Collect.Chat Alternative: Why Ecommercebot Is the Best

Before launching your e-commerce business, you have two options: succeeding or failing, especially in the first months. The rise in e-commerce businesses has made the sector more competitive; thus, you must have a strategic plan to succeed. 

One thing most customers value in an e-commerce store is a great customer experience. When customers have one or two bad overall customer experiences, they leave a store and look for one with a good customer experience. You must invest in a quality chatbot to offer your customers a great customer experience.

The two best chatbots in the market today are Collect. Chat and Ecommercebot. If you need a perfect chatbot for your Website, Collect.Chat is the best alternative. However, for your Omnichannel needs, the best chatbot is Ecommercebot. 

The two bots can serve your business perfectly, depending on your needs. 

In this article, we will walk you through the two bots, Ecommercebot and Collect.Chat, and explore the reasons why Collect.Chat is not a suitable chatbot for your business and the reasons that make Ecommercebot the best alternative. 

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is an AI-powered chatbot that helps ecommerce businesses start and run a thriving ecommerce business. The bot handles tasks on the ecommerce store, from order tracking to inventory management, ensuring the business owner stays up-to-date with all the store data.

Collect.Chat Alternative

The chatbot automates social media account activities, making them easy for businesses to manage. 

It ensures customers get instant replies to queries and personalized support. The bot also comments on posts, sparking conversation and increasing posts’ visibility. 

Ecommercebot also creates quality ad campaigns for your marketing. The bot generates and optimizes them to ensure they reach a high-engagement audience. Every post needs a description and hashtags; the bot generates these with the power of AI. Lastly, it will schedule the post to post even in your absence. 

What is Collect.Chat?

Collect.Chat is a cloud-based tool that allows ecommerce businesses to collect leads, orders, appointments, feedback, suggestions, and answer queries. This chatbot ensures e-commerce businesses have high conversion rates. 

The chatbot supports your Website users, ensuring they get assistance 24/7. It also helps your business collect leads even when all your agents are unavailable.

Collect.Chat Alternative

Collect.Chat captivates your customers with interactive questions, gifs, and templates and communicates with them in their native languages.

Collect.Chat’s main features include a drag-and-drop builder, multiple languages, share links, copy-paste snippets, an email developer, and WP plugins. The multiple-language feature lets you target your global clients with their preferred languages.

Reasons for Switching to a Collect.Chat Alternative

Collect.Chat is a chatbot that most ecommerce businesses invest in to make work easy as the bot takes over the company. 

For businesses with websites, this bot is a perfect one, as the bot has a WordPress plugin. Collect.Chat also assists customers in multiple languages, making it ideal to target even global customers. 

However, Collect.Chat has some limitations for ecommerce businesses as the bot only supports websites. It will hinder your business from connecting with customers on their preferred channels. Below are some of the primary reasons why you need to avoid Collect.Chat for your business and opt for a better alternative. 


Chatbots are valuable tools for the success of your e-commerce store. However, you don’t need to break the bank to subscribe, as some of these bots cost an arm and a leg. Collect. Chat is a good chatbot in the e-commerce sector, but it is expensive, which makes it unsuitable for your business.

Additionally, a bot must provide premium features if it offers premium pricing tiers. However, Collect.Chat pricing doesn’t align with the features this bot provides. Most of the essential features for running an ecommerce business in Collect.Chat. For example, the bot only supports Websites and doesn’t integrate with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.

Lacks Ecommerce Integration

Most people invest in chatbots to make operating their e-commerce store easy. These bots help automate e-commerce stores on platforms like Shopify. For example, they can track customers’ orders, manage inventory, assist customers, and advertise your store.

Collect.Chat needs this feature, making it easier for ecommerce business owners to integrate it with their stores. It forces them to operate their store or hire a team, wasting time and resources. A good bot integrates seamlessly with your store, enhancing customer experience and driving sales.

Without ecommerce integration, managing tasks like customer accounts or even processing orders must be done manually with Collect.Chat forces your team to move from one platform to another to ensure they perform all these tasks manually.

No Payment Integration

Chatbot tools are essential in every ecommerce business. This tool helps smooth the overall customer experience as the bot brings everything to the customer without hassle. 

Collect.Chat lacks a payment integration feature, which makes the payment process easy. The bot forces customers to leave the chat window and go to a different platform to process the payment. This is a lot of work, and most customers abandon their carts and opt for a store that offers payments on the chat.

With the rise of technology in every sector, the types of payment methods have increased. Today, different payment methods, such as credit cards, digital wallets, or one-click payments, are available. Customers expect to use their convenient payment method. Collect.Chat limits your business from allowing customers to use their convenient method, forcing them to opt for other stores, thus causing your business to lose sales.

Supports only Website

Customers nowadays want to interact with your business through any channel, such as your website, Facebook, email, Instagram, SMS, or even WhatsApp. Imagine your business needing more support through all these channels and having one communication channel. Collect.Chat supports only the Website, creating a communication gap on the other channels. 

With mobile shopping becoming a norm today for shopping and communication, Collect. Chat limits your business to customers who want to connect through their smartphones. It denies your business a chance to interact with mobile users’ audience, resulting in missed business opportunities.  

You don’t need to limit your business’s growth opportunity by using Collect. Chat. Therefore, you need to look for a better alternative, like Ecommercebot, that gives you an Omnichannel feature. Your customers can connect with your business from their preferred channels.

Why Ecommercebot is the Best Collect.Chat Alternative

Ecommercebot is a recently launched chatbot that makes it easy to run an ecommerce business. The chatbot automates activities to ensure massive growth in every industry. Ecommercebot has features like Shopify integration, Omnichannel, AI Ads automation, and social media management.

Compared to Collect.Chat, Ecommercebot has better features, which makes it a perfect alternative. Now, let’s explore why Ecommercebot is the best collector. Chat alternative.

Shopify Integration

Managing a Shopify store can be challenging, especially when doing it yourself. For your Shopify store to be successful, you need to stay up to date with order tracking and real-time inventory. Ecommercebot integrates seamlessly with Shopify to offer users detailed insights and keep them informed and in control of their store.

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Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Ecommercebot gives Shopify business owners tailored suggestions to optimize their stores. The bot analyzes traffic, social media presence, website setup, and ad performance, offering them a personalized overall store performance score. These insights are essential in making improvements to the stores.

The Ecommercebot app store has a variety of tools that you can use to enhance your Shopify store’s overall success. For example, it has tools like Social Snowball to offer commission-based affiliate marketing to influencers. Each app you download from the store helps boost your overall store growth.

AI Ads Automation

Quality ads for your marketing campaigns help maximize your overall ecommerce business growth. Ecommercebot makes creating and optimizing ads for Google, Instagram, and Facebook easy, increasing ROI. Who doesn’t want to get quality ads without wasting time and resources?

The system is designed to ensure it analyzes the performance of ads, deleting the low-performing ads and replacing them with other ads. Also, for the ad campaigns that are doing well, Ecommercebot boosts them, ensuring they reach a high-target engagement.

Ecommercebot lets you choose your campaign goals, such as website traffic and sales, select the campaign type, such as shopping and Search, and give your campaign an accessible name to make it easy to identify. It also makes creating your business ads and targeting the right audience easy, increasing leads and sales.

Easy Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most productive tools for advertising your business. Most people think that running an e-commerce business is about finding a niche, selecting an e-commerce platform like Shopify, launching it online, and then sitting down and watching your bank account double. However, running an e-commerce business is not easy, as it requires heavy marketing and excellent customer support.

Marketing has become accessible with the rise of chatbots, such as e-commerce bots. E-commerce bots automate social media activities, making it easy for businesses to handle complex tasks. For example, you don’t have to stay online to answer customer questions. The bot automates the responses and ensures customers get instant support.

Generating hashtags and descriptions should be simple. Ecommercebot utilizes the power of AI to create descriptions and hashtags that target the right audience. It increases the performance of your posts, as the bot knows your customers’ behavior and needs, thus generating descriptions that meet these needs.

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Live Chat Agent

Chatbots sometimes struggle to handle complex queries as they are designed with specific keywords to give automated replies. Also, customers sometimes need solutions from a human perspective. Thus, even if a business has a chatbot, it requires human agents on standby in case customers need assistance.

Ecommercebot knows the importance of human agents in assisting businesses. Therefore, it has a team of human agents available 24/7. When you have complex issues that need human understanding, the bot smoothly transfers you to a human agent without losing chat history, so you don’t have to start afresh. The human agent handles your issues, especially if they relate to pricing.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing all the main limitations of Collect.Chat, it is clear that there are better solutions than bots for your e-commerce store—some of the significant limitations of Collect.Chat supports the Website only, lacks live chat, has expensive pricing tiers, does not integrate with e-commerce, and does not integrate with payments. For your business to reach its full growth potential with a chatbot, you need a better Collect.Chat alternatives like Ecommercebot.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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Ecommercebot is a perfect chatbot for all your ecommerce business needs. The bot gives you features like Omnichannel, a live chat agent, easy social media management, and AI ad automation. These features make automating business activities like commenting, interacting with customers, creating and scheduling posts, and managing your Ecommerce store easy. You can try our bot and enjoy all these features with a 30-day free trial. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Collect.Chat support multiple channels?

No, Collect.Chat is designed for websites only and doesn’t support integration with other channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, SMS, and Instagram. 

What are the limitations of using Collect.Chat?

The significant limitations of using Collect.Chat for your ecommerce business with a live chat agent, no payment integration, no ecommerce integration, and expensive pricing packages. 

Is Collect.Chat expensive?

Yes, depending on your budget and for small businesses, Collect.Chat is an expensive chatbot for your business. The starter packages start at $24 per month. However, these prices might change over time, and thus, you need to check their official Website for pricing.

Why is Ecommercebot the best Collect.Chat alternative?

Ecommercebot is the best Collect.Chat alternative because it supports different features that are lacking in Collect.Chat. Some features include affordable pricing, a live chat agent, easy social media management, e-commerce integration, and AI Ads automation. 

Does Ecommercebot support multiple channels?

Yes, Ecommercebot supports multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, the Website, and WhatsApp, making it easy for customers to connect with them on their preferred channels.

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