LiveChat Alternative: Why Ecommercebot is the Best Alternative

The e-commerce sector has experienced massive growth in the last few years and will continue to expand in the coming years.

People today are slowly adapting to the online shopping norm as it gives them a convenient shopping experience. 

Recent advancements in AI and technology have given e-commerce store owners a competitive edge. These new advancements have benefited the sector as chatbots embrace them, enabling them to offer exceptional customer support. 

LiveChat and Ecommercebot are two chatbots using AI’s power to offer users customer support and marketing assistance. With the bot, you can automate these two activities and make it easy to run your ecommerce store even in your absence. 

However, LiveChat lacks some features compared to other chatbots. Thus, as an e-commerce store owner, you should find a better LiveChat alternative. However, the chatbot market is saturated with many chatbots, making it hard to choose a better alternative.

This article will help you find a better LiveChat alternative for your ecommerce store. Let’s explore why LiveChat is not a perfect chatbot for your business and why Ecommercebot is the best alternative. 

What is Ecommercebot?

Ecommercebot is an AI-powered software that liberates ecommerce business owners from the tediousness of manual marketing and communication activities. This tool streamlines the operation of an ecommerce business, taking over the mundane tasks and allowing you to focus on strategic decisions.

Imagine effortlessly managing your Shopify store. Ecommercebot guides the customer shopping journey, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.


 It handles tasks such as placing orders, filling in shipping details, tracking parcels, and providing customers with accurate delivery times, giving you the power to provide exceptional service.

With Ecommercebot, managing your social media accounts should be easy. The bot social media management feature helps you automate all activities.

For example, it interacts with customers on the DMs, comments on posts, creates and optimizes posts, and tracks the performance of your Ads.

With its comprehensive features, Ecommercebot is a reliable and efficient chatbot for running your ecommerce store. It covers all customer support and marketing aspects, leaving no room for gaps in your operations.

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is an online software that helps ecommerce businesses communicate with customers via websites and other channels in real-time. The bot comprises an operator application, a web-based control panel, and a web-based chat window.

The operator program allows users to interact with customers via mobile devices and desktops. Since its launch, LiveChat has gained a positive reputation online, and big industries rely on this bot for assistance.

Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

LiveChat’s user-friendly interface makes the bot easy to use. Its main features include file sharing, ticketing, customer involvement, data protection, job scheduling, and branding.

Some of LiveChat’s common Languages include English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Chinese, and Polish.

Reasons for Switching to a LiveChat Alternative

LiveChat has some advantages that make the bot suitable for running ecommerce businesses. It helps business owners drive growth, improve customer experience, and offer real-time insights. For your ecommerce business, LiveChat automates customer support tasks, enhancing your overall customer experience.

However, like any chatbot, LiveChat has limitations that force business owners to choose better alternatives. Below are the main reasons for switching to a LiveChat alternative.

Complicated Integrations

With the advancements in technology and AI, integration should be easy, as you can utilize the power of AI for seamless integration. Most tools make integrating the chatbot and other existing channels easy. However, with LiveChat, the integration process could be better.

The chatbot needs help integrating with analytics tools, marketing, or CRM software, limiting your e-commerce business’s ability to explore the benefits of these platforms.

Some benefits include automating your marketing campaigns and viewing your customer interactions.

Integrating your LiveChat with other existing channels can be costly and time-consuming, as you need to hire an expert to do the work for you.

For seamless integration, your business needs a chatbot that offers seamless integration like Ecommercebot.

Pay up for Features

One feature that can prevent e-commerce businesses from running thriving stores is the pay-up feature. Even after paying the monthly or annual subscription, you must pay an extra cost to access some features. Managing these costs can be costly, forcing you to refrain from using some essential features.

In every business, cost is an important feature to consider. However, more than cost alone is needed. You must consider the chatbot’s features and see if they align with the price.

Some bots, like LiveChat, offer expensive pricing tiers; however, the price aligns differently from the features this bot provides. You may even be forced to upgrade to the premium features you need for your business.

When choosing a chatbot for your ecommerce business, research first to see if the pricing balances with the features. Select a chatbot with all the necessary features you need, like Ecommercebot, and no hidden charges to access some features.

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Lacks Analytics on Base Plan

Analytics are essential for your ecommerce business because they give you real-time business performance insights. This data is necessary because you can rely on it as an ecommerce business owner to make informed decisions.

If your business needs this feature, monitoring and tracking its performance is more accessible. 

Also, knowing the areas where the company is performing well and the gaps in it can be challenging. It makes it difficult to make business decisions and identify areas for improvement.

LiveChat’s base plan lacks this feature, forcing you to upgrade to an advanced plan with it. However, you can invest in a LiveChat alternative like Ecommercebot, which gives you access to the analytics feature in every plan you select, even the starter plan.

Complicated Initial Setup

Setting up and launching LiveChat for your e-commerce business is tricky, as the initial setup of the LiveChat bot is complicated. Customizing the bot’s widget, building forms, personalizing texts, and targeting greetings, among other buttons, is difficult.

Thus, getting the best-customized chatbot to represent your brand might force you to hire an expert, which can be costly.

Also, even with the expert, launching your bot takes a lot of work and time. Thus, your business can take a long time to use chatbot features. Therefore, your customer experience could be better since customers wait long before getting assistance.

Before investing in any chatbot, you must ensure the bot’s initial setup is easy and doesn’t need any coding or technical. A good chatbot that makes it easy to set, customize, and launch the bot to your channel is Ecommercebot.

Why Ecommercebot is the Best LiveChat Alternative?

Ecommercebot is one of the best chatbots in the e-commerce sector today. The bot has enticing features like Shopify integration, Omnichannel, social media management, and live chat. To operate a thriving e-commerce business, you need a chatbot like this.

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Ecommerce Bot Designed to manage your Ad campaigns, Social media, & Customer interactions across multiple channels.

Compared to LiveChat, Ecommercebot outstands this bot in many ways, making it the best alternative. Below are some reasons why Ecommercebot is the best LiveChat alternative.

Seamless Integration

With Ecommercebot, setting up, customizing, and launching your bot on your channels has become easy. It ensures that users can set up the bot without much struggle.

Unlike other bots, like LiveChat, which has a complicated setup process, Ecommercebot doesn’t require coding or technical experience to be set up and connected to other existing channels.

Ecommercebot integration is easy. You can integrate your bot with other platforms. Other bots need third-party software to integrate with an existing platform.

However, Ecommercebot has built-in software that enables seamless integration with other platforms like Shopify, Instagram, website, and Facebook.

With seamless integration, you can move your business to a different platform without losing critical data. Furthermore, you can save money, as the third party used for integration charges an extra fee.

Affordable Pricing

Before selecting a chatbot for your ecommerce business, there are certain things that you need to consider first. One thing is the affordability of the chatbot because you need to invest in something that allows you to keep up with the subscription. Remember, paying the subscription monthly or yearly is a financial commitment.

Ecommercebot offers customers affordable pricing plans, making it easy to maintain. Additionally, the bot’s prices align with its features, making it suitable for your e-commerce business. Every coin you spend on Ecommercebot is worth it.

Enjoy premium features like Shopify integration, AI Ads automation, Omnichannel, and social media management, even with the starter package on Ecommercebot. The bots give you the value of your money, making it a perfect alternative for LiveChat.

Easy Social Media Management

Saving time is an essential skill that business owners need to learn because every second in business counts. Ecommercebot is one piece of software you can add to your business to help you save time.

The bot automates social media management activities, making it easy to manage all your social media accounts in one place.

With Ecommercebot, you can use AI to create posts and videos for your marketing campaigns. The posts are optimized and target the right audience, ensuring high engagement.

Responding to your DMs is no longer a hassle with Ecommercebot, as the bot replies automatically and instantly to all customer queries.

How do you generate hashtags and descriptions for your social media posts? Most people need help with creating all this manually because it’s time-consuming.

But Ecommercebot’s social media management feature utilizes AI to generate descriptions and hashtags for you.

Do you need help commenting on posts and replying to your customers’ comments? This bot has made it easy, as it comments and replies to all comments via every social media channel.

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24/7 Customer Support

Ecommercebot’s customer support is top-notch. Regarding customer support, Ecommercebot understands the assignment well and the importance of instant customer support for your business. The team is always ready to give your business assistance 24/7. Think of instant and quality customer support; think of Ecommercebot.

Your business needs an opportunity to get assistance instantly if your chatbot experiences technical issues. Furthermore, if your issue requires more technical assistance, the technical support team can help you solve it.

Your bot needs to operate 24/7 without any technical glitches to offer a top-notch customer experience. The Ecommercebot team answers all the questions in time, and if a question is too complex for the bot, it connects you with a live agent.

Final Thoughts

Every e-commerce business deserves an opportunity to provide customers with exceptional support. One mistake some make is neglecting the importance of customer support and investing in the wrong chatbots, like LiveChat.

Therefore, the company failed during the first few months of launch as the bot only offered some of the necessary features to run a successful e-commerce business.

You can try Ecommercebot for free; no credit card is required. You agree to turn your E-commerce business into a success story by clicking the image below. 

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Ecommercebot offers businesses an opportunity to give customers an exceptional customer, improving overall business performance, increasing traffic, and driving leads and sales.

With our bot, managing your e-commerce store is easy. The bot takes over and automates the customer journey, making it seamless.

Our bot offers new users a 30-day free trial without a credit card. Invest today in our bot and let the power of AI run your store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main LiveChat disadvantages?

The main LiveChat disadvantages are the complicated initial setup, the lack of analytics on the base plan, the need to pay for features, and complicated integrations. These disadvantages make this bot unsuitable for running a successful E-Commerce business.

Is there any best alternative for LiveChat?

Yes, there is a better alternative for LiveChat. Ecommercebot is one of the best LiveChat alternatives today as this bot offers enticing features that LiveChat lacks.

Why is Ecommercebot the best alternative to LiveChat?

Ecommercebot has some features that LiveChat lacks, making it the best alternative. These features include social media management, 24/7 customer support, seamless integration, and affordable pricing.

Is LiveChat worth it?

Yes, LiveChat is worth it. However, this depends on your business needs, as the bot is not a perfect option for large and scaling businesses.

Who are the main LiveChat competitors? 

The main LiveChat competitors include Tidio, ManyChart, ChartFuel, ChatBot, Interakt, and Botsify. However, Ecommercebot has emerged as the best LiveChat alternative.

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