Drift Alternative: Why Choose Ecommercebot

Have you ever wondered why some e-commerce businesses thrive while yours still struggles? 

In the e-commerce sector, most business owners have decided to invest in quality tools that help them run their businesses, thus increasing their brand awareness and sales. 

But you have e-commerce tools like chatbots, and your business needs to grow. To succeed in this sector, you need to take your time well before investing in any tool to do your research.

Chatbot tools have saturated the market, and it can be hard to get the perfect one. Some of these bots need all the essential features of an e-commerce business. 

For example, Drift chatbot has been in the market for a while, but the tool must include essential e-commerce features. On the other hand, Ecommercebot is a newly introduced chatbot in marketing, but it has every feature you need for your business to succeed.

This article will explain why you need a Drift alternative and why Ecommercebot is the best choice. 

What is Ecommercebot? 

Ecommercebot is a chatbot designed with the goals of ecommerce business owners in mind. The chatbot helps businesses find solutions for all their needs. Ecommercebot automates most of the ecommerce business functionalities from a single setup. 

Drift alternative

Ecommercebot performs tasks like creating and scheduling ads, dealing with customer service, and managing social media, ensuring it targets the right audience. 

If you are looking for an AI-powered chatbot for your e-commerce business that can automate all your tasks and give you quality time to deal with complex ones, then Ecommercebot is your one-stop shop.

What is Drift?

Drift is an AI-powered human approach that automatically listens, understands, and studies users to offer a smooth buying experience. 

It is designed to improve the B2B website experience by translating buyer behavior and conversational data into deep customer relationships.

Drift alternative

The main aim of Drift’s launch was to ensure e-commerce business owners operate from just one setup. 

With Drift, you don’t need to respond to your customers manually so that you can spend more time on complex tasks. 

Reasons for Switching to a Drift Alternative

Drift has some of the enticing features needed to run a successful ecommerce business. This chatbot offers users with features like reporting dashboards, integrations, and ease of use to users. However, Drift has drawbacks that limit users running ecommerce businesses from succeeding in using the platform.  

Limited Customer Support

When it comes to the success of any business, customer support plays an important role. A company that needs this essential element isn’t good for an ecommerce business. Sometimes, you might need assistance from the support team, but they are unavailable. Thus, a minor glitch in the customer journey can affect your business. 

For a successful business, you must look for a Drift alternative that offers 24/7 customer support. Ensure that your customers don’t experience any glitches throughout their shopping journey. Thus, you can provide a top-tier customer experience, resulting in business growth. 

Lack of Omnichannel chat experience

With the rise of omnichannel, customers want to interact with businesses smoothly through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and email.

Drift’s need for this feature results in broken conversations for customers, and transitioning conversations becomes a challenge. 

Therefore, to ensure a seamless customer experience for your business, you must look for a Drift alternative supporting omnichannel features. This results in customers switching from one channel to another effortlessly, maintaining consistent interaction throughout the customer journey. 

Expensive Plans

One major drawback of Drift is the expensive plans the platform offers. The prices are costly and thus only affordable by a few business owners. It would help to upgrade to the enterprise level for a business with multiple teams, route leads, and conversations.

Even with expensive plans, it doesn’t guarantee that users will have all the features. Most important features, like lack of customer support 24/7 and automation, can only be accessed on the enterprise level. 

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Therefore, Drift pricing is not worth the amount, and as an ecommerce owner, you need to look for an affordable alternative that meets all your business needs.

For example, Ecommercebot has affordable plans with all these features like automation and customer support around the clock. 

Bugs in both mobile and website App

Bugs in mobile and website apps can sometimes be frustrating, disrupting workflows and negatively affecting the customer experience. Most users of Drift have experienced bugs at one time or another when using the chatbot.

Imagine an AI live chat or an agent helping a customer through a chat; the App malfunctions during the conversation. It leaves a negative impression on your brand, leading to decreased sales.

To avoid this, you need to look for an alternative that doesn’t have bugs on both the website and mobile App. It gives your customers and agents a seamless user experience. 

Complex Chat Builder

This chatbot needs to catch up when you compare Drift to other chatbots. The chatbot builder is complex to use, and thus, you need experience to build one. Also, to access this feature, you must upgrade your plan to plans above the pro plan. 

To make things even worse, the plans with the chatbot builders cost over $400 per month. It can be challenging for new and medium businesses to upgrade to the plans since most are on tight budgets and others need help to afford them.

As an e-commerce business owner, you must look for an alternative that offers an affordable and easy chat builder. Ecommercebot gives customers a cheap and easy chat builder.

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Multiple Team Limitation

Most businesses have multiple teams collaborating to ensure their success. The most significant teams include customer support, sales, and marketing. All these teams work together within an organization. With the Drift plan, team collaboration can be a roadblock. It requires you to manage the team efficiently.

This drawback forces you to start managing your team under one roof, causing confusion among the team members. Or, it would help if you upgraded to a better plan offering multi-team functionality. With many chatbots in the market, you need to look for a chatbot like Ecommercebot that offers multi-team functionality. 

Why Ecommercebot is the Best Drift Alternative?

Falling into the wrong chatbot has been a challenge that has affected many e-commerce business owners. Most have fallen for chatbots like Drift, needing more crucial features like customer support. Therefore, you need a better alternative for your business. 

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Ecommercebot has all the necessary features to thrive in your ecommerce business. Here are some of the significant reasons why Ecommercebot is the best alternative.

Supports Omnichannel

Ecommercebot uses machine learning algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand your customer’s questions and problems and offer a relevant answer or solution. 

For any e-commerce business, Ecommercebot is the best in the market today.

Powered by AI, it offers customer support 24/7, ensuring all problems and questions are addressed through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and emails. 

Ecommercebot offers a smooth transition from the AI chatbot to a live agent while maintaining the chat history. This allows your team to focus on complex jobs and leave the easy tasks for the chatbots. 

Affordable Plans

Regarding offering affordable pricing plans, Ecommercebot surpasses all the chatbots in the market. 

The chatbot pricing plans are tailored for new, medium, and large businesses.

Ecommerce bot plans also come with irresistible features that align with most businesses.

 For example, the starting-up package is the most affordable, costing $49 monthly. It offers users features such as premium support, Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook Integration. 

As you upgrade the plans, the features keep improving to run a successful e-commerce business. 

24/7 Customer Support

The success of any business depends on customer support. Different chatbots require more customer support for the free plans; thus, you must upgrade your plan to get support 24/7. Operating with such a tool becomes challenging for businesses.

With every plan you choose, Ecommercebot offers 24/7 support, ensuring your business doesn’t experience glitches. In case of anything, the support team and technicians are ready to help you solve it without interfering with your customers’ experience. 

Smooth Integration

Most chatbots only integrate with other apps with the use of third-party apps. Ecommercebot, on the other hand, ensures that all integrations are seamless and don’t need that extra app support. These programs you integrate with Ecommercebot include Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Seamless integration helps your business move to other platforms without losing data. Additionally, you can save some money because most third-party apps needed for integration are not free.

Automated Google and Meta AI Ads

When marketing your business, creating ads is a necessity. Not just ads but quality ads representing your brands. Creating this ad manually can be time-consuming and waste resources hiring graphic designers. 

Ecommercebot has devised a solution for this, creating ads with the power of AI. It makes the process easy because you only have to fill in some details. The bot will generate different ads from which you can choose. 

One benefit of automating both Google and Meta ads is to target the right audience. The automation tool also tracks ads’ performance to see which performs better and which to replace. 

Easy Social Media Platforms Management

Social media is one of the leading marketing platforms in the world today. Most people spend quality time on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram from time to time. These channels can help your business grow in engagement, traffic, leads, and conversation.

Ecommercebot offers customers easy social media platform management. This feature allows you to automate most of the tasks. The chatbot can comment on and interact with users on DMs. Automating some of these tasks helps save time and cost. Also, customers get support from the bot 24/7, even during business hours.


Drift is a perfect choice for e-commerce businesses that are ready to spend extra money on chatbots. However, for startups, mediums, and companies looking for affordable chatbots, Ecommercebot is the best choice.

After reviewing all of Drift’s drawbacks, it is clear that your business needs a better alternative. Ecommercebot emerged as the best alternative for Drift.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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Our chatbot offers users a top-tier customer experience, making it the best solution for your ecommerce business.

Additionally, you integrate different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. We offer a free 30-day trial to do a test drive and see if it aligns with your business. Elevate your ecommerce business with the power of Ecommercebot today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Drift have a free plan?

Yes, Drift offers a free plan with a live chat feature. The live chat enables customers to connect with social media platform visitors by providing support. 

Which is the best alternative chatbot to Drift?

The best alternative to Drift is Ecommercebot. After comparing features from both chatbots, Drift needs to catch up in most of its features compared to Ecommercebot, which surpasses most chatbots in the market today.

Why should you look for a Drift Alternative?

Some main reasons to look for a Drift alternative include expensive plans, limited customer support, a complex chat builder, a lack of omnichannel, and bugs in mobile and website Apps. 

Why is Ecommercebot the best alternative to Drift?

Apart from offering top-tier customer support, Ecommercebot has proven to be a better and better alternative to Drift in many ways. The bot supports omnichannel, seamless integration, easy social media platform management, affordable pricing plans, and automated Google and Meta AI Ads. 

What is Drift?

Drift is a cloud-based live chat, email management, and in-app messaging solution for marketing and sales teams. It offers users customizable widgets, chat history, AI-powered chatbots, and email campaign automation.

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is software that offers all the necessary solutions for starting and running a successful e-commerce business. The chatbot automates sales and marketing tasks like posting ads, interacting with users on DMs, commenting on posts, and tracking the performance of the ads.

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