Freshdesk Alternative: Differences And Similarities

In today’s ever-evolving and competitive ecommerce sector, keeping your customers happy is vital to your business success. 

Back then, ensuring customers were happy was only a luxury, but in today’s world, it is a necessity. One way to ensure you make your customers happy is by using the right tool for your ecommerce business. 

Freshdesk is a tool that can help your business handle most customer support tasks.

However, it needs to be improved for some e-commerce business needs. 

Thus, Ecommercebot fills the gap, offering a powerful bot suitable as a Freshdesk alternative. 

This article will discuss why you should switch to a better Freshdesk alternative and why Ecommercebot is the best alternative.

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is a bot designed to help ecommerce businesses by offering customer support solutions.

The platform allows e-commerce owners to manage customer interactions, ad campaigns, social media channel management, and multi-channel marketing all in one place. 

Freshdesk Alternative

The main aim of Ecommercebot is to ensure they offer top-tier customer experience and boost sales for ecommerce businesses.

Ecommercebot accomplishes this by automating every activity from marketing to interacting with customers. 

What is FreshDesk?

Freshdesk is a cloud communication platform launched in 2010 by Freshworks, India’s customer service software company. The main reason for designing the software was to offer ecommerce businesses with a customer support system. 

freshdesk alternative

The platform is designed for all types of companies, allowing them to maintain efficient customer support to run and grow their businesses.

Freshdesk’s main tasks include:

  • Team collaboration tools.
  • A support ticket system.
  • A knowledge base set-up.
  • The ability to customize ticket priority.

Reasons for Switching to a FreshDesk Alternative

Running an e-commerce business takes work, especially with the stiff competition in the sector. 

Sometimes, you invest in tools that don’t yield results, and your business gets stuck in one place. 

One primary reason might be investing in the wrong tools.

While Freshdesk is crucial in e-commerce, the tool only provides a basic solution. Thus, your business might need a tool that offers all the ecommerce business solutions in one stop. 

Here are some significant reasons you need to switch to a Freshdesk alternative. 

Lacks SMS and Instagram Integration

To offer a great customer experience in today’s world, you need to connect with customers through their preferred channels. However, most e-commerce tools limit users from interacting with customers through their selected channels, especially traditional ones, such as emails and phones. 

Freshdesk doesn’t support some communication channels like Instagram and SMS. Imagine a customer finds a product on Instagram and wants to contact your customer support for assistance, like choosing a size. They must leave Instagram and see a channel like WhatsApp to connect with your customer support. 

Customers often need help moving from one channel to another and seek support.

For your ecommerce business, you need a bot that seamlessly supports omnichannel and integrates with other channels. An excellent example of such a bot is Ecommercebot. The bot supports omnichannel, allowing customers to get support through their preferred channels.

Poor Dashboard

One reason forcing ecommerce business owners to opt for a Freshdesk alternative is the poor dashboard.

The dashboard only provides users with generic data, which doesn’t help provide actionable insights. You might be getting many ratings or statistics on your ecommerce websites, but with Freshdesk, this data isn’t suitable for analyzing and offering excellent customer support. 

For a successful e-commerce business, you need a bot with a centric dashboard that gives you all the key metrics that can affect your business’s performance.

Some of the essential data includes overall customer satisfaction. With this information, working on your business weaknesses and ensuring a first-class overall customer experience is easy.

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Limited Automation

Most ecommerce business owners opt to invest in bots to get a chance to automate most of their tasks. Replying, commenting, creating ads, and scheduling posts are some of the functions that can be automated, freeing up your team’s time to focus on more complex tasks. 

Freshdesk needs this feature, wasting time as your agents must focus on handling most tasks manually. Doing these tasks affects the performance of your ecommerce store because customers might need help at the right time, and your agents might have a long queue of customers looking for assistance, resulting in poor customer experience.

To avoid all this, you need to switch to a Freshdesk alternative like Ecommercebot, which allows you to automate most tasks. The automated feature not only saves time for your brand but also helps create a top-tier customer experience. 

Lack of customization

Customizing your bot is essential, especially aligning it with your brand needs. A perfect bot for running a thriving business needs customization support to allow users to design it according to their business preferences. 

Freshdesk allows users to only use the originally designed bot without giving them a chance for customization. You need to create unique tickets and dashboards for your ecommerce store. With Freshdesk, you are limited to these features; thus, it becomes challenging to customize different icons to align with your business.

Ecommercebot allows users to customize their bot to meet their ecommerce store goals. It helps create unique features for your business and target the right audience. By doing this, your business builds trust between the brand and your customers. 

The above drawbacks make it clear that Freshdesk isn’t suitable for your e-commerce store. More necessities are needed to run a successful e-commerce business, such as customization, limited automation, Instagram and SMS integration, and a poor dashboard. Thus, you need to opt for a better alternative like Ecommercebot. But which alternative is best for your business? Is Ecommercebot the best solution for your e-commerce store? Let’s keep reading to find out. 

Why Ecommercebot is the Best Alternative for FreshDesk

It has become more challenging to succeed in the e-commerce sector today than in the past. Since the COVID-19 error, the industry has been flooded with people diving into online business. Therefore, you must ensure your customer experience is top-tier to beat the competition. 

freshdesks alternative

One way to offer a great customer experience is to invest in quality tools like Ecommercebot. Even with other bots in the market, such as Freshdesk, Ecommercebot has proven to be the best alternative. Here are some reasons why Ecommercebot is the best alternative to Freshdesk.

Easy Customization

Customization of your ecommerce business is everything your business needs to succeed. It helps uniquely represent your brand. Many bots don’t allow you to customize your business, but stick with other templates.

With Ecommercebot, you can customize and design your brand to meet your desired needs. You can design your bot’s dashboard, create unique tickets and ads, and customize customer messages and comments.

By customizing all these, you can address your customers’ needs and target the right audience. In the end, you can boost your ecommerce business sales and performance.

Unlimited Automation

The reason why most people are investing in bots for their ecommerce businesses is to automate tasks. According to many ecommerce business owners, this helps them handle complex tasks with their team, leaving simple functions for the bot to handle. Additionally, some even reduce some of the staff, saving costs for the business.

Ecommercebot offers business with this feature. Business owners can automate most of the customer interaction and marketing. The bot allows you to automate post-scheduling, commenting, interacting with customers on DMs, creating ad campaigns, and cart abandonment.

The bot makes running an ecommerce store easy because it helps you handle most tasks. Investing in Ecommercebot for your business will benefit from increased traffic, engagement, leads, conversions, and sales.

Seamless Integration

A bot offering seamless integration is an added advantage for e-commerce stores. Different customers prefer different communication channels. Some prefer using Instagram, Facebook, SMS, and emails. 

Your e-commerce bot should integrate seamlessly with other channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, SMS, etc., to offer your customers a great customer experience. 

freshdesk alternative

Ecommercebot integrates with almost all channels, making the interaction process seamless. Additionally, the bot integrates with Shopify smoothly, making it a perfect alternative for Freshdesk, which doesn’t support integration with Instagram and SMS.

Social Media Management

Running a business without assistance is daunting and time-consuming. Creating ads, commenting, and interacting with customers are challenging tasks. Therefore, things are getting better with the boom of AI in the ecommerce sector.

Freshdesk alternative

The introduction of bots has made these tasks easier. Ecommercebot is designed to assist e-commerce business owners in running their e-commerce stores effortlessly. The bot helps you create ad campaigns with the power of AI, comment on posts, and interact with customers on DMs. 

Your customers always get assistance within a short period, reducing the waiting period. For e-commerce businesses, this helps by offering a great customer experience and making you stay ahead of your competitors.

Supports AI LiveChat

Gone are the days when good communication was just a luxury for businesses. Today, for your ecommerce business to thrive, communication is the key. With Ecommercebot for your business, managing your customers is easy. The bot plays a role in ensuring your customers get good communication. 

Besides answering and solving customer queries, e-commerce is crucial to boosting your company’s sales. For example, the bot sends recommendation links for products, adds them to the cart, and puts product images in the chat box. 

If you have a complex query that the bot can’t handle, it seamlessly directs you to a live agent with experience who can handle your issue. Also, when sending messages, it allows you to customize the persona.


One killer mistake e-commerce business owners make that leads to their downfall is investing in the wrong bots. Freshdesk is a good tool for ecommerce businesses, providing excellent performance in terms of sales and engagement increase.

However, using this tool for a long time in your e-commerce isn’t advisable. 

Even though the tool offers great features, its limitations have been the reason for many ecommerce business failures. 

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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The tools don’t support Instagram and SMS integration, have limited automation, lack customization features, and need a better dashboard.

On the other hand, Ecommercebot is an alternative to Freshdesk that can save these e-commerce businesses. The bot is designed to help users mostly automate different tasks, freeing agents to handle complex tasks.

Additionally, the bot has AI LiveChat, seamless integration, easy customization, and social media management.

If you’re tired of Freshdesk’s drawbacks, Ecommercebot is your next solution. Register your business with our bot and enjoy a 30-day free trial. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Freshdesk free to use?

Yes, Freshdesk is free to use with no hidden charges. You will enjoy most of the features for free. However, you can opt for the premium package with a free 21-day trial.

What kind of tool is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a cloud-based communication solution that enables e-commerce businesses to support customers who need customer support services. The tool includes a support ticket, a forum, and a knowledge base system. 

Is Freshdesk worth it?

Yes, Freshdesk is worth the money. It has helped many businesses manage customer queries quickly and efficiently. However, its limitations can force you to look for a better alternative.

Which is the best Freshdesk alternative?

Ecommercebot is the best alternative to Freshdesk. The tool offers most of the features lacking in Freshdesk, like customization, a poor dashboard, limited automation, and a lack of SMS and Instagram customization.

Is Freshdesk a ticketing tool?

Yes, Freshdesk is a powerful ticketing tool. The tool supports all types of businesses, regardless of size, and helps them deliver fast and efficient support. You can help your customers through a single tool on Facebook, emails, and websites.

Why is Ecommercebot the best alternative for Freshdesk?

Compared to Freshdesks, Ecommercebot offers better features for running a successful e-commerce store. These features include unlimited automation, easy customization, social media management, AI LiveChat, and seamless integration. 

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