine chatbot and live chat in one platform. It makes it easy to manage all activities under one roof. 

With the drag-and-drop feature, designing, customizing, and launching a chatbot for your e-commerce business takes less than 10 minutes. 

Zendesk Alternative

The bot can also handle marketing tasks on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It automates every marketing task, such as creating AI Ads, commenting on posts, offering upsells to customers, and interacting with DMs. 

Automating customer and marketing activities with Ecommercebot helps boost your business performance, thus increasing sales. 

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is an AI bot created to help ecommerce businesses offer reliable, exceptional sales and customer support. The bot is available 24/7 to ensure customers get support always on time. 

One good thing about Zendesk is that the bot supports 17 different languages. This makes it suitable for businesses targeting international clients and offering solutions in their preferred languages.

zendesk alternatives

With this bot in your e-commerce business, you can leave simple questions for the AI bot, allowing you to handle difficult ones. The bot can handle multiple channels at a time, making it hard for your team to miss customer chat opportunities. 

Zendesk supports different channels, allowing your customers to select the one on which they want to interact.

Reasons why you need A Zendesk Alternative

Zendesk is a popular chatbot in the e-commerce sector, but it sometimes fails to meet some features that can affect your e-commerce business. Even though Zendesk is easy to use, the bot lacks other essential features for offering a customer-satisfaction experience. 

Some common drawbacks as a Zendesk user include low customization, expensive pricing, limited features, overwhelming functionalities for new users, and limited customer support. Let’s examine these drawbacks and see why you need to look for a better Zendesk alternative.

Expensive Pricing

One drawback of Zendesk that limits most businesses is the expensive pricing. The chatbot works on a subscription model, which is unsuitable for start-ups.

The cost increases with every user you add to your bot, making it more expensive, mainly if you operate with large teams. 

Paying monthly means you have a financial commitment for every month or yearly. This type of commitment might not be suitable for small businesses since most operate on tight budgets. 

Additionally, some features are blocked for users on low-tier plans, forcing owners to advance to more premium plans to unlock them.

It would be best to have an affordable bot to run your business effectively and offer excellent customer support. The bot must also have all the features unlocked, even for the low-tier plans. 

An excellent example of a bot that offers affordable plans suitable for start-ups and businesses handling large teams. 

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Limited Customer Support

Customer support is one key to running a successful e-commerce business. With Zendesk, customer support is limited in some pricing tiers. The bot support team needs to be faster and assist at the right time. 

Sometimes, your bot needs to operate better and thus needs assistance from the support team. However, it might take days for the team to get back to you. As a business owner, this can negatively affect your overall customer satisfaction. 

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Additionally, with Zendesk, some pricing plans require the customer support feature. To access this feature, you must upgrade to an upper plan that supports customer support. 

However, your business will only have access to the support team once your bot has glitches. With Ecommercebot, even during the free 30-day trial, you will have access to the support team 24/7.

Overwhelming Functionalities for New Users

The features and functionalities offered by Zendesk can be overwhelming for new users. You need to dedicate time and resources to mastering them.

It can be time-consuming and resource-consuming for your business. It can also delay the bot launch before implementing the platform, thus negatively affecting customer service efficiency. 

In addition, your business needs to start investing in training programs, as your team needs to learn about Zendesk’s features and how to utilize them to ensure productivity. 

The bot’s complexity may result in underutilization, as some users may need help exploring and utilizing its capabilities. 

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Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Limited Features on Low-Tier Plan

Accessing Zendesk features will depend on the pricing plan you select. Consider paying for a low-tier plan, which might limit your business to most features. 

Most features are unavailable for low-tier plans, forcing you to pay for high-tier plans to enjoy them. 

One major limitation affecting your business is the need for customization features.

Customizing features like the contact form can be challenging. Thus, you can’t even employ conditional logic or specific messages. This will limit your business’s opportunity to offer adequate customer interactions. 

Limitations, such as the lack of logical accessibility, will restrict your business in ways like collecting customers’ information, which is essential in resolving customer issues efficiently. 

The lack of advanced features forces businesses to look for an alternative with these features, even on low-tier plans.

The above are just some of the limitations of using a Zendesk chatbot to run your e-commerce business. All these features impact your overall customer experience, resulting in a decrease in your business sales. 

To solve these issues, your business needs a better Zendesk alternative. 

Why is Ecommercebot the best alternative for Zendesk?

After reviewing Zendesk’s limitations, we can agree that there are better chatbots for your e-commerce business than Zendesk, especially for start-ups and companies with large numbers of people. 

Unlike Zendesk, Ecommercebot offers e-commerce businesses an opportunity to explore their full business potential. The bots offer unlimited features, including customer support and customization, making them the best alternative to Zendesk.

Unlimited Features

Unlike Zendesk, where every feature comes with a cost, Ecommercebot offers all its features to users without any hidden cost. The bot has different pricing tiers, but each tier supports the essential features for running an ecommerce business. 

However, to access all the features, you need to go for the premium tier, which is affordable even for start-ups.

The most common features of Ecommercebot include unlimited customer support and customization, seamless Shopify integration, live chat assistance, and AI Ad automation. 

The bot ensures that all users have a top-tier chatbot experience when running their business without any limitations. 

Affordable Pricing Plans

When launching an e-commerce business, most owners look for affordable tools with reasonable pricing plans since they operate on limited or tight budgets. 

Ecommercebot understands the struggles new businesses go through. Thus, unlike other bots like Zendesk, they offer affordable plans. 

Zendesk Alternative

With Ecommercebot, your business can experience the power of bots from affordable plans. Some bots give users limited features if they choose the starter plan.

However, Ecommercebot is different as it supports all the features in every plan. Additionally, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial with all features unlocked. 

Easy Customization

Customizing a bot should be easy, even for newbies. However, most bots make customization difficult, so newbies might be forced to seek expert support. It usually results in additional costs for your business. 

Ecommercebot knows the importance of simple customization well. Therefore, the bot is easy to customize to fit your brands.

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

The bot helps you customize features such as contact form, logic, and messages. For example, logic helps your business gather customer information, giving you enough details to offer personalized assistance. 

With Ecommercebot, you can seamlessly integrate other existing websites and channels with the bot. 

Unlimited 24/7 Customer Support

With unlimited customer support, you can 100% guarantee that your customers and team will get 24/7 customer support at no extra cost. However, to access the support team with some bots, you need to pay additional fees, which can be very expensive, mainly if you are operating a new business and are on a tight budget. 

No matter the continent you are in, Ecommercebot is available 24/7 to offer support and help solve any underlying issues. 

Offering your customers instant customer support will help your business improve its overall customer experience. It will also allow your business to create a strong relationship between your brand and customers. A satisfied customer is a happy customer, leading to increased sales. 

With all the above benefits of using Ecommercebot, it is evident that it is the best Zendesk alternative for your ecommerce business. If you are looking for an alternative bot for Zendesk, consider investing in Ecommercebot.

Final Thoughts

Zendesk is helpful for businesses looking to improve their overall customer operations. The tool has advantages that some old chatbot tools might need to improve.

 However, this article discusses some primary reasons for the need for an alternative to Zendesk. 

These limitations can negatively affect your business, from expensive pricing plans to limited customization and customer support that can be too overwhelming for new users. To avoid this, you need to opt for an alternative like Ecommercebot. 

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

Ecommercebot allows business owners to offer a top-tier customer experience. The bot supports most features Zendesk lacks, making it the perfect alternative. 

Easy customization, affordable pricing plans, unlimited 24/7 customer support, and unlimited features are benefits you will enjoy when using Ecommercebot. Try our free 30-day trial today after you sign up, even without a credit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the disadvantage of Zendesk?

The main disadvantages of using Zendesk to run your business include expensive plans, limited customer support, limited customization, and overwhelming features and functionalities for new users. 

Why is Zendesk so slow?

Zendesk becomes slow if your browser and device fail to meet the Zendesk system requirements. Also, with many tabs opened on your browser, the platform might slow down, forcing you to uninstall or clear the cache to make it function fast. 

Is Zendesk a CRM system?

Zendesk is a customer support system that helps businesses maximize processes, pipeline visibility, and productivity. 

Can I use Zendesk for free?

No, but Zendesk offers users a 14-day trial. After the period ends, you must pay for a subscription to access the Zendesk features.

Does Zendesk have an alternative?

Yes, Zendesk has an alternative that meets ecommerce business needs that Zendesk needs to meet. The best alternative for Zendesk is Ecommercebot.

Why is Ecommercebot the best Zendesk alternative?

Ecommercebot is the best Zendesk alternative because it offers customers features that Zendesk does not support. These features include 24/7 customer support, affordable pricing plans, easy customization, and unlimited features. 

Does Ecommercebot offer a free trial?

Yes, Ecommercebot offers customers a 30-day free trial after signing up. With the free plan, users can explore all the features for free.

What is Zendesk best used for?

Zendesk is most commonly used to upgrade customer support processes, provide customers with end-to-end solutions, and manage customer relationships (CRM). Its main features include a ticketing system, live chat, customer support analytics, and a knowledge base.

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