UChat Alternative: Why Choose Ecommercebot

According to statistics, most companies in the U.S. lose over $62 billion each year because of poor customer support. If you don’t offer your customers a great customer experience, your business will likely fall into that category.

Thus, growing and increasing sales will take a lot of work.

Offering an excellent customer experience has become accessible with the rise in A.I. and chatbots. The advancement in technology makes it easy to automate customer journey activities.

Some of the significant tasks that chatbots can automate include marketing, sales, and customer services. For an e-commerce business, this gives you enough time to deal with complex business problems. 

Two new chatbots, UChat and Ecommercebot, are taking the market by storm. They automate different activities, making starting and operating a thriving e-commerce business easy. 

However, if you fall into the hands of the wrong bot, the process of running will be a nightmare instead of an easy one.

UChat is one of the bots that need more features to run a successful e-commerce business. Therefore, your business needs a better chatbot like Ecommercebot, which supports all the features necessary for operating an ecommerce business.

Today, we will explore these two bots: What do they mean? What are some of the reasons for switching to a UChat alternative? And why is Ecommercebot the best UChat alternative?

Let’s dive in!

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is an AI-powered chatbot that gives e-commerce business owners an all-in-one solution for their business. The bot believes in the power of A.I.A.I. as a tool that unlocks success in the e-commerce sector. It helps automate tasks, enhance customer experience, and make data-driven decisions. 

E-commerce makes marketing tasks easy, as it takes every step to ensure it targets the right audience. Gone are the days when creating an ad campaign was a struggle; today, Ecommercebot has made this work easy.

UChat Alternative

The bot utilizes the power of A.I.A.I. to build quality and optimized Ads for your marketing campaigns. 

Social media management has become smoother today with Ecommercebot. The bot comments on posts, schedules posts, reply to D.M.sD.M.s and generates descriptions and hashtags.

All these tasks make managing your social media accounts challenging as they require a lot of time. But if you automate them with Ecommercebot, it becomes easy, saving you time and cost.

What is UChat?

UChat is a chatbot that needs no coding language to build a bot for your ecommerce business via more than 16 social channels. The main features include Omnichannel, A. I powered conversation, live chat, built-in ecommerce, and ticketing system. All these features make the process of automating your ecommerce store easy.

Building a successful e-commerce business requires meeting customers on their preferred channels. UChat allows you to interact with them through Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Voice, WhatsApp, and WEChat.

UChat will enable you to connect with your customers from any channel they prefer without coding. 

Google is one of the most significant search engines businesses use to get information, making it a good platform for attracting customers.

UChat has made this possible by introducing the Google Business Messenger chatbot. It allows users to build chatbots that utilize Google’s dominant market share to increase traffic. The bot can schedule appointments, offer excellent customer support services, and make reservations. 

Reasons for Switching to a UChat Alternative

Since its launch, UChat has been giving customers value for their money on every package they choose. However, with the recent rise of chatbots, UChat needs to catch up.

Most of these chatbots, like Ecommercebot, have better pricing plans and functionalities than UChat. 

Here are some of the main reasons for switching to a UChat alternative: it’s expensive, there are limited chatbots, limited analytics, and a learning curve. 


While UChat pricing tiers might seem cheap, the bot only charges premium prices for basic functionalities. Other chatbots, like Ecommercebot, offer all these functionalities as starter packages.

UChat has hidden prices, such as additional chatbots or agent seat charges. When you do your calculations well, you will find this bot is expensive for your ecommerce business. 

Don’t let UChat limit your e-commerce business because of the expensive plans and limited basic features. Invest in a chatbot that can give you the value of every coin you spend on a chatbot.

Limited Chatbot

If a chatbot builder gives you limited capabilities, you should opt for a better alternative with unlimited chatbot capabilities. A good chatbot must automate tasks like customer service, answer customer queries, and qualify leads.  

UChat chatbot only offers basic functionalities, especially when answering complex queries. The bot needs help to solve complex issues, resulting in wrong answers or repetition of customer queries, which frustrates customers. 

As your business expands, your needs increase, too, especially in customer services. With UChat, this bot needs to handle these rising requirements, making it difficult to run your e-commerce store with it. 

Learning Curve

Before you learn and familiarize yourself with UChat, it might take time and resources. Sometimes, you might need to invest in training to get the knowledge to utilize UChat features to their full potential. The interface is hard to learn, and if you decide to do it on your own without training, it might take a lot of time, which is crucial for your ecommerce business.

For example, some features, like integration with other channels, advanced reporting, and chatbot, have a steep learning curve. This makes it hard for your team to leverage these features, thus slowing them down. 

In business, every minute lost is money lost. The time your team wastes trying to understand the complex features of UChat you can use to perform other tasks that contribute to the performance of your business. 

With a better alternative like Ecommercebot, it becomes easy as it only takes a few minutes to study the features and master the bot. 

Limited Analytics

Analytics are essential for understanding customers and making business-oriented decisions. Imagine running a business without crucial analytics and insights data; you will keep guessing about your business’s performance.

UChat denies your business access to essential data about your business and customer performance. It makes it difficult to track business metrics such as conversation volume, agent performance, and customer sentiment. This data will make optimizing your business and identifying areas that need improvement easier.

Furthermore, limited analytics make testing what’s working for your business and what needs a new strategy hard. You can be wasting your time on strategies that aren’t working. Thus, you need a better alternative for UChat that offers users unlimited analytics.   

Why Ecommercebot is the Best UChat Alternative?

Ecommercebot is a perfect alternative for UChat. Even though the bot is relatively new, it understands the assignment of running an ecommerce business. The bot automates customer service, enhancing the overall customer experience. When you compare Ecommercebot with other chatbots in the market today, this bot is the best alternative for UChat. 

Ecommercebot is the best UChat alternative because it is affordable, Omnichannel, easy to use, and offers unlimited analytics. Let’s explore these in depth. 


Currently, Ecommercebot is the best Omnichannel chatbot in the ecommerce sector today. The bot utilizes the power of A.I.A.I. to automate customer response 24/7 through live chat. It ensures all the queries are solved through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

The Omnichannel uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (N.L.P.N.L.P.) to ensure it uniquely understands every customer’s query and offers personalized answers. 

Only some things a chatbot can handle are human-touchable; sometimes, a human touch is needed. With Ecommercebot, the bot connects you with a human agent who will solve your problems and maintain the chat history. Additionally, the bot handles a large workload simultaneously, reducing your team’s workload by 70%.


E-commerce bot pricing tiers accommodate all e-commerce businesses, even small ones and those on a tight budget. Unlike UChat, Ecommercebot offers all the essential features of chatbots in each package.

Additionally, the bot doesn’t have hidden costs to access some features or add team members to your bot. With this, Ecommercebot has become the leading bot, giving ecommerce businesses all the solutions necessary to run a successful business at affordable prices.

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For example, the starter package of Ecommercebot costs $49 per month. It includes features like A.I. live chat, social media scheduling, multi-channel bot, Shopify integration, Facebook integration, A.I. ads automation, 5 A.I.-created pictures, and 3 A.I.-created videos. 

Easy to Use

When looking for a chatbot for your ecommerce business, you need to consider some different factors in a good chatbot. One factor that most companies underrate is the use of chatbots. Some chatbots are complex, which makes them hard to use. Thus, you should train to use the features to their full potential.

Ecommercebot understands how an easy-to-use chatbot is essential in running a business. This bot needs only a few minutes or hours before you familiarize yourself with it. The interface is easy to use, and the dashboard and analytics are easy to master.

Customization of Ecommercebot is also simple. You can customize the dashboard and the settings to align with your business needs. Also, the integration process is seamless with Ecommercebot.

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Unlimited Analytics

Analytics plays a crucial role in most business decisions. Chatbots help you track the performance of your business strategies and see if they work or need improvement. 

Ecommercebot offers business owners unlimited analytics, making it easy to improve their business. With in-depth customer behavior data, you can see valuable trends. However, with Ecommercebot, you get this data, making understanding your customers’ behavior simple. 

Ad campaigns are essential in your marketing journey. Ecommercebot tracks the performance of your ads on social media. The bot shuts down the non-performers, replacing them with other ads. It also boosts the advertisements that are performing well, ensuring they reach a broad target audience. 

Final Thoughts

The e-commerce sector is becoming more competitive every day. Most people are investing in e-commerce businesses because this type of business requires little capital and is low-risk. Therefore, your business needs to be unique, and investing in quality chatbots is necessary to succeed in this sector.

We have analyzed the two main chatbots. Our final verdict is that UChat is not suitable for beating the competition. With its limitations, this bot can slow down your business growth.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

Ecommercebot Free trial

Thus, your business needs a better UChat alternative like Ecommercebot to give it full growth potential. Our bot returns the value of the cents you spent on a subscription. To try it, you can start with our 30-day free trial with no credit card needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Is UChat a good chatbot for your ecommerce business?

Yes, UChat is a good chatbot for your ecommerce business, depending on your business needs and goals.

Do you need a better alternative for UChat?

To explore the full potential of your ecommerce business, you need a better UChat alternative that doesn’t limit you.

What are the limitations of using UChat for your ecommerce business?

The limitations of using UChat for your ecommerce business include limited analytics, chatbots, learning curve, and expensive pricing tiers.

Why is Ecommercebot the best UChat alternative?

Ecommercebot is the best alternative to UChat because of its enticing functionalities and benefits, such as unlimited analytics, Omnichannel, affordable pricing plans, and ease of use.

Who are the main UChat competitors?

The main competitors for UChat include Tidio, ManyChat, Chatfuel, ChatBot, Drift, and Verloop. However, the best alternative remains Ecommercebot since it only offers features in some of these bots.

Is the UChat chatbot free?

No, the UChat bot is not free, but it gives users a 14-day trial. 

Does Ecommercebot offer a free trial?

Yes, Ecommercebot offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. The trial gives users access to all the bot’s features, such as Shopify integration, A.I.A.I. ads automation, Omnichannel, and live chat. 

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