Landbot Alternative And Better Solutions

Are you struggling with Landbot’s limitations and looking for a better chatbot alternative? 

With the rise in e-commerce businesses and more people venturing into them, competition in this sector is challenging. 

Thus, finding a chatbot that automates tasks can help you cut through the competition.

The online sector is filled with chatbots, some from trusted vendors and others scams. Therefore, finding the best alternative to Landbot can take time and effort. 

In this article, we have tested most chatbots to find the best alternative to Landbot. 

Ecommercebot emerged as the best alternative to Landbot among the many chatbots we tested.

Without wasting time, let’s walk you through why you need to find an alternative to Landbot and why Ecommercebot is the best alternative.

What is Ecommercebot?

An ecommerce is an omnichannel chatbot offering entrepreneurs all ecommerce business solutions. The Chatbot is a plugin with all ecommerce business functionalities within a general business setup.

From its seamless Shopify integration to its effortless social media management, Google and Meta AI Ads, and live chat assistance, Ecommercebot is designed to be a user-friendly solution. 

Landbot alternative

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established one ready to enter the digital world of e-commerce, Ecommercebot empowers you to navigate the complexities of e-commerce easily.

This omnichannel Chatbot in your business will help you automate tasks such as scheduling posts, creating ad campaigns, interacting with users on DMs, and commenting on posts. 

For instance, it can automatically schedule your product launch posts on social media, create targeted ad campaigns based on customer behavior, and respond to customer queries on DMs without human intervention.

What is Landbot?

Landbot is a popup chatbot in the ecommerce sector that allows you to create interactive chatbots with zero coding experience. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are some of the bots that you can make with Landbot.

Landbot alternative

While Landbot is user-friendly and easy to use, it has some limitations. For instance, it struggles when building complex bots, and its free plan needs AI features crucial for advanced automation. 

These drawbacks make it clear why you should consider switching to a more advanced alternative like Ecommercebot, which overcomes these limitations.

Reasons for Switching to a Landbot Alternative

For primary use, Landbot offers the best overall functionalities to its customers, making it an excellent chatbot for ecommerce businesses. But if you dive deeper into its drawbacks, you might realize it’s time to look for a better alternative. Here are some of the primary reasons for switching to a Landbot alternative.

No Free Trial

Before investing in a paid subscription for a chatbot, you need to try the tool first with a free trial to see if it fits your business needs and goals. Landbot doesn’t offer customers a free trial, so customers look for an alternative like Ecommerecebot, which provides a 30-day free trial.

Supports English Only

When launching a new business, English might be the perfect language to communicate with your customers. But with time, this becomes a barrier, especially when you start targeting clients globally. Some of these clients might understand languages like Spanish, German, or French. Landbot becomes a drawback to your business.

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It would help if you had a chatbot that could translate into other languages and give your customers the same experience even in foreign languages.

No Personalization

Personalization is essential in this digital and AI era in the e-commerce world. It would help if you recognized the power of marketing. With personalization, you can increase leads.

Tools like Ecommercebot are designed to empower you to personalize messages, making your customers feel like they are interacting with a human, not a robot. This level of personalization is a game-changer in the ecommerce world, allowing you to increase leads and build stronger customer relationships.

Not for Complex bots

Landbot excels at building simple bots. However, creating a complex bot with Landbot is challenging. The drag-and-drop bots work perfectly; you don’t need any coding experience. 

On the other hand, Ecommercebot can build both simple and complex bots without any challenges. 

Its intuitive interface and advanced features make it easy to create complex bots, such as those that can handle multiple customer queries simultaneously or process complex customer data.

Chat Limitation for WhatsApp

One of the most popular messaging platforms in the world today is WhatsApp. The platform has a large user base with over 2 billion users. Landbot allows users to integrate with WhatsApp but offers limited functionalities.

Landbot allows users to integrate with WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world today, with over 2 billion users. However, it offers limited functionalities, such as a cap on the messages a user can send. 

This can be a significant drawback if your business relies heavily on WhatsApp for customer communication. 

Before committing to Landbot with limited WhatsApp, you can look for an alternative like Ecommercebot, which offers unlimited messages depending on your chosen plan.  

Why E-commercebot is the Best Landbot Alternative?

Ecommercebot has been building its name in the ecommerce business sector. Even though it’s still new, it has gained massive growth with its enticing features, perfect for any e-commerce business. Its rapid development and positive customer feedback testify to its effectiveness and reliability. If you are hunting for the best Landbot alternative, Ecommercebot fits your business needs and goals.

Free Trial

Before trying any service, testing it to see if it aligns with your needs and goals is essential. Most chatbots, like Landbot, don’t offer their customers a free trial so that they can determine whether the features are perfect for their business.  

With Ecommercebot, you can try the Chatbot for a free 30-day trial. This trial is available on every package, including the starter, growth, and scale packages. It allows you to test all the features before committing, ensuring you make an informed decision about your investment. This way, you can experience the full potential of Ecommercebot and see how it can benefit your business.

Ecommercebot’s free trial allows customers to test and evaluate its features before committing to a package. 

Even with the free trial, you can access Ecommercebot’s full features, including seamless Shopify integration, Social Media Manager, Omnichannel Chatbot, and AI Ads Automation. 

This ensures you can fully explore and evaluate Ecommercebot’s capabilities before deciding. 

This trial period ensures you can make an informed decision about Ecommercebot’s suitability for your business needs.

Seamless Shopify Integration

Unlike other chatbot platforms like Landbot, Ecommercebot offers its users seamless integration on platforms like Shopify. 

In the Ecommerce sector, Shopify is a well-known platform for drop shipping. 

The process of running an ecommerce business on Shopify is simple, from running ads, tracking orders, and interacting with customers. 

Ecommercebot introduced a Shopify Integration tool that automates all these tasks.

You can integrate the Ecommercebot Shopify AI bot with different channels like Facebook, Slack, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The integration process using Ecommercebot is seamless, as you don’t need any coding experience. 

Moreover, Ecommercebot’s multilingual capabilities allow you to communicate with your customers in their preferred language, breaking down language barriers for your global business.

Easy Social Media Management

With Ecommercebot Social Media Manager powered by AI, you can schedule, create, and post engaging content that targets your audience. 

The social media manager feature currently works on Facebook and Instagram, but it will soon be available to TikTok users.

Social media manager tools offer data-driven insights based on your audience’s behavior through analytics and performance graphs. 

Additionally, Ecommercebot knows how to interact with people on DMs, upsell customers, and comment on posts through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Automating tasks helps save time and effort in creating ads, generating hashtags and captions, scheduling posts, commenting, and engaging with users. The E-Commercebot ensures consistency and determines the best time to post based on your customer’s behavior.

Live Chatbot Assistance with Human Touch

Every business needs a customer support system available 24/7 to help customers with their queries. 

Technological advances have made this more accessible by introducing live chatbots. 

These AI-powered live customer agents are available to address customers’ questions and recommend products to customers.

Ecommercebot, an omnichannel chatbot in the e-commerce sector, supports these features and allows business owners to integrate them with their social media platforms. 

This tool makes it easy for e-commerce business owners to promptly answer customers’ questions. 

However, a human touch is sometimes needed, even with AI chatbots.

It might be difficult for the Chatbot to answer complex questions; thus, with a single click on Ecommercebot, you can connect with a live human agent who helps answer the questions and solve the customer’s problem. This makes the customer’s experience seamless, thus reducing the rate of cart abandonment.

Powered Google and Meta AI Ads

With the rise in AI technology, creating ad campaigns has become easy. It helps businesses save time and improve ad performance. Ecommercebot helps in creating ads by utilizing the power of AI. 

Depending on your brand’s data, it gives you different ad suggestions and variations. You can select the one that aligns with your business from the ads.

When creating ads, Ecommercebot leverages the power of AI to create an ad campaign tailored to meet your customer’s and brand needs. 

You can even upload your content, videos, and images, then let the AI content creator system do the rest.

One advantage of using E-commerce AI for Google and Meta is that it analyzes the performance of the ad campaigns and does A/B testing to see which one performs better. For the ads with low performance, it replaces it with new ads. In return, you will have an increased ROI by leveraging the power of Google and Meta AI Ads.

Personalized Chatbots

Ecommercebots’ main advantage is the personalization of chatbots. Every brand has a unique voice, behavior, and tone. 

A chatbot needs to represent your brand to customers in all three ways. Unlike Landbot, which doesn’t have a personalized Chatbot, Ecommercebot supports this feature.

It makes customers feel like they are interacting with a human agent, not just a robot. 

The Chatbot includes names, behavior, visual representation, and a personalized tone. It creates an emotional connection between your brand and customers.

The E-commerce chatbot utilizes this information from the collected data to offer customers personalized services. For example, the Chatbot can start by greeting customers by name, congratulating them on their last order, or asking about their experience. It helps create credibility for your brand.


For the above reasons, it is evident that you need to find a better Landbot alternative to transform your business. For example, Landbot lacks a free trial feature essential for new startups. Ecommercebot offers enticing features every e-commerce business needs to thrive, like a free trial, easy social media management, AI Ads automation, and personalized chats.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

Keep Landbot’s limitations in the way of your success. Give Ecommercebot a chance and watch it take over your business and double your sales. Start with our free 30-day trial and watch the magic happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Landbot for free?

Yes, you can use Landbot for free. When you stay in the Sandbox plan, you can enjoy using the Landbot free plan. However, the free plan supports only a few features; thus, it has limitations, like only 100 monthly chats. Therefore, you must upgrade to a premium plan to unlock some main features.

What is the best Landbot alternative? 

Ecommercebot is the best Landbot alternative in the e-commerce sector today. The Chatbot offers many features that are lacking in most chatbots. These features include a free trial, AI Ads automation, easy social media management, Live Chat assistance, and personalized chats.

What are the main reasons for switching to a Landbot alternative?

The main reasons for switching to a Landbot alternative are:

  • A free trial.
  • Limited WhatsApp chat.
  • No personalization.
  • Support for the English language only.
  • Not being suitable for complex bots.  

What is Landbot Chatbot?

Landbot is a chatbot platform that doesn’t need coding and empowers businesses to create seamless conversational experiences.

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is a one-stop chatbot platform that offers all the features in a chatbot suitable for running an ecommerce business successfully. 

The Chatbot’s main features include Shopify Integration, LiveChat Assistance with personalized chatbots, social media manager, and Google and Meta Ads with AI. 

How does a chatbot work?

A chatbot is a software platform that helps communication, mostly instant messaging, like human conversation. 

It allows communication between a machine and a human via voice commands or messages. Chatbots are designed to perform tasks without the assistance of human operators.

Is Chatbot free?

Yes, chatbots are free to start with. However, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan to get more advanced features of these bots. It gives you advanced configuration and customization features.

What is a chatbot used for?

Chatbots are conversational AI businesses that automate customer interaction in a familiar and friendly way. They are essential for e-commerce businesses for messaging and assisting brands with 24/7 customer support and faster resolutions.

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